By: Alexander Kottke


    Event Name: Wabel Grocery Summit

    Location: Paris, France

    Date: 9-10 November 2016

    Description: Wabel Grocery Summit is Europe’s leading event for private label suppliers and buyers.

    Speaker: Alexander Kottke

    Presentation Title: The Face of Private Label in Packaged Food in an Evolved European Retail Landscape

    Presentation Summary: The retail landscape in Europe in 2016 is more developed than ever. Retailers and suppliers in packaged food face a balancing act to maintain profitability and in doing so private label must fight its corner in order to avoid falling victim to the changing times. How is it to do so? The solution lies in one paradoxically simple word: sophistication. Only by sophisticating itself and thereby staying on-trend – whether this be in terms of premiumisation, segmentation or beyond – can private label in packaged food effectively compete against its branded rivals. This will allow it to navigate the challenges of the shifts in distribution channels, adapt to the dynamic macroeconomic environment and ensure it can play a significant role in packaged food success stories of the future. The presentation will illuminate how those industry figures can ensure that The Face of Private Label in Packaged Food in an Evolved European Retail Landscape remains positive.

    For more information, please visit: http://www.wabel.com/wabel_grocery_summit

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