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July 13, 2015

Amazon Prime Day - Consumer Bonus or Defensive Act?


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Amazon's "Prime Day" on July 15 will feature unprecedented deals throughout the site for Prime members and will aim to showcase Amazon Prime's ancillary features as well as maintaining and growing its customer base. With competitor sites such as Jet.com, Wal-Mart's ShippingPass and eBay's eBay+ launching later this year - all with cheaper membership fees - Prime Day could be seen as a defensive act. Amazon gets more members and convinces current subscribers not to jump to ship.

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July 12, 2015

Whirlpool's Recent Product Innovations


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For the last few years, Whirlpool has been putting more emphasis outside of major appliances and into its adjacent businesses, including small appliances. To this effect, the company launched 13 new products in small appliances in 2013 and expanded it's Ohio plant by 400 jobs.  This podcast examines some of these new products and their target markets in more detail and discusses wider industry trends driving this new brand direction.  Listen for complete insights.

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July 11, 2015

The Impact of Automation and Offshoring on Global Employment


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As education standards in emerging regions continue to rise and hourly wages remain low compared to developed markets, competition for employment is becoming increasingly global. In addition to this, technological advances in automation are eliminating the need for human labour in certain sectors. This podcast examines the effect of these employment trends on the global economy. Listen for complete insights.

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July 10, 2015

Digital Trends - July 2015: Digital Mapping


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Digital representations of the real world hold the key to many promising technologies and all the major mobile software players believe that these maps are the core of our digital future. Forecasts estimate that by 2020 75% of all cars will be built with web-enabled hardware on board, indicating the importance of maps in just one of many consumer sectors.  Listen to the podcast for complete insights.

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July 9, 2015

Commodities Roundup – June 2015


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In May 2015, global prices of energy and metal commodities rose over the previous month driven by speculative activities, while prices of food declined compared to the previous month. Listen to the full podcast to get the full picture of the global commodity market in May 2015.

An HodgsonPodcast features An Hodgson - Industry, Infrastructure and Environment Manager

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July 8, 2015

Brand Scandals and how they Impact Consumers - Featuring Subway


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How do scandals like the investigation into Subway spokesman Jared Fogle impact the brands associated with these public figures.  How much do consumers care about the image of the companies they patronize? This podcast examines how foodservice brands have addressed and recovered from scandals in the past and the outlook for Subway now.

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July 7, 2015

The Most Likely Scenario for Greece


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With Greece voting “no” on July 5th, Greece now defaults on all of its debt. Although the Greek government states that the vote strengthens its position to bargain with the rest of the Eurozone, the Germans are unlikely to make further concessions. In order to keep funding their government, Greece may have to reintroduce the Drachma or some form of I.O.U.’s.

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July 6, 2015

Lo que podemos esperar de la entrada de Amazon a México


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Recientemente, Amazon lanzó la versión completa de su tienda en México, lo que ha generado mucha expectativa. El retailer online ya contaba con una versión limitada de su tienda en el país pero ahora entra a irrumpir en el mercado ofreciendo su gama completa de productos. En este podcast, Ingrid Belmont, analista de investigación en Euromonitor International discute cuál será el impacto de la entrada de este gigante frente al panorama actual de Retail por internet en México, así como lo que podemos esperar para el futuro próximo.

July 1, 2015

How Retailers are Addressing Global Food Waste


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Food waste in the grocery retailing industry has become a topic of increased interest thanks to its impact on global humanitarian, environmental and economic causes. Estimates indicate that up to 30% of produce is wasted in the US alone. Efficiency here would not only win hearts and minds of consumers but also result in substantial savings and global benefits for everyone. Listen to the podcast for complete insights.

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June 26, 2015

Fashion Friday: How Coca-Cola Mastered Fashion Brand Licensing


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Coca-Cola's brand image, as an obvious symbol of Americana, Western consumerism and pop culture is a powerful icon. The brand has worked tirelessly through product placement and designer collaboration to make Diet Coke the it-drink of the fashion industry.  This podcast examines the marketing tactics that helped Coke achieve this status, from packaging innovation and personal relationships to product history.  Listen for complete insights.

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