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  • Name: Bone & Joint Health Online Event
  • Date: June 29
  • Event Description: Baby boomers, post-menopausal women, athletes: The consumer segments served by bone and joint health products are as varied as the products offered on the market. For the NutraIngredients-USA Bone & Joint Health 2016 Event we will host webinars looking at the state of the US joint health market, exploring cutting edge research and market opportunities for bone health; and discussing innovation and opportunity with leading brands.
  • Speaker: Katherine Leaderbrand, Consumer Health Analyst
  • Session Title: Keynote: Cutting edge research and market opportunities for bone health
  • Session Description: Calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K, isoflavones: There’s a lot of science and marketing around bone health formulations, but what does the next generation of studies show? What kind of formulations is this creating? And how can brands attract younger consumers to a lifelong health issue?
  • Registration Link: http://boneandjoint-event.com/register/?utm_source=Web_BKG&utm_medium=Banner&utm_campaign=BJ16_NIU

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