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August 8, 2015

The Importance of Value Sales in the Alcoholic Drinks Market

Value sales are just as important as volume sales to international alcoholic drinks companies and brands. This is particularly evident when comparing value performance of global brewers focusing on emerging markets to competitors which sell primarily into mature markets that can afford premium products. Watch for complete insights.

Jeremy_Cunnington0Video features Jeremy Cunnington - Head of Alcoholic Drinks Research

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Learn more in our Alcoholic Drinks Value Sales Report - Part 1 and Part 2

August 5, 2015

Doing Business in the Halal Market

What is the Halal market, and what potential opportunities lie there? Learn more about the Halal market in this video, and download Euromonitor's latest whitepaper today.

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August 3, 2015

Using Megatrends to Examine the Health and Wellness Market

Health and Wellness producers are often advised to target consumers who already live healthy and sustainable lifestyles, but by examining the health and wellness market using megatrends, several other aspects emerge. Health and wellness products cannot sell on the sole basis of being healthy - desirability and lifestyle adaptation are key factors as well.

Video features David Ingemar Hedin - Research Analyst


2014年、世界のペットケア市場規模は11.8兆円でした。このうち、アメリカが約5兆円で1位。ペット先進国のアメリカでは、ペットフードのプレミア ム化が進んでいます。ユーロモニターインターナショナルのリードアナリスト竹村真理子が、アメリカのペットフード事情について解説します。

August 2, 2015

Will Growth in Vapor Products Last?

Although vapor products are growing in the tobacco market, the category is vulnerable to taxation and restrictions. Euromonitor believes the vapor products category could reach about US$50 Billion in 2030, however, vapor products will remain a fraction of the total tobacco market in the short to medium term.

Video features Shane McGuill - Senior Tobacco Analyst

August 1, 2015

Pet Care in Japan

Urbanization in Japan is driving changes in pet ownership trends. Dog ownership is decreasing as cats are better suited to the demands of small apartments and busy consumer lives. This video discusses how pet products are responding to this evolving market. Watch for complete insights.

Video features Mariko Takemura - Senior Research Analyst

July 31, 2015

The Childrenswear Market in India

India has the fastest growing childrenswear market, registering 21% growth in 2014. In India, parents are choosing to spend more on their children's clothing, and this means spending on branded products. Many international companies are entering the Indian market such as Zara, Marks and Spencer and Armani Jr., although the market is still considered untapped.

Shreyansh-KocheriVideo features Shreyansh Kocheri - Research Analyst

July 29, 2015

Iran's Grocery Market Poised for Growth Following Nuclear Deal

The Iranian economy is poised to open up after the nuclear deal, and the economy of this market remains largely untapped mainly due to economic sanctions. Grocery retailing is a market that remains largely traditional, with many consumers preferring small format stores with local flair. Due to the new deal, the international financial system may have further incentives to penetrate the food retailing market in Iran.

Bassam-AounVideo features Bassam Aoun - Consulting Analyst

July 24, 2015

Trends in the Global Spirits Markets

Global spirits grew at its slowest rate in 2014 since the global economic crisis of 2008. We have seen parallel growth in both emerging and developed markets, which is unusual given past economic patterns. This video discusses this and more insights gained from the Drinks International Millionaires' Club 2015 list. Watch for complete insights.

Jeremy_Cunnington0Video features Jeremy Cunnington - Head of Alcoholic Drinks Research

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July 22, 2015

Key Findings from the 2015 Retail Asia-Pacific Top 500

In 2015, Asia Pacific became the global leader in online and mobile commerce. This video outlines which companies and retailing formats thrive in Asian markets and discusses consumer trends driving this growth. Watch for complete insights.

Download your copy of the Top 40 retailers in Asia Pacific


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