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Top 10 Trends in B2B E-Commerce

To be successful in a hyper-connected world, B2B companies need to put greater emphasis on effective customer data analysis and prepare for widespread e-commerce.
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  • Edible Oil Summit 2017
    All day
    08 02, 2017

    CMT’s Edible Oil Summit focused on markets, consumer trends & recent innovations is strategically placed and put together to give you insights on the current and future trends of the edible oil market.


  • TecFOOD 2017
    All day
    08 03, 2017

    Organizado por la revista Indualimentos, el 3er Seminario TecFOOD, abarcará temas sobre desafíos, innovación y tendencias de la industria de alimentos. Se presentará información relacionada con alimentos y empaques que miran al futuro.

    Para más información:

  • Whiskeys and Spirits Conference 2017
    All day
    08 03, 2017-08 05, 2017

    The Whiskies & Spirits Conference is the world’s leading summit for debate and discussion on global trends in the dynamic spirits industry. The Whiskies & Spirits Conference has developed significantly over more than a decade from singly whisky, to now incorporate the entire spirits industry – analysing international product, design, sales and marketing trends. The programme is designed in consultation with a distinguished panel of industry experts aimed at all those who deal with whisky and spirits, regardless of location.


  • Asian Paper and Tissue World Seminar
    All day
    08 08, 2017

    Seminar series for the upcoming Asian Paper and Tissue World Bangkok 2018.

    In response to the important growth, the strong development and the request of the industry communities represented in the ASEAN region, UBM is proud to announce the merger of two long-standing events, which will consolidate their intertwined industry synergies to offer an exclusive and invaluable business opportunity to all regional and international industry players operating in the sector of the Pulp, Paper, Tissue, Packaging and related industries.

  • Convenience & Impulse Convention & Expo 2017
    All day
    08 23, 2017-08 24, 2017

    For the first time in Sydney, the Australian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS) joins Convenience & Impulse Retailing magazine to present a world-class learning and networking experience. C&I Media welcomes convenience and impulse retailers across all banners and brands to the event.

    Speakers at the AACS Convenience Leaders Summit include James Lowman (CEO, ACS UK). As CEO of the convenience association in the UK representing more than 40,000 stores, Mr Lowman will cover C-store developments and trends in the UK, a very successful and strong performing convenience market.

    Event Website:

  • Foro de Innovación de AGEXPORT 2017
    All day
    08 29, 2017-08 30, 2017

    El Foro de Innovación reúne a más de 500 empresarios guatemaltecos, y también de la región Centroamérica, así mismo a las diferentes universidades e instituciones que promueven la innovación a nivel academia y país. El objetivo del foro es capacitar y brindarles a las empresas información sobre tendencias, herramientas que les faciliten la innovación en sus productos y servicios. Este año, la temática del foro está enfocada en la Innovación para la Generación de Negocios, con el fin de entregar a los participantes información sobre cómo se está comportando el consumidor de América Latina con enfoque a innovación para que puedan adecuar o desarrollar productos con base a tendencias de consumo.

    08 29, 2017-09 01, 2017

    ABASTUR, el piso de negocios más grande de América Latina, ofrece a sus visitantes cuatro días de evento donde se darán cita compradores nacionales e internacionales en 28,000 m2 de exposición. Avalado por la Universidad del Valle de México, el Congreso Ho.Re.Ca. trae para ti tres días de contenido de primer nivel donde los expertos de la industria darán cátedra a profesionales y ejecutivos del sector con lo último en tendencias e innovaciones.

  • in-cosmetics Asia – Indonesia Roadshow 2017
    All day
    08 29, 2017

    Get a free taste of the in-cosmetics Asia event at the Jakarta-based Indonesia Roadshow. This mini-exhibition aimed at personal care manufacturers and formulators, will feature a full day of educational sessions for the personal care market, plus international ingredients suppliers will showcase their latest raw materials and technologies at small stands. Register for free now if you would like to attend.



October 22 - 25

The Venetian, Las Vegas

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US Economic Outlook: Q2 2017

US Forecast Updates, Q2 2017 Source: Euromonitor International Macro Model We have kept the forecast for the US economy stable since February with 2% annual GDP growth in 2017-2018. Private sector confidence measures are significantly above average, and stock market prices have continued rising. With a 4.4% unemployment rate, labour markets also appear healthy on […]

Manchester Terror Attack

On Monday 22 May 2017, there was a terrorist attack at a concert at the Manchester Arena that has left 22 people dead and 59 wounded including women and children, after a suicide bomber caused an explosion. Echoes of Paris The fatal attack on concert-goes bears a chilling resemblance to the November 2015 terror attacks […]

Cómo crear un análisis FODA

¿Qué es el analisis FODA? El análisis FODA (Fortalezas, Oportunidades, Debilidades y Amenazas) es una herramienta de estrategia empresarial fácil de usar que muchos gerentes y dueños de negocios usan para crear su estrategia corporativa. En términos simples, un análisis FODA ayuda a identificar, enumerar y actuar en relación a las fortalezas y debilidades clave […]

New Regional CSR Partners Announced

“Considering that women are powerful actors of change, Empowering Women in the Atlas is an initiative that aims to promote the leadership of rural women and girls as a catalyst for sustainable development which is aligned with Euromonitor’s global CSR strategy aiming to give back to the community and contribute to a better world where […]

How to Use Industrial Data to Enhance your Business Strategy

Assessing the industrial makeup of the world’s biggest economies and how they are shaping the B2B marketplace helps businesses pinpoint new opportunities. Measuring the market potential of different industries is critical for professionals working in sales, marketing, operations and logistics to find growth opportunities and determine their strategy. Additionally, analysing the corporate landscape helps assess […]

Asia Century: Unparalleled Opportunities for Medical Equipment Suppliers

Asia Pacific offers unparalleled opportunities for medical device players that are willing to rethink their business models and introduce market-appropriate products. Demand for medical and surgical equipment will continue to be spurred by the rapid expansion of the healthcare sector and rising household purchases in light of increasing annual disposable incomes, an expanding middle class, and […]

Cameroon’s ICT Sector to Improve the Country’s Investment Appeal

While there are more economically established countries, Cameroon is showing signs of becoming a prospective future investment destination. Although, the country is in need of less state interference, an improved regulatory environment and a stronger business infrastructure, it is witnessing technological advancement. Cameroon’s ICT sector is driven by a competitive market sector, providing low tariffs […]

Charging Infrastructure Needs to be Improved for Faster Electric Car Adoption

Electric car sales continue to witness double-digit growth rates with more than one million electric cars forecast to be sold in 2017, marking an important tipping point for eco-friendly cars. Improving battery technologies and decreasing electric car prices contribute to expanding electric car sales. However, charging infrastructure remains underdeveloped and needs to be improved in […]

Emerging Market Champions: Chinese vs Indian Cities – Where Do the Differences Lie?

The narrative which speaks of India and China leading global growth in the long term, consistent with the ‘Asian Century’ trend which suggests the increasing dominance of Asian economies in economic affairs over the 21st Century, has been widely voiced. Nonetheless, inherent differences are present between the two countries, especially when looking through the lens […]

Decathlon to Launch Retail Stores in Australia

For a purported “sporting nation”, it comes as something of a surprise that the sports goods stores category in Australia isn’t more competitive. Following its acquisition of Rebel Sport in 2011, Super Retail Group Ltd has been the category leader, with retail value sales experiencing year-on-year growth and approaching a 40% share of the A$3 […]

The End of Powder Detergent in Brazil?

Procter & Gamble recently exited the powder laundry detergent market in Brazil – a bold move, considering consumers in Brazil are looking for cheaper alternatives in home care. With P&G looking at more expensive products such as concentrated liquid detergent, is this really the end of powder detergent in Brazil? Watch on YouTube

Going Green: Green Week 2017

April saw Euromonitor’s 5th annual global Green Week. The week aims to raise awareness of green issues and encourage staff to think about their behaviours and the environmental impacts that they have. The week takes place in each of our 12 global offices with some really exciting initiatives taking place. “Whilst we were picking trash, […]

Ikea Experimenting with Outlets

This video is part of Euromonitor International’s New in Retail series that showcases some of the most interesting retailing concepts from 2016. Since opening its first store in the small Swedish town of Älmhult almost 60 years ago, IKEA’s retail concept has been closely associated with big-box out of town outlets. IKEA’s concept has […]

Insights from Food Vision Asia 2017

Following the first Food Vision Asia last year, this year’s was once again attended by Euromonitor International. This article will cast the spotlight on alternative sources of protein again, an indication that it is an up-and-coming trend here to stay. The other industry developments discussed were product reformulation and fortification. Relooking into the nutrients and […]

USA: Consumer Lifestyles in 2016

Demographic trends are dominated by two key factors – the declining birth rates and the dramatic rise in the number of Later Lifers. At the same time, an improving economy and labour market has led to an increase in consumer confidence and spending, while technology continues to grow in prominence- from kids playing with smartphones […]

What’s New in Pet Care in 2017?

The pet care industry is expected to achieve good growth in 2017, with a 2% rise expected in constant 2017 value terms. Pet owners are continuing to establish strong bonds with their pets, with pets becoming companions, friends or ersatz children. This humanisation phenomenon may not be new, but it has been driving the industry. […]

Industry 4.0: China to Challenge Germany in Race for Industry 4.0 Adoption

The Chinese government recently released implementation guidelines for the “Made in China 2025” strategy. The guidelines outline the Chinese manufacturing sector refurbishment, emphasising innovations-based production, which should lift the country into a higher value-added economy. The strategy, which is in essence similar to Germany’s economy digitisation “Industrie 4.0” programme, creates one of the largest rivalries to […]

Euromonitor participa do Fórum E-commerce Brasil 2017

The event: Fórum E-commerce Brasil 2017 Fórum E-commerce Brasil is the largest e-commerce event in Latin America and the second largest in the word, according to Forrester Research. In its eighth edition, the event will gather 13,000 attendees and 4,000 companies from around the globe during three days. Website: Date: 25-27 July 2017 Presentation: […]

Distribution Shifts in Pet Care

Euromonitor’s newest pet care research shows good growth is expected for 2017. Similar to previous year in constant or real terms (that is, without the impact of inflation) global value sales are expected to increase by 2%. Considering the current economic climate and increasing instability, this growth is quite good. The global marketplace is increasingly […]

Alcoholic Drinks 2017: The Big Picture

Remaining in negative territory for the second year running, the global alcoholic drinks market declined 0.2% in 2016. A basically stagnant top line growth figure is, however, a marked improvement on the bleak performance of the previous year – primarily a result of considerably reduced rates of decline in Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe. Further […]

Top 3 Largest Markets in Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan African economic growth is expected to pick up in 2017 after reaching the lowest level in 22 years in 2016. Growth will be driven by a stabilisation of commodity prices and improvements in the largest economies in the region. Euromonitor looks at the outlook for the three largest African markets of Nigeria, South Africa […]


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