Make Decisions about Tomorrow’s Economy Today

by August 14th, 2002

Euromonitor is pleased to announce the publication of World Economic Prospects (3rd Edition). This book is a guide to market conditions in 52 countries world-wide. It examines the current of a market, the outlook for short-term growth, political stability and risk, and Euromonitor’s overall evaluation of a country’s market prospects. It is an important reference for analysts who must make decisions about tomorrow’s economy today.

Japan, 2001: A Beer Oddity

by August 7th, 2002

Although in 2001 value sales of beer continued to fall manufacturers were able to take solace in the fact that overall volume sales were up by 2%, thanks largely to the influence of the domestic economy segment. Happoshu the low malt, low priced quasi beer had succeeded in raising overall consumption by offering reasonable tasting and more importantly a cheaper alternative to standard beers.

A Hershey Bar to the Winner

by July 29th, 2002

America’s largest confectionery company is up for sale and speculation is rife over which of its competitors might acquire it for an estimated US$10 billion. Nestlé, Kraft and Cadbury Schweppes have all been touted as potential suitors, with Mars almost definitely ruled out by anti-trust legislation. The move is likely to affect Pfizer’s sale of Adams, which might sell for less than the expected US$4 billion if there is less competition to purchase it, and might encourage Mars to acquire smaller confectionery interests to bolster its share of the US market.

Novartis Drinks Up and Leaves

by July 26th, 2002

The recent announcement by Novartis of its intention to sell off its health and functional food operations and focus on its core healthcare business has sparked interest across the food and beverage industry. The divestment of brands “whose growth can be accelerated in companies where there is a good strategic fit”, has resulted in a slew of potential suitors keen to snap up one or more brands for their own portfolios.

Foreign Lagers the World Over

by July 10th, 2002

From its marginal presence even as late as the 1960s, lager has become the mainstay of the British beer drinker, accounting for 65% of the market in 2001 and being the only sector to report positive growth. Paradoxically, the very popularity of foreign lager in the UK has led to a large proportion of it being brewed domestically as opposed to being imported.

Asia-Pacific Skin Care: High Margins Fuel Sales

by June 24th, 2002

With sales amounting to US$11.2bn in 2001, the Asia-Pacific region scoops the lion’s share of skin care sales globally, accounting for over 37% of the overall market. Following the economic repercussions of the Asian financial crisis of 1997-1998, the region’s sales of all personal hygiene and cosmetic articles have made a strong recovery, although suffered a 3.5% decline last year due to economic recession in Japan.