買収でアジアに攻勢をかけたキリン (Kirin Embarks on Business Expansion in Asia by Merger)

ユーロモニターのリサーチ・アナリスト 谷口憲太郎が、先日発表されたキリンによるフレーザー・アンド・ニーブ社(F&N)の株式13%取得について解説します。キリンは、どのようにしてF&Nが持つ生産、市場そして流通のネットワークを活用できるのでしょうか。



English Translation:

Kentaro Taniguchi, Research Analyst at Euromonitor, discusses Kirin’s recent acquisition of a 13% market share of F&N. Taniguchi explains how Kirin will be able to use F&N’s existing network to manufacture, market, and distribute their brands locally. Kirin originally planned to merge with Suntory earlier in 2010, but was scrapped. Neither company had a global reach.

The acquisition will help Kirin’s core beer business because of F&N’s majority stake in APB, which has 36 breweries in 13 countries. Kirin can ride on APB to expand overseas, beyond it’s core Japanese market. Also, APB’s other large shareholder is Heineken, which Kirin has recently strengthened its ties with. Good partnership with Heineken would give Kirin access to India, another part of the world with strong growth potential. Although Kirin seems mainly concerned with its beer market, it can expect to benefit from the acquisition in other ways:

• Working with F&N’s aLive brand to produce new health and wellness products
• Distributing products through F&N into Singapore and Malaysia

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