By: Silvia De Almeida


    Event Name: Plastic Caps and Closures 2016 Conference

    Event Date: 9th and 10th November 2016

    Event Location: Hotel Barcelo Sants, Barcelona

    Speaker: Silvia De Almedia, Packaging Associate

    Presentation Time: 09.00am – 09.30am Thursday 10th November

    Presentation Title: Global Plastic Closures in Food and Drink: Performance and Opportunities

    Presentation Description: The presentation will showcase the global performance of plastic closures in 2016, with a focus on food and drink. Some key learning points include:

    • Global caps and closures within beverages: market size trends and structure.
    • Where does plastic currently sit in the overall closure market?
    • Plastic screw, plastic dispensing, sports caps, zip/press closures
    • Opportunities in the beverage closure market
    • Regional performances around the world
    • Singling out country and category highlights

    Description: The 2016 conference will look at the latest innovations in caps, dispensers, dosing closures as the market demands more and more functionality. But it will also explore how innovation in manufacturing and materials can deliver the cost and sustainability goals of the brand owners.

    Website: http://www.plasticscapsandclosures.com/caps2016

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