New Regional CSR Partners Announced

by May 22nd, 2017

“Considering that women are powerful actors of change, Empowering Women in the Atlas is an initiative that aims to promote the leadership of rural women and girls as a catalyst for sustainable development which is aligned with Euromonitor’s global CSR strategy aiming to give back to the community and contribute to a better world where […]

How Health Data and Insights Can Shape Government Policy

by May 22nd, 2017

As life expectancy increases around the world, governments are under pressure to provide for ageing populations and to tackle rising health issues such as obesity or certain diseases. Our recent Strategy Briefing, Why Population Insights Matter for Business Strategy, focuses on health and wellbeing as one of the key population themes. Global healthy life expectancy […]

How to Use Industrial Data to Enhance your Business Strategy

by May 22nd, 2017

Assessing the industrial makeup of the world’s biggest economies and how they are shaping the B2B marketplace helps businesses pinpoint new opportunities. Measuring the market potential of different industries is critical for professionals working in sales, marketing, operations and logistics to find growth opportunities and determine their strategy. Additionally, analysing the corporate landscape helps assess […]

Can Lavazza Transform Into A Global Coffee Player Without Diluting Its Core Values?

by May 21st, 2017

There has been much attention paid to Starbucks’ ambitious plans to finally enter the Italian market. The company has long viewed Italy as forbidden territory because of Italians’ strong national pride in their coffee culture, but finally decided to take the leap on the wager that younger Italians are less particular than their elders and […]

Asia Century: Unparalleled Opportunities for Medical Equipment Suppliers

by May 21st, 2017

Asia Pacific offers unparalleled opportunities for medical device players that are willing to rethink their business models and introduce market-appropriate products. Demand for medical and surgical equipment will continue to be spurred by the rapid expansion of the healthcare sector and rising household purchases in light of increasing annual disposable incomes, an expanding middle class, and […]

Cameroon’s ICT Sector to Improve the Country’s Investment Appeal

by May 20th, 2017

While there are more economically established countries, Cameroon is showing signs of becoming a prospective future investment destination. Although, the country is in need of less state interference, an improved regulatory environment and a stronger business infrastructure, it is witnessing technological advancement. Cameroon’s ICT sector is driven by a competitive market sector, providing low tariffs […]

Charging Infrastructure Needs to be Improved for Faster Electric Car Adoption

by May 19th, 2017

Electric car sales continue to witness double-digit growth rates with more than one million electric cars forecast to be sold in 2017, marking an important tipping point for eco-friendly cars. Improving battery technologies and decreasing electric car prices contribute to expanding electric car sales. However, charging infrastructure remains underdeveloped and needs to be improved in […]

Effects of a Trump Trade War for the Middle East and Africa

by May 19th, 2017

  President Trump recently renewed his intention to reconsider and renegotiate incumbent trade deals involving the United States and several nations in the world. Using Euromonitor’s industry forecast model to develop a Trump Trade War scenario, we see de-globalization and constriction of open trade policies yielding several macroeconomic and market-level implications, even reaching as far […]

Emerging Market Champions: Chinese vs Indian Cities – Where Do the Differences Lie?

by May 18th, 2017

The narrative which speaks of India and China leading global growth in the long term, consistent with the ‘Asian Century’ trend which suggests the increasing dominance of Asian economies in economic affairs over the 21st Century, has been widely voiced. Nonetheless, inherent differences are present between the two countries, especially when looking through the lens […]