Jon Wright, Head of Retailing Research at Euromonitor International, will give a presentation at In-Cosmetics 2011 on “How Retailing Changes are Effecting the Distribution of Beauty and Personal Goods”, on March 31st at 10:45am. Jon gives an overview of his presentation in this video.

The distribution of beauty and personal goods is being squeezed on a global basis, with many different channels entering the market. Internet retailing has taken a share from department stores, beauty specialist retailers and parapharmacies. Consumers have been shopping for the best deals during the economic downturn, and traditional beauty retailers have invested in new strategies to keep their share of sales during the downturn.

Department stores were expected to be hit hard by the recession, but stores in emerging markets proved strong. Beauty specialist channels have also done well during the downturn, while other specialist channels including DIY and clothing and footwear. Beauty specialists have expanded stores, offering more products and consumer education.

Internet retailing is becoming a large part of the distribution of beauty and personal care, with almost all brands and companies adding and expanding their online presence. Many companies have expanded online to other countries where their stores to not exist, creating brand loyalty and potentially paving the way for physical stores.

Jon will expand on all these points at his session at In-Cosmetics 2011 on March 31st at 10:45am.

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