Electronic Wearables in Western Europe

by , , , and August 17th, 2016

Electronic wearables are the main driver of sales for consumer electronics in Western Europe. Fitness trackers are the most mainstream products, appealing to many different demographic groups. Smart wearables, on the other hand, are not as popular and appeal to a smaller group of the population, favoured by tech-savvy and well-connected consumers across Western Europe. […]


Demand for Cyber Insurance Growing as a Result of Industry 4.0

by August 16th, 2016

The fourth industrial revolution is set to increase the interconnection of machines, humans and digital systems, and expanding digitalisation is projected to impact the growing number of cyber breaches. Cyber insurance is growing as a result, with the US being the largest market for cyber insurance. It’s expected that insurers that will offer financial cover […]


Deforestration, Palm Oil, the Orangutan, and Euromonitor’s Carbon Balance Programme

by August 16th, 2016

In an effort to balance the impact of carbon emissions, associated with flights taken by our employees, Euromonitor is sponsoring the replanting of rainforest in Indonesia via Save the Orangutan.  Tragically an announcement was recently made putting the organutan on the critically endangered list which means it is likely to become extinct in the wild. 


Health Awareness and Filipino Culture Strengthen Growth for Herbal/Traditional Remedies

by August 15th, 2016

Herbal/traditional products was the most dynamic in health category in the Philippines in 2015 with current value growth of 8%, reaching Ps7.4 billion. Herbal/traditional products are seen by consumers as providing adequate treatments, prevention alternatives and supplements to the growing demands of Filipinos. Its strong and fast growth can be attributed to the high value […]


The New Consumerism Uncovered

by August 15th, 2016

Watch our webinar exploring the rise of the New Consumerism, a term coined by Euromonitor to describe the changing priorities and values of today’s consumers. This shift in attitudes, driven by trends such as thrift, sustainability, technology, authenticity, wellbeing, simplicity and freedom, sees consumers reassessing what’s important and asking themselves what they truly value. Watch […]


Consumer Preference of Local Beer Makes Hungarian Competition Authority Ruling Obsolete

by August 14th, 2016

In 2015, the Hungarian Competition Authority announced the four largest players in the beer market in Hungary will have to reduce their contracts with hotels, restaurants and cafes in order to give local players a chance to compete. As craft beer as become a global phenomenon, Eastern Europe has experienced a surge in small breweries, […]