Cleaning SeminarEvent Name: 30th Cleaning Seminar (In Japanese: 第30回 クリーニングに関する情報セミナー ‐世界の洗濯・クリーニング事情)

Organizer: The Japan Research Association for Textile End-Uses

First Presentation Time: Thursday 20th November, 15:00-15:50

Venue: Osaka (University of Osaka)

Second Presentation Time: Friday 21st November, 15:00-15:50

Venue: Tokyo (Japan Women’s University)

Website: http://homepage3.nifty.com/shohikagaku/gyoji.htm#clean

Presentation Topic: Global/regional/country trends of detergents and washing clothes

Presenter: Hiromi Yamaguchi, Research Analyst

Presentation Description: The key drivers of detergent sales in country, regional and global levels will be explored during the presentation. Forecast growths of countries and product categories are to be discussed.”

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