New Data in Economic Observer: Expansion of Economic Indicators and Commodity Prices

Euromonitor International is pleased to announce the significant expansion of Economic Observer – our database of key monthly and quarterly economic indicators covering 55 countries. The database has been expanded from 33 to 45 indicators with the inclusion of a range of economic and commodities indicators.

Economic Indicators

Our new data covers the following economic indicators:

  • Exports of goods and services
  • Foreign exchange reserves
  • Government final consumption expenditure
  • Gross fixed capital formation
  • House price index
  • Imports of goods and services
  • Increases in stocks
  • Retail sales index
  • Usual/actual weekly working hours
  • Wages per hour (total/manufacturing)

Commodities Indicators

Our new data covers the following commodities indicators:

  • FAO real food price index
  • Orange juice price

Did you know?

  • The FAO real food price index rose by 40.6% y-o-y in April 2011 – the largest increase witnessed since March 2008. Food prices have been rising significantly since late 2010 owing to tight food supply, rising oil prices and increasing demand from the rapidly growing population in emerging and developing economies.
  • In March 2011, the wages per hour in Kazakhstan and Ukraine stood at US$3.1 per hour and US$1.8 per hour respectively, compared to over US$20.0 per hour in advanced economies like the United Kingdom and Canada.
  • The retail sales index (real; 2005=100) in Poland and Indonesia was amongst the highest in emerging and developing economies reaching a level above 150 index points by March 2011. During the month, the index grew by 14.9% and 2.6% over February 2011 in Poland and Indonesia respectively.
  • In Q1 2011, Spain’s government final consumption expenditure increased by a marginal 0.3% over the same quarter in the previous year and was amongst the lowest in the European Union in Q1 2011. Fears of the sovereign debt crisis are escalating in Spain, pushing the government to implement austerity measures to ensure long term growth.
  • Ireland’s house price index fell by 3.5% on a quarterly basis in Q4 2010. House prices have been declining since the first quarter of 2007 due to an oversupply of housing and lack of credit availability.

Economic Observer is available to Countries & Consumers subscribers on the Economy, Finance and Trade page. Both monthly and quarterly data are available. Definitions and source information can be found in the Help document in Economic Observer.

Use Economic Observer to:

  • Keep track of economic developments as soon as they happen
  • Compare the economic performance of your countries of interest
  • Build an understanding of the economic fundamentals of an economy

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