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    5. Tissue and Hygiene in the Asia Pacific Region

    China continues to be the driving force in Tissue and Hygiene products in the Asia-Pacific region, with double digit growth in both categories in 2010.

    4. Premiumisation in the United States Spirits Market

    Contrary to other categories, the spirits market in the US did well in the recession thanks to premium spirits categories such as tequila and Irish whisky.

    3. Packaging in Dog and Cat Food

    Flexible plastic packaging is the next step in pet food innovation, with packages that features easy pour spouts, handles, and resealable zippers.

    2. The War on Illicit Trade in the Tobacco Industry

    Government mandates such as the plain pack movement in Australia may do more harm than good in the fight against illicitly traded cigarettes.

    1. Flavour Trends in the United States Spirits Market

    New flavours such as cake, gummy, and chocolate whipped cream are some of the latest innovations in vodka in the US.

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    5. The Global Jeans Market

    Today’s jeans are focused not on size, but on shape.

    4. The Global Market for Beer

    The lager segment performed strongly in 2010.

    3. New Product Developments in Beverages

    New beverage product health claims can very regionally.

    2. Non-Grocery Retailing in the United Kingdom

    Larger retailers may be looking for acquisitions in the wake of recession.

    1. Celebrities and Consumers

    The longing for unattainable celebrity lifestyles plays into consumer’s need for escapism in trying times.



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