By: Stefan Anbro


Event: 1st Mediterranean Pet Food Seminar

Date: October 3th -5th

Location: Pula, Croatia

Event Description: The 1st Mediterranean Pet Food Seminar is organized following the success of the 1st Nordic Pet Food Seminar (held in 2015). The event will bring together pet food industry representatives, including pet food producers, raw material suppliers, equipment and instrumentation suppliers as well as reps of service industries.

Speaker: Stefan Anbro

Presentation Date and Time: October 4th, 08:40 – 09:15 a.m.

Presentation Title: Pet care in the Mediterranean region

Presentation Description: the presentation will discuss pet care in the Mediterranean region as well as the industry trends within the pet food industry in the European context.

Website: http://www.medpetfood.com/home.htm

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