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April 18, 2014

Latin American Travellers Prefer Pampering, Indulgence on Holiday

EileenBevisAnalyst Insight by Eileen Bevis - Survey Manager

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Preference for Indulgence while on Holiday

Vacationing Latin Americans Like to be Pampered

There are many ways to relax and have fun on a short city break or a week-long vacation to the beach. However, Latin American travellers have a particular recipe for rest and recuperation while on vacation – and its main ingredient is pampering. A day at the spa? Luxurious lodging? Latin Americans like to be pampered while on vacation more than holiday-makers from any other region in the world.

Consumer Enjoyment of Pampering while Travelling


Source:    Euromonitor International Consumer Survey; Out and About 2012.

Note:        Showing per cent of respondents who like to be pampered while travelling, by continent. Results shown give equal weight to 15 markets surveyed. “Latin America” includes: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico; “Europe” includes: France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Russia, UK; “North America” includes: US; “Australia” includes: Australia; “Asia” includes: China, India, Indonesia, Japan.

It is worth noting that Spanish travellers also depart from the rest of the world in their preference for pampering while out of town. Spain shares many cultural similarities with Latin America and Spanish travellers are just as likely to appreciate a facial or another indulgence while on holiday as travellers from Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

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Role of Internet in Travel Plans of Global Online Consumers

The Role of the Internet in Travel

Download as pdf

An exploration of the role of the internet in travel plans of online consumers. Based on the results of Euromonitor International’s Out and About survey (2012) and Euromonitor industry research.


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April 3, 2014

"Can I Borrow a Cup of Sugar?": Neighbourly Interactions in the Middle Class

LisaHolmesAnalyst Insight by Lisa Holmes - Survey Analyst

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Euromonitor International examined characteristics of ~6600 online respondents with a middle class income in 16 countries in order to better understand market, regional, demographic, and behavioural differences in the level of interaction one has with neighbours.

How Well Do You Know Your Neighbour?

For middle class consumers around the world, relationships with neighbours span the spectrum from avoidance or lack of recognition to regular and engaging interactions. However, most have at least a cordial relationship with their neighbours, exchanging greetings in passing or occasionally stopping to chat. Many middle class consumers regularly have extended conversations with their neighbours, and nearly one in five often have more meaningful interactions, such as inviting their neighbours over for a meal and even relying on them for occasional assistance with child or pet care.

Understanding the importance of these built-in social networks is critical for companies targeting the middle class. Consumers who have close neighbourly ties may feel somewhat competitive with those living near them, driven to keep their home well-maintained with the most up-to-date appliances. Indeed, middle class consumers with strong neighbourly relationships are more likely to agree that you can tell a lot about a person from the appliances in their home. These consumers also rely on their neighbours for product recommendations and reviews. On the other hand, consumers who rarely interact with their neighbours may be turning to other social networks, whether in-person or online, for product advice and recommendations. Recognising the impact of neighbours (or lack thereof) on the buying decisions of their target market can help companies more effectively structure their marketing and advertising efforts.

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March 19, 2014

All Shoppers are not Created Equal: Impulsive vs. Slow Buyers

Learn the key characteristics of impulsive and slow buyers and how to attract them using insight from Passport: Survey.
Download our free whitepaper: "The Path to Purchase: Implementing a Consumer Buying Behaviour Model"

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March 18, 2014

White Paper: The Path to Purchase

250_thePathToPurchase_orange-v1.1 Is the endless supply of consumer buying data giving you headaches?

Download The Path to Purchase: Implementing a Consumer Buying Behaviour Model to discover our simple path to purchase model. The model breaks the buying process into three phases: opportunity, research and selection, to better understand and analyse shopper behaviour and to provide a framework for companies to turn shopper information into actionable business insights.

A clear understanding of how customers move through the purchase decision-making process is essential for companies and brands wishing to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. Some companies may already be collecting consumer data but are often not utilising it to the fullest, which can lead to missed opportunities. Our path to purchase model provides a framework for companies focused on making more strategic decisions with their consumer buying behaviour data.





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February 11, 2014

Survey Spotlight: Finding the Perfect Valentine's Date


What dates will be most popular this Valentine's Day? Eileen Bevis, Survey Manager and Lisa Holmes, Survey Analyst turn to Euromonitor’s survey results to find out. Dinner is one of the most popular dates, with 57 percent of survey respondents typically going out to dinner with a partner on Valentine’s Day and 55 percent say they prefer a restaurant they are familiar with. 48 percent of respondents say going to a movie, the theater or some other show is one of their favourite away-from-home activities, so dinner and a show is a safe bet for this Valentine’s Day. Bevis and Holmes discuss other date related survey results in this video.

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Calling All Cupids: Best Options for How to Celebrate Valentine's Day

LisaHolmesAnalyst Insight by Lisa Holmes - Survey Analyst

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EileenBevisand by Eileen Bevis - Survey Manager

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, many global consumers are looking forward to a day filled with passion, romance, and, in some cases, stress. Dinner or a movie? Fancy restaurant or home-cooked meal? Big night out or quiet night in? With so many ways to celebrate, planning the perfect Valentine’s Day date can be overwhelming.

In this article, Euromonitor uses consumer survey results to explore what different types of couples look for in a perfect date. While some activities are universally popular (eg, almost everyone loves a nice dinner out), the appeal of others, especially alternative dates, varies by age and relationship status. In addition, not everyone finds spontaneity romantic; some prefer a well-planned date with no surprises. And while most consumers – single or partnered – prefer to spend the holiday with other people, there are others who feel they are their own best Valentine’s Day date.

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January 29, 2014

Analyst Pulse: Trends in Toys and Games

GuruprasadAnalyst Insight by Guruprasad PV


New technology often has unintended ‘ripple effects’. Video games are one of the most wide-reaching technologies of the past several decades, proving increasingly popular across continents and across age generations. What is more, the growth of gaming is coinciding with another huge shift in technology: the rise of mobile phones. Euromonitor turned to its global network of analysts to understand how these trends intersect in mobile gaming and to explore their positive, negative and unexpected impacts on gamers, families and the industry itself.

Popular Gaming Trends Across the Globe

Rise of Mobile Phones is Changing the Nature of Gaming

Mobile phones are proliferating across the globe, which means more consumers now carry a mini-entertainment console in their purse or pocket. From Angry Birds to Candy Crush, mobile games are everywhere - and the rise of mobile gaming has many repercussions. Some video game companies are concerned that as more consumers turn to their phones for a quick gaming fix, they will rely less on traditional video game consoles. Indeed, Euromonitor analysts across all regions, and particularly in tech-forward Asia Pacific, believe that mobile games are displacing video games. Moreover, because these games tend to be simple, single-player undertakings, the rise in mobile gaming is believed to be fostering a rise in casual gamers. Again, this trend is especially pronounced in Asia Pacific.

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January 26, 2014

Analyst Pulse: Popular Flavours and Cuisines across the Globe

Priyanka BagdeAnalyst Insight by Priyanka Bagde - Survey Analyst

Expanding Flavour Palates and the Rising ‘Foodie’ Culture

For many upper and middle class consumers, food is about much more than survival. It has become a source of pleasure, experimentation, cultural exchange, and, for many, a hobby. Across the globe, diners enjoy all sorts of flavours and cuisine, and their favourite foods need not come from their own culture. Today, Japanese diners savour spicy Indian cuisine, while Indians gather over a plate of Italian pasta, and so on. To better understand where certain flavours and cuisines are growing in popularity, Euromonitor turned to its global network of analysts and asked about food trends in their respective countries.

Spicy and Healthy Foods Gaining Popularity

The consensus among many analysts is that spicy food is becoming increasingly popular across the globe. While Thai, Indian, and Mexican cuisines have long been known for their fiery dishes, North American cuisine has typically tended toward the milder side (eg, meat and potatoes). The fact that analysts in the US and Canada were the most likely to report a rise in the popularity of spicy food is an indication of both immigration trends – the US, for example, has seen a huge influx of Latinos in the past decade – and increasing experimentation with foreign flavours. The interest in experimentation is also evident in the rising popularity of mixed flavours like “sweet and chili” and “sweet and sour”.

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December 31, 2013

Gluten-free, Lactose-free, and Other Popular Eating Trends Around the World

LisaHolmesAnalyst Insight by Lisa Holmes - Survey Analyst

Developed Markets More Likely to Follow Health Trends, Even Those Unrelated to Weight Loss

Over half of developed market consumers are considered overweight and may be looking for a quick (or at least straight-forward) fix to their diet woes. Some of the most popular eating habits simply cut out various food categories, such as gluten or lactose, rather than focusing on portion size or variety. In contrast, more traditional health or eating behaviours, such as adopting a vegan or vegetarian diet and taking vitamins or supplements, tend to be equally as popular among consumers in developed and emerging markets.

Observed Global Trends in Health and Eating

Source: Euromonitor International Analyst Survey—Analyst Pulse; June 2013

Note:  Showing percent of respondents reporting that the indicated health trend is common among consumers in their country.

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