consumer spending

Brexit: Impact on Consumers

by August 29th, 2016

As the uncertainty surrounding a Brexit from the European Union (EU) rumbles on, the Consumers team examine the potential implications of Brexit from the Households, Income and Expenditure and consumer angles. Insights include the uncertainty surrounding the real estate market in the UK, the impact of Brexit on the highest income-wealth segment and the generational divide that […]

Rising Education Standards in Emerging Market Economies Will Support Income and Economic Growth

by February 23rd, 2016

Education standards in emerging market economies (EMEs) are improving significantly on the back of economic growth and strong public investment. This will help to boost labour productivity, employment and competitiveness, with positive knock-on impacts on incomes, consumption, middle class expansion and economic growth. Businesses will, however, see labour costs rising, while unequal access to education […]

White Paper |Consumers in 2016

by February 16th, 2016

With 2016 set to be another challenging year for the global economy, today’s consumers will continue to evolve, with a blend of trends and countertrends characterising behaviour and attitudes. A collection of insights across Euromonitor areas of expertise, including Digital Consumer, Income and Expenditure, Households, Lifestyles and Population, Consumers in 2016 analyses prevalent trends across developed […]

Income and Expenditure Mexico: Low Income Consumers Not to Be Overlooked

by November 28th, 2015

With an expanding middle class with rising disposable income and Latin America’s second largest consumer market (behind Brazil), Mexico offers a potentially significant market for international consumer goods companies, as highlighted by Euromonitor International’s Income and Expenditure Mexico Country Briefing. However, income inequality in the country is high and is expected to remain elevated in […]

Positive Macroeconomics Drive Growth in Consumer Electronics in APAC

by November 26th, 2015

As I explore in our “Consumer Electronics in Asia Pacific: How Demographics and Income Shape Demand” global briefing, Households in emerging markets in Asia Pacific are changing as dramatically and as rapidly as the economies of these markets driven by growing population, rapid urbanisation, rising disposable income and growing middle class. While smartphones and tablets benefit […]