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  • Edible Oil Summit 2017
    All day
    08 02, 2017

    CMT’s Edible Oil Summit focused on markets, consumer trends & recent innovations is strategically placed and put together to give you insights on the current and future trends of the edible oil market.


  • TecFOOD 2017
    All day
    08 03, 2017

    Organizado por la revista Indualimentos, el 3er Seminario TecFOOD, abarcará temas sobre desafíos, innovación y tendencias de la industria de alimentos. Se presentará información relacionada con alimentos y empaques que miran al futuro.

    Para más información:

  • Whiskeys and Spirits Conference 2017
    All day
    08 03, 2017-08 05, 2017

    The Whiskies & Spirits Conference is the world’s leading summit for debate and discussion on global trends in the dynamic spirits industry. The Whiskies & Spirits Conference has developed significantly over more than a decade from singly whisky, to now incorporate the entire spirits industry – analysing international product, design, sales and marketing trends. The programme is designed in consultation with a distinguished panel of industry experts aimed at all those who deal with whisky and spirits, regardless of location.


  • Asian Paper and Tissue World Seminar
    All day
    08 08, 2017

    Seminar series for the upcoming Asian Paper and Tissue World Bangkok 2018.

    In response to the important growth, the strong development and the request of the industry communities represented in the ASEAN region, UBM is proud to announce the merger of two long-standing events, which will consolidate their intertwined industry synergies to offer an exclusive and invaluable business opportunity to all regional and international industry players operating in the sector of the Pulp, Paper, Tissue, Packaging and related industries.

  • Convenience & Impulse Convention & Expo 2017
    All day
    08 23, 2017-08 24, 2017

    For the first time in Sydney, the Australian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS) joins Convenience & Impulse Retailing magazine to present a world-class learning and networking experience. C&I Media welcomes convenience and impulse retailers across all banners and brands to the event.

    Speakers at the AACS Convenience Leaders Summit include James Lowman (CEO, ACS UK). As CEO of the convenience association in the UK representing more than 40,000 stores, Mr Lowman will cover C-store developments and trends in the UK, a very successful and strong performing convenience market.

    Event Website:

  • Foro de Innovación de AGEXPORT 2017
    All day
    08 29, 2017-08 30, 2017

    El Foro de Innovación reúne a más de 500 empresarios guatemaltecos, y también de la región Centroamérica, así mismo a las diferentes universidades e instituciones que promueven la innovación a nivel academia y país. El objetivo del foro es capacitar y brindarles a las empresas información sobre tendencias, herramientas que les faciliten la innovación en sus productos y servicios. Este año, la temática del foro está enfocada en la Innovación para la Generación de Negocios, con el fin de entregar a los participantes información sobre cómo se está comportando el consumidor de América Latina con enfoque a innovación para que puedan adecuar o desarrollar productos con base a tendencias de consumo.

    08 29, 2017-09 01, 2017

    ABASTUR, el piso de negocios más grande de América Latina, ofrece a sus visitantes cuatro días de evento donde se darán cita compradores nacionales e internacionales en 28,000 m2 de exposición. Avalado por la Universidad del Valle de México, el Congreso Ho.Re.Ca. trae para ti tres días de contenido de primer nivel donde los expertos de la industria darán cátedra a profesionales y ejecutivos del sector con lo último en tendencias e innovaciones.

  • in-cosmetics Asia – Indonesia Roadshow 2017
    All day
    08 29, 2017

    Get a free taste of the in-cosmetics Asia event at the Jakarta-based Indonesia Roadshow. This mini-exhibition aimed at personal care manufacturers and formulators, will feature a full day of educational sessions for the personal care market, plus international ingredients suppliers will showcase their latest raw materials and technologies at small stands. Register for free now if you would like to attend.



October 22 - 25

The Venetian, Las Vegas

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Trends from London Tech Week 2017

The vehicle of the near future will be electric, lightweight and recyclable, connected and autonomous. The automotive industry is experiencing the biggest waves of innovation and what were until recently viewed as industry disruptors are now seen as opportunities for auto companies, as well as platform providers and app developers. Auto and tech companies as […]

New Strategy Briefing: Households and Gender

Gender has a major impact on the household, whether in terms of aesthetics, demands or roles acquired by its residents. However, as gender roles and characteristics evolve, predicting or assuming household behavioral patterns based on gender becomes a difficult proposition. Euromonitor’s newly released Strategy Briefing – Households and Gender – aims to identify the major shifts in gender within the household and their impact on brands, marketing and […]

Eyewear 2018 Edition: A Global Snapshot

Eyewear sales are set to increase by 4% in 2017, posting global value sales of US$ 127 Bn. Daily disposable lenses keep outpacing growth, as consumers increasingly switch to more convenient and comfortable solutions within eyewear. The upcoming merger of giants Essilor International SA and Luxottica Group SpA will create a global leader within the […]

Eyewear 2018 Edition: Key Research Highlights

Euromonitor International is pleased to announce that the Eyewear 2018 edition is now live and available to access on Passport. The updated research provides the latest insights into how the industry is performing, and identifies key prospects through to 2022, offering unparalleled insight into the key trends and dynamics impacting the industry. KEY RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS Comfort and convenience drive innovation The “big fish”: Essilor and Luxottica […]

Personal Accessories 2018 Edition: Key Research Highlights

Euromonitor International is pleased to announce that the Personal Accessories 2018 edition is now live and available to access on Passport. The updated research provides the latest insights into how the industry is performing, and identifies key prospects through to 2022, offering unparalleled insight into the key trends and dynamics impacting the industry. KEY RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS Affordable […]

Co-Branding Influencing New Product Development in New Zealand’s Packaged Food Industry

One of the most significant new products launched in New Zealand’s packaged food industry recently was Whittakers Chocolate Milk by local artisanal player Lewis Road Creamery Ltd. The new product achieved unprecedented popularity and attracted widespread media attention. The immense popularity of the product was such that it quickly sold out, and a “grey market” […]

Gender and Households Trends

The proportion of female household heads globally is growing, as are female disposable incomes. This is creating a newly-empowered generation of female consumers in the household. Meanwhile, men are becoming more involved in the home than ever before, as gender roles blur. In this podcast, we discuss some of the primary trends surrounding gender and […]

Economy, Finance and Trade Vietnam: Asia Pacific’s Next Manufacturing Hub

Euromonitor International’s Vietnam Economy, Finance and Trade Country Briefing, focuses on one of Southeast Asia’s most dynamic and fastest growing emerging markets. Low labour costs when compared to regional peers such as China and Thailand have supported the growth of Vietnam as a manufacturing base and a major electronics exporter in the region. Furthermore, Vietnam has a young population with a bourgeoning middle […]

8 maneiras de identificar oportunidades de mercado para crescimento do seu negócio

Introdução No dinâmico ambiente de negócios de hoje em dia, crescimento sustentável e rentabilidade nunca são uma garantia. Os avanços tecnológicos e científicos reduziram o ciclo de vida dos produtos e serviços, os modelos de negócios mudaram e novos competidores surgem de fora da indústria. Esta constante instabilidade cria a necessidade de buscar outras oportunidades […]

Despite the United States Giving the Cold Shoulder, Manufacturing Cars in Mexico Makes Sense

As Donald Trump tries to revive an American manufacturing base, automotive production in Mexico has come under scrutiny. Many global automakers already operate plants in Mexico, attracted by its strong economy and stable government, but uncertainty surrounding trade deals such as NAFTA – the North American Free Trade Agreement – have called into question the […]

Asia Pacific Drives Global Mobile Commerce, Recording 64 Percent Growth in 2016 to Reach US$328 Billion

Download full press release as PDF SINGAPORE – Euromonitor International and Retail Asia are proud to announce the launch of the 14th ‘Retail Asia Top 500 Retailers Ranking’. According to the report, mobile retailing represents the fastest growing digital channel in Asia Pacific, with sales totalling US$328 billion in 2016, an increase of 64 […]

Canada Consumer Trends, Q2 2017

High levels of health & wellness consciousness shape consumer, regulatory trends Attitudes about health and well-being are currently central to Canadian consumption patterns. The idea of “healthy” food has shifted in recent years away from simply meaning low in calories, fat or sugar, to also focus on nutrition, production process, and ingredients. According to […]

Extraordinary: A Top Consumer Trend for 2017

We have reached a point when mass-produced items have lost some of their shine. The internet is enabling consumers to purchase and discuss the “long tail” — unique, customised and exotic products and services; these “extraordinary consumers” are grabbing some of the limelight and spelling out their needs. Extraordinary consumers fall into “atypical” consumer categories […]

Euromonitor Tech Team’s Hackathon 2017

Euromonitor International’s technology team recently hosted its second company-wide hackathon, an internal event centered on collaborative technology innovation. The hackathon offers us a way to prototype concepts that improve  key product features and generate new ideas for our clients. Our annual hackathon allows the technology team to showcase their creativity and collaboration in action; and […]

New Data on Households: Number of Children, Rent Index, Dwelling Size, and More

Euromonitor International is pleased to announce the addition of a host of new data to the Households page. The new indicators include household by number of children, households by size of dwelling (in terms of square metres), households by construction material of outer walls, new house price indices, housing stock by year of construction, households by main source of drinking water, and households by main type of fuel used for cooking. These fresh data series add further depth to the analysis of households globally, helping […]

Store Visits: Beauty Specialist Retailers in South Korea

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the top two leading beauty specialist retailers in South Korea, Aritaum and Innisfree Herb Station. The visits shed light on how leading K-beauty retailers are operating in a competitive environment. They are leveraging localized strategies including maintaining a wide network of stores and distributing product samples. Additionally, as the South Korean beauty specialist retail market reaches maturation, retailers in this space are actively […]

Gaming Goes Digital in Sweden

There is an ongoing shift among Swedish consumers from traditional toys and games towards video games. Video games accounted for approximately 60 percent of total value sales on the market in 2016. The user base of smartphone games is expanding – it’s no longer just younger Swedes playing games on their phones, but also people […]

Why Business Dynamics Insights Matter for Business Strategy

Market challenges such as excessive government regulations, inefficient bureaucracy and inadequate infrastructure can often lead to additional costs, affecting the commercial feasibility of your business ventures. Having a clear understanding of the operating environment is critical for business success when entering a new market to help you to avoid risks and pick the best possible investment […]

Peugeot-Opel Merger: Implications for Western European Car Market and Industry Production

Peugeot SA has agreed to take over the Opel/Vauxhall brand from General Motors (GM), with the deal valued at EUR2.2 billion. Both companies are in the final stages of negotiations, with GM hinting that the takeover could be wrapped up by 31 July. Euromonitor International discusses key implications that the deal will have on both the Western European new car market and automotive industry. […]


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