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April 9, 2015

Consumers in the Digital World: Hyperconnectivity and Technology Trends

250_hyperconnectivitySurvey-v1.0Internet-connected consumers in both developed and emerging markets are expanding their use of technology in everyday life, leading to significant changes in how they interact with the world around them.

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February 16, 2015

Learn More about Consumer Types around the World

LisaHolmesAnalyst Insight by Lisa Holmes - Survey Analyst

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Using consumer types to go beyond demographics

While many companies often identify market segments using demographics alone, few would agree that consumers are neatly defined by age, gender, or income. To overcome this issue, Passport Survey looked beyond standard demographics and created distinct, personality-driven consumer types at both the global and country level. These consumer types incorporate many of the diverse attitudes and habits that separate one person from another, even distinguishing among those in the same demographic group.


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February 10, 2015

Exploring the Personalities of Seven Global Consumer Types


In the 2013 Global Consumer Trends survey, Euromonitor International captured the personality traits, preferences, and behaviours of 16,300 online consumers in nine markets. Using the results of this survey Euromonitor analysed the respondents and sorted them into seven global consumer types with shared characteristics and buying behaviours. This datagraphic provides a glimpse of the key personality traits of each of the global consumer types.

February 6, 2015

Mapping Consumer Types by Country for Successful Targeted Marketing

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Consumer types can be a powerful tool to help companies better understand and appeal to their target market. The following videos provide snapshots of country-specific consumer types, focusing on the top personality traits and key demographics of five consumer segments in each market.




For more Consumer Types Analysis

Euromonitor's new white paper  profiles seven global consumer types and offers tips for reaching these different segments. In addition, full reports with in-depth analysis of 45 country-level consumer types across nine global markets, such as the examples shown above, are available to Passport Survey subscribers and can also be purchased as standalone reports.

February 5, 2015

7 Consumer Types for Successful Targeted Marketing

7 Consumer Types for Successful Targeted MarketingConsumer buying decisions are driven by personality traits, values, lifestyle habits and even current trends. Considering all of these factors when developing new products, marketing campaigns and retail strategies is critical to success.  For example, despite media claims, not all Millennials are the same and treating them as such could lead to missed opportunities. As a starting point, we've identified seven consumer types around the world that share similar traits and behaviors.

Consider the following:

 - Does your pricing model fit with the Undaunted Striver’s high income or should it be in line with the Independent Skeptic’s need for value?

 - Is your packaging appealing enough for Impulsive Spenders or should you be focused on adding “trustworthy” features to attract the Conservative Homebody?

 - Is your brand reputation reliable enough for the Aspiring Struggler?

  - Are you spending too much on online advertising when the Secure Traditionalist favors simplicity or too little for the Balanced Optimist’s need for news and social media?


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January 21, 2015

New Year, New Diet: How to Connect with the Weight-Conscious Consumer


New Year’s weight-loss resolutions might last, but only for some

In early January of each year, millions of consumers resolve to lose weight or improve their eating habits. Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions do not always last for more than a few weeks and by Valentine’s Day many will have already returned to their usual eating habits. However, some consumers with particularly strong will power are able to successfully follow a weight-loss diet, whether all the time or as-needed throughout the year. Others choose to actively monitor what they eat from day to day in order to maintain a consistent number on the scale.

To better understand the weight-conscious consumer, Euromonitor International reached out to 16,300 online consumers in nine markets in the 2013 Global Consumer Trends survey. This article examines who these consumers are, how dieters differ from weight ‘maintainers’, and how marketers can target both groups more effectively.

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December 11, 2014

Consumer Electronics Wish List for 2015


To gauge which devices consumers would buy if they were given US$1000 to spend on electronics, Passport Survey reached out to Euromonitor International’s global network of analysts from 80+ countries.


Electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops have become must-have items on holiday wish lists around the world. With so many gadgets in the marketplace – and new ones hitting the shelves every day – deciding which device to put at the top of the list can be a challenge. In order to understand which consumer electronic devices are the most sought after, Passport Survey reached out via Analyst Pulse survey to Euromonitor analysts in over 80 countries with a simple question: what device would you buy if you had an extra US$1000?

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November 10, 2014

Consumers in the Asia-Pacific Region Gear Up for 2014 Festive Season


This Christmas, consumers in different parts of the Asia-Pacific region are not sharing the same level of optimism. While some are likely to spend big on properties and online shopping, there are many who are facing the reality of an economy that is losing steam.

Key trends 

  • Spending curbed by the declining dollar; 
  • Facing the reality post-celebration; 
  • Buying a better life for the family; 
  • Who needs Christmas in order to go shopping?

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September 2, 2014

Analyst Pulse: Trends in Mobile Travel Bookings



Hassle-Free Travel Arrangements

Smartphones often serve as ‘digital assistants’, managing schedules, booking reservations and otherwise assisting with day-to-day plans. In theory, smartphones should play a similar role in travel planning. But do consumers actually use mobile technology to arrange travel logistics? If not, what is preventing them from doing so? To further explore this topic, Euromonitor turned to its global network of analysts in over 80 countries, uncovering the trends they see among consumers in their local area.

Most Use Computers Rather than Mobiles to Book Travel

Mobile technology may be proliferating across the globe, but laptops and desktops are still the go-to channel for booking travel, especially when it comes to flights and hotels. In both cases, well over 90% of analysts report that consumers in their country typically use a computer to make reservations. By contrast, slightly over 20% agree that smartphone apps or mobile websites via smartphones are mainstream booking methods. Most consumers also rely on a laptop or desktop to book a rental car, though booking in person is also a common option for many. In-person reservations are even more popular when it comes to arranging activities at a destination. Meanwhile, one third of analysts report that consumers in their country book hotels and rental cars over the phone - evidence that hearing a human voice remains important to many consumers. 

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August 5, 2014

Using Brand Loyalty to Tailor Product Offerings in Beauty and Personal Care


Investigating consumer's brand loyalty provides insight on how a company can tailor offerings to the needs of specific buyers. For example, Euromonitor International's recent survey on apparel, beauty and grooming found that in facial care, 50 percent of consumers stick to one trusted brand but in nail polish 55 percent of consumers switch between brands on a regular basis. Looking at a brand's market performance highlights these results. For example in 2008-2013, skin care brand L'Oréal Paris expanded its market value share by 50 basis points while L'Oréal's Maybelline line remained flat over the same period.

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