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New Regional CSR Partners Announced

May 22nd, 2017

Considering that women are powerful actors of change, Empowering Women in the Atlas is an initiative that aims to promote the leadership of rural women and girls as a catalyst for sustainable development which is aligned with Euromonitor’s global CSR strategy aiming to give back to the community and contribute to a better world where rural women are given equal rights to access the labour force and economy as a whole” – Fatima-azahra Jamal, Regional Corporate Social Responsibility Ambassador at Euromonitor International, Dubai.

Empowering Women in the Atlas is just one of 24 charitable organisations around the world who are the first beneficiaries of Euromonitor’s new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. As part of the strategy, launched in April 2017, each of our 12 global offices have been given the opportunity to nominate regional charities to support in their local office, extending the reach of our charitable giving. Empowering Women in the Atlas was nominated by our Dubai office and works with women from rural communities in the Middle Atlas, Morocco, providing social, economic and sustainable development. Euromonitor’s donation is being used to invest in small cooperatives working across the region. Other causes range from supporting children’s homes in Shanghai and helping refugees in Japan, to neighbourhood organisations in Santiago.

Empowering Women in the Altas, Morocco

Japan Association for Refugees, Tokyo

As well as providing funding for these organisations, in many cases we are exploring developing the partnerships further with volunteering opportunities. For example, in Bangalore, staff will be taking part in volunteering activities with Omashram, a charity providing residential care for elderly people.

In Chicago, one of the charities chosen was Upwardly Global, who we have been working with for a number of years on employability projects. They were very excited upon hearing the news of their successful nomination: “Wow, thank you, this is truly amazing news! We are so happy to be furthering our partnership with Euromonitor.”

There will be further rounds of funding open for the rest of the year so Euromonitor employees will be given another chance to nominate the causes that resonate with them. The regional partnerships nominations run alongside our other CSR initiatives which include volunteering, fundraising, and the environment.


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Lisa Atamian

Lisa Atamian is the Corporate Responsibility Manager at Euromonitor International, responsible for the design and implementation of Euromonitor’s CSR programme across the 12 global offices. Prior to this role she has worked in Corporate Responsibility and charities for the last 5 years with a particular focus on volunteering programmes in London.


Euromonitor CSR Program

This report illustrates one of our latest company CSR activities. Euromonitor has an active programme of volunteering and gives 1% of turnover to charitable causes



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