August 26, 2014

Shake Shack IPO Rumors and the Better Burgers Trend

6a01310f54565d970c01b8d05c9866970c-800wiWith Elizabeth Friend - Consumer Foodservice Analyst

US-based burger chain Shake Shack is reportedly seeking an IPO, which would make it one of the first ‘better burger’ chains behind Five Guys to pursue a national expansion. Typically, many major restaurant trends have a well-defined boom and bust lifecycle, but the better burgers trend is extending far beyond the normal lifestyle-driven trend. Although Shake Shack is a regional chain with a long road ahead to becoming national, its design and appeal give it a good chance to come out on top among the competition.

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Plant Resistance Breakthrough Could Have Implications for Western European Gardening Market

Damian ShoreAnalyst Insight by Damian Shore - Contributing Analyst

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Dutch researchers have found a way to identify plant genes that are involved in resistance to certain insects. While this development has some potential to undermine pest control sales, it may boost the horticulture segment if consumers can be convinced to pay more for pest-resistant seeds.

In Search of the Right Stuff

Researchers at Wageningen University in the Netherlands have developed a video tracking system that is capable of following the paths taken by insects around plant samples under standardised conditions. These paths can then be analysed to provide a measure of the attraction or aversion of these insects to each plant sample. Researcher Dr Maarten Jongsma said, "We can very quickly test a large number of plants for possible resistance … our goal [is] to make the method suitable for many specific insect-plant combinations.”

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August 25, 2014

Ireland's Thriving Pharmaceutical Industry

Ireland is a global leader in research, development and innovation, and with government investment and support, is likely to remain a leader for some time. The success of the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland is a result of these investments, with pharmaceutical exports from Ireland reaching US$39 billion in 2013. Ireland’s young workforce, favorable tax environment and experience working with multinational companies means the pharmaceutical industry is poised for success in the future as well.

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The Death of Sweet? Making a Case For A More Refreshing, More Varied Beverage Menu

ElizabethFriendAnalyst Insight by Elizabeth Friend - Consumer Foodservice Analyst

A slow shift has been happening in the world of beverages, the culmination of years of smaller trends that together have helped guide the evolution of global consumer preferences. The tyranny of sweet once spearheaded by carbonates has given way to a more democratic landscape populated by a diverse range of more nuanced, more refreshing, and more complex flavour profiles.

While this trend has been evident in foodservice for a while, especially among taste-making independents, it has manifested particularly clearly in off-trade soft drinks consumption. A look at what types and flavours of beverages have been seeing the most growth across all channels can offer valuable insight to foodservice operators who are looking for ways to fine-tune their specialty beverage offerings, helping them to craft a more varied, higher-value beverage menu that maximises appeal.

2013 Soft Drinks Growth by Major Category (Total Volume)

Source: Euromonitor International

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Booming Internet Retailing in India, with Some Expected Challenges

Thidathip TawichaiAnalyst Insight by Thidathip Tawichai - Consumer Appliances Analyst

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The Indian Government recently eased the restriction for foreign e-commerce in India so that global online retailers such as Amazon and E-bay, as well as other foreign manufacturers, are encouraged to sell their own products online as long as the products are sourced and produced within the country.  This will definitely be beneficial to consumer appliance manufacturers in India. Manufacturers such as Samsung Corp, LG Corp and Panasonic Corp have opened e-stores in India to gain further revenue.  However, internet retailing of appliances in India faces some challenges, such as inefficient infrastructures and cannibalising sales between store-based and online retailers.


Technology and Societal Trends Drive Growth

According to Euromonitor International, internet users in India increased from 51 million users in 2008 to 176 million users in 2013 – growth of 248%.  Moreover, volume sales of smart phones in India rose by a CAGR of 69% over the same period. The increasing rate of internet and smartphone usage has fuelled internet retailing in India.   Not only that, the so-called “showrooming” trend has become extremely popular. Consumers can visit a store-based retail outlet to see, touch and feel the products they are considering purchasing before returning home to purchase them online at the lowest possible price, according to Euromonitor International’s Category Briefing on Internet Retailing in India.

Internet Users and Smartphones in India: 2008-2018


Source: Euromonitor International

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The Scottish Referendum: Better Together or Divided We Stand?


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How would an independent Scotland look, in comparison with a UK without Scotland? In terms of total consumer market size, the UK without Scotland would not see a drop in its position in global rankings. An independent Scotland would become the world’s 45th largest consumer market, finding itself placed in-between Finland and Peru. In terms of average household spend, the average household in the UK without Scotland would be higher than its Scottish equivalent in all categories with the exception of alcoholic drinks and tobacco, and clothing and footwear.


By Sarah Boumphrey


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August 24, 2014

Beauty and Healthcare in the Convergence Zone

Nicholas MicallefAnalyst Insight by Nicholas Micallef - Beauty and Personal Care Analyst

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Against a backdrop of consumers looking to improve their general wellness and appearance, the beauty industry is gradually transforming to become more health orientated. As a result, cosmetics companies are increasingly focusing their innovation efforts in this new direction.

In responding to these demands, new product development is steadily becoming ever more concentrated on the capability of addressing topical health conditions experienced by consumers. This requires sophisticated technology to offer efficacy as well as to combine beauty with therapeutic solutions. Most commonly, these products are known as cosmeceuticals, and are generally prevalent in the areas of hair and skin care.

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FMCG and Retailing in Russia: Uncovering Business Opportunities

The 7th annual Euromonitor International seminar FMCG and Retailing in RussiaUncovering Business Opportunities is organised for top-level management from leading companies operating in consumer markets, as well as government, trade and banking institutions. 

Hear more about each session from our expert panel of analysts by watching the video.

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US To Overtake Japan in Mobile Games

Rob-PorterAnalyst Insight by Robert Porter - Toys and Games Analyst

Globally, digital gaming now represents 27% of video games sales in 2013, with mobile gaming being one of the most dynamic categories within digital gaming, growing by 10% in value terms. Japan is the largest mobile gaming market globally at US$1.1 billion, making up 20% of the global mobile games category. However, growth is forecast to plateau in Japan for mobile gaming, allowing the US to overtake in 2015. This is primarily because Japan’s social media players have helped facilitate the growth of free-to-play games proportionally more, impacting the growth of mobile games in a negative way over the forecast period.

Mobile Gaming Growth in Absolute Terms for Japan and the US, 2008-2018

Source: Euromonitor International

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August 23, 2014

Euromonitor to Speak at IFA + Summit 2014

IFA LogoEvent Name:  IFA + Summit 2014

Event Dates:  September 8-9, 2014

Event Location: Berlin

Event Description: This year for the first time the IFA+ Summit will assemble international experts and innovative thinkers to establish a novel innovation platform that will highlight future developments in the lifestyle and interconnectedness of the consumers.

Jamie_KoSpeaker:  Jamie Ko

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Presentation Time: September 8 at 16:00 – 17:30

Presentation Title: Healthy Lifestyle Trends in Appliances 2014

Presentation Description: As the global population becomes increasingly health conscious, health promoting appliances are expanding in demand and manufacturers have been quick to cater to this demand.  Jamie Ko from Euromonitor International will discuss the three key trends centered on health-related appliances, their current demand and how these are forecasted to develop globally.

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