Euromonitor to Speak at China International Sports Nutrition Industry Summit 2016

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Event: China International Sports Nutrition Industry Summit

Location: Shanghai, China

Date: June 20, 2016

Event Description: Sports nutrition has a very promising future in China. However, we as an industry need to work more closely together in order to educate, share and assist in guiding the industry toward its true potential. The fitness and exercise industry is growing exponentially. However, the sports nutrition side of the business is slow to grow due to the regulatory environment as well as consumer’s lack of product knowledge. Below are some industry figures:

The U.S.-China Health Products Association is organizing the “China International Sports Nutrition Industry Summit 2016” in Shanghai, China. The summit is bringing together global and domestic industry leaders to share, learn and network.

Speaker: Hui Wan, Research Manager

Presentation Title: Formula Trends in Sports Nutrition

Presentation Description: As the sports nutrition continues to surge globally, its offerings are becoming more complex than ever. Expanding demographics and an influx of new competitors are putting a premium on innovation in the high performance category. Join Research Manager Hui Wan as she explores the consumer, regulatory and supply chain issues affecting new formulations and ingredients at China International Sports Nutrition Industry Summit 2016 on Monday, June 20, 2016

Website: http://uschinahpa.org/2016/05/china-international-sports-nutrition-industry-summit-2016/

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