Japan Tobacco

Which Tobacco Company is Best Poised for an Acquisition of Imperial?

by December 12th, 2012

Shane MacGuill, Tobacco Industry Analyst at Euromonitor, recently stated a move to acquire Imperial Tobacco is always discussed within the industry. In this video, MacGuill speculates on which of the three largest companies – Phillip Morris, British American and Japan Tobacco – is best poised for a takeover and which company would benefit the most. Watch […]

Opportunities in the Tobacco Market

by December 11th, 2011

In the light of declining cigarette sales in many mature markets, and the only regional growth areas of the future being Asia and Middle East/Africa, the tobacco multinationals are left with only a handful of main routes to generate growth apart from innovation in cigarettes: M&A, expansion into other, non-combustible nicotine delivery formats or expansion […]