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  • 竞争少,运营成本低,国家政策扶植推动零售走向三、四线城市
  • 网上购物、直销、电视销售等B2C/C2C新兴渠道的快速发展促使一些大零售商发展网上商城
  • 零售商趋于简化分销层次,电器连锁商家发展自有品牌,都使得供应商和分销商未来的压力增大

English Translation:

In the 2nd part of this video, Euromonitor International’s Retailing industry Research Analyst Alex Liu looks into other eye-catching trends, which are likely to influence the Chinese retailing industry in the coming years:

  • Retailers are going to third and fourth tier cities because of less competition, lower operation cost and government support.
  • Emerging retailing channels such as online shopping, direct selling and home shopping are supporting the shops of major retailers.
  • Suppliers and distributors tend to receive higher pressure as retailers simplify their distribution structure. Also, chained electronics and appliances retailers are launching more competitive private-label products.

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