Consumer Foodservice Outlets Continue Launching Mashup Snacks

by July 19th, 2016

Consumer Foodservice outlets are launching ‘mashup snacks’ at a high rate – such as the recently launched “mac and cheetos” from Burger King. Foodservice operators are willing to do almost anything to get customer’s attention, and are targeting the time outside of normal meal hours when launching these types of products. Additionally, operators are hoping […]


Changemakers and Their Impact on Purchasing and Lifestyle Choices

by July 18th, 2016

As 2016 progresses and global instability and public debate about environmental protection continues, more younger consumers are keen on becoming “changemakers” and embracing social causes. From buying ‘responsible’ brands to pairing down consumption, these “changemakers” are having an impact on the economy, lifestyles and buying habits. Listen as MP3


Countdown to Rio 2016

by July 18th, 2016

Brazil is hosting the Olympics at a time of economic and political crisis. The recession, a succession of political and corporate corruption scandals, resulting large-scale protests, and the zika virus are never far from global news headlines, and unsurprisingly are at the forefront of consumers’ minds in Brazil itself. How does Brazil compare to previous […]


Trends in Personal Accessories for 2016

by July 17th, 2016

  2016 is a sluggish year for personal accessories with many macro-economic factors continuing to plague the economy. The personal accessories industry is continuing to consolidate, with key industry players participating in mergers and acquisitions. A prime example of this activity is Tumi’s acquisition by Samsonite in 2015. Technology is also playing a key role […]