October 16, 2014

Four Trends to Watch in the Global Beauty and Personal Care Industry

Beauty and Personal Care Analyst Pei Ying outlines four key trends driving growth in the industry including men's grooming and at-home salon treatments. Join us at in-cosmetics Asia where she will discuss these trends in further detail.


Caleb Kola Seeks Craft Positioning to Win Back Millennials

JonasFelicianoAnalyst Insight by Jonas Feliciano - Senior Beverages Analyst

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With Caleb Kola, PepsiCo has added yet another carbonated beverage brand to a list of new products that includes energy/juice blend Mtn Dew Kickstarter, Mtn Dew Baja Blast, Real Sugar Pepsi, and the stevia sweetened Pepsi True. Carbonates, particularly of the cola variety, have been in strong decline across the US in recent years. While the launch of this “craft” soda will do little to return the nation to its previous sugar highs, the concept is a smart one, despite some skepticism from the press. Writing for Quartz, Svati Kirsten Narula says,

With the launch of Caleb’s Kola, a “craft” soda named for the founder of Pepsi, Caleb Bradham, and modeled after his original 1893 formula, Pepsi is showing investors that it’s not giving up on the soda business any time soon. Pepsi isn’t oblivious to the fact that a growing number of Americans, especially those picky twenty-somethings that seem to be throwing the whole consumer goods industry for a loop, just don’t want to drink conventional soda. So it’s capitalizing on the popularity of all things artisanal—from craft beer to handmade soap—and betting on this: People still love sugary soft drinks. – “How Pepsi hopes to get millennials to drink carbonated sugar water again”

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Lactalis: The Juices Story of a Dairy Conglomerate

Hope.LeeAnalyst Insight by Hope Lee - Senior Beverages Analyst

Lactalis, the brand owner of President, grew sales of juices internationally thanks to a string of acquisitions in dairy. It ranks third in the global dairy market, after Danone and Nestlé. The acquisition of Parmalat in 2011 made the privately-owned French company a major player in juices in a few countries. Euromonitor International’s data show that Lactalis registered off-trade value shares in soft drinks in 13 markets across Europe, the Americas and Africa, and it just needs to expand into Asia and the Middle East to make itself a truly global juice player. In 2011-2013, the company outpaced the global soft drinks market, having achieved a net sales increase of US$150 million. The Lactalis off-trade sales of soft drinks amounted to US$947 million in 2013, ranking it 19th in juices and 44th in soft drinks globally. This is good progress for a company that is essentially a dairy company with no focus on soft drinks. As the company is continuously expanding its dairy businesses, its juices sales are expected to grow as a sideline thanks to the opportunity of leveraging its dairy facilities.


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Assessing the Illicit Trade in Cigarettes and Foreseeing One in Nicotine Liquid

Shane_MacGuillAnalyst Insight by Shane Mac Guill - Tobacco Analyst

Euromonitor’s latest global briefing on the illicit trade in tobacco products assesses the nature, impact and logistics of the 570 billion stick, US$39 billion global market in illicit cigarettes. It outlines how the illicit trade in cigarettes, while often seen as, if not a victimless crime, a misdemeanor which the victims (arrogant tobacco conglomerates and capricious governments) deserve, is in fact a phenomenon which damages the best interests of a range of public and private organisations, including its consumers.

Eliquid.pngWhile price is of course the infamous key determinant of demand for illicit products one of the enabling factors discussed in the report is the existence of constraining regulation which creates absences in the legal market. An example of this is the potential for increase in illicit trade from the forthcoming ban on menthol cigarette products in the European Union’s Tobacco Products Directive. However, the report goes on to look at the existing and potential de facto illicit trade in electronic cigarettes rooted in restrictive regulation, in particular of nicotine liquid.


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The Power of Online Consumer Reviews


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Consumers listen to and trust their peers more than the brands they are purchasing from. The new post-recessionary consumer is more cautious than their predecessors and will rarely make a purchase without checking out other consumers' opinions first. More brands are building up their social media presence as a tactic to connect with these online consumers directly and to collect these reviews to feature on their websites.

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October 15, 2014

Wal-Mart and Wild Oats in Partnership to Provide Organic Food to the Masses

Raphael_MoreauAnalyst Insight by Raphael Moreau - Retailing Analyst

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With the relaunch of the Wild Oats range of organic products sold almost exclusively at its US stores, Wal-Mart intends to benefit from the marked recovery of organic food sales in the market but also give its brand image a boost, as it is confronted with stagnating sales and footfall.

As leading competitors, including Kroger, Target and Whole Foods, cite strong rises in organic food sales, Wal-Mart sees potential to satisfy this rising demand while differentiating its offer by undercutting its rivals on price and remaining faithful to its EDLP (everyday low price) ethos. However, Wal-Mart’s sheer size may cause supply chain challenges in the organic food industry and could threaten its ability to achieve its claimed price advantage.

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Euromonitor Partners with World Travel Market 2014


World Travel Market 2014

3rd to 6th November 2014, Excel Centre, London

Euromonitor International is pleased to be the WTM exclusive research provider for the ninth year running.

The WTM Global Trends Report, produced by Euromonitor International in exclusive for WTM, has been at the forefront of accurately predicting major travel trends around the world since its launch in 2006, looking at how the travel industry is developing in a rapidly changing landscape.

The report identifies the key trends set to shape the travel industry in seven regions: the Americas, the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, India as well as recognises the very latest dynamics in Travel Technology and pockets of opportunity in the Global Village.

The Global Travel Trends Report offers an insight into to the size and shape of travel and tourism and identifies pressing industry issues, emerging brands, destinations and demographics, growth categories and consumer trends. Analysis by Euromonitor International illustrates how the travel market is set to change and outlines the criteria for success. 

The WTM global trends report by Euromonitor International is presented at the World Travel Market. Preregister now to recieve your copy.

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Apple Pay to Open New Era for Digital Payments in the UAE

Kinda ChebibAnalyst Insight by Kinda Chebib - Senior Research Analyst

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While American consumers will get their first taste of Apple's new e-wallet service in October 2014, SMEs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be keeping a close watch as Apple Pay heads towards the US market. Leading Middle East and North Africa in e-commerce, the UAE Government is implementing Smart Initiatives and reorganising its banking and mobile sectors’ strategies in order to maximise opportunities offered by contactless technology. More recently, the eBay-PayPal split is expected to benefit further Apple’s new digital wallet as eBay is likely to start accepting Apple Pay as a possible replacement for PayPal.


Source: Apple Inc

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The Underlying Potential of the MENA Region in Fragrances

Nicholas MicallefAnalyst Insight by Nicholas Micallef - Beauty and Personal Care Analyst

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The MENA remains a region facing political and macroeconomic hurdles; however, one area where local consumers do not seem to compromise is on fragrances. The use of scent in this region is prolific and is deeply ingrained within society’s traditions and lifestyle. In light of this, despite the region’s challenges, there are promising opportunities for fragrances in terms of olfactory creations and market prospects that are based on shared cultural heritage.

The MENA region is home to over 438 million consumers with 40% of the population aged below 20, whereas 60% live in urban zones. In 2013, fragrances’ sales in MENA amounted to US$2.9 billion, whilst over 2013-2018, fragrances is expected to increase by US$1.3 billion, thus raising the region’s proportion of the global market from 6% in 2013 to 9% in 2018. The top contributors in 2013 were Saudi Arabia, UAE, Israel and Iran, representing 78% of MENA sales rising to 80% in 2018. The fragrance per capita spend is projected to reach US$8.8 in 2018, higher than the global average of US$6.8.

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October 14, 2014

Global Urbanisation Trend Boosting Apartment Dwelling

Carrie_LennardAnalyst Insight by Carrie Lennard - Business Environment Manager

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The world’s urban population is rapidly rising in both developed and emerging markets. 52.7% of the world’s population in 2013 lived in urban areas, up from 50.4% in 2008. This is having a direct influence on the types of dwelling that populations live in, boosting the numbers of inhabitants of apartments. It also decreases the average size of dwellings. This is shaping trends in the consumer goods industry and creating a preference for goods to meet the need for the reduced space.


Global Urban/ Rural Households: 2008-2013

Source: Euromonitor International from national statistics

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