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February 2, 2014

Hershey’s Chocolate Spread Aims to Take on Ferrero in the US

Ildiko-SzalaiAnalyst Insight by Ildiko Szalai - Senior Food Analyst

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Hershey’s launch of a chocolate spread under its iconic Hershey’s label at the end of 2013 marked its entry into a fast growing category in the US. Chocolate spreads in the US is anticipated a near 7% CAGR over the 2013-2018 forecast period, but the category is heavily dominated by Ferrero’s Nutella brand, which held around a 70% value share in 2013. In the US, the chocolate spreads category grew rapidly over the 2008-2013 review period as consumers were increasingly drawn to chocolate spreads with hazelnut. This move is a good one for Hershey given its strength in chocolate confectionery and strong brand equity. The challenge will be how to tackle the competition and claim share from the well-established Nutella brand.

Hershey spreads.jpg

Source: Hershey Co

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Sound Bite Episode 1: Food Companies Entering the Growing Chinese Market

image from http://aviary.blob.core.windows.net/k-mr6i2hifk4wxt1dp-14013120/e0ff1a9d-324a-4cf8-8d38-a817a8f6a37a.png Ildiko-Szalai

With Lamine Lahouasnia and Ildiko Szalai


Euromonitor International is pleased to introduce Sound Bite, a new monthly podcast series discussing food markets worldwide. In this episode, Lamine Lahouasnia, Head of Packaged Food Research and Ildiko Szalai, Senior Food Analyst discuss the Chinese dairy and baby food market. The Chinese market is the main focus for many international food producers as the country currently has no international penetration in many of its food markets. Although China has many regulations and restrictions about foreign players acquiring local brands, companies such as WhiteWave in the US have formed joint ventures as a way to enter the country.

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January 31, 2014

Global Briefing: Opportunities to Target the Ageing through Functional Food and Drink

Sample Slide from Global Briefing Opportunities to Target the Ageing through Functional Food and Drink

Helping to bridge the seven year gap between life expectancy and healthy life expectancy, the report highlights the opportunities to target the health concerns of the ageing population, subject to regional demand. It explores how the utilisation of a range of functional ingredients could provide a means to return growth to certain health positionings, the performance of which has levelled off in recent years, including cardiovascular health, bone and joint health, brain health and vision health.

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January 26, 2014

Analyst Pulse: Popular Flavours and Cuisines across the Globe

Priyanka BagdeAnalyst Insight by Priyanka Bagde - Survey Analyst

Expanding Flavour Palates and the Rising ‘Foodie’ Culture

For many upper and middle class consumers, food is about much more than survival. It has become a source of pleasure, experimentation, cultural exchange, and, for many, a hobby. Across the globe, diners enjoy all sorts of flavours and cuisine, and their favourite foods need not come from their own culture. Today, Japanese diners savour spicy Indian cuisine, while Indians gather over a plate of Italian pasta, and so on. To better understand where certain flavours and cuisines are growing in popularity, Euromonitor turned to its global network of analysts and asked about food trends in their respective countries.

Spicy and Healthy Foods Gaining Popularity

The consensus among many analysts is that spicy food is becoming increasingly popular across the globe. While Thai, Indian, and Mexican cuisines have long been known for their fiery dishes, North American cuisine has typically tended toward the milder side (eg, meat and potatoes). The fact that analysts in the US and Canada were the most likely to report a rise in the popularity of spicy food is an indication of both immigration trends – the US, for example, has seen a huge influx of Latinos in the past decade – and increasing experimentation with foreign flavours. The interest in experimentation is also evident in the rising popularity of mixed flavours like “sweet and chili” and “sweet and sour”.

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January 23, 2014

Euromonitor to Speak at the U.S., Middle East & Africa Grain Forum

Grain Forum

28-29 January 2014

Location: Doha, Qatar

Speaker: Lamine Lahouasnia, Head of Packaged Food

Presentation Date and Time: 28 January 2014, 09:30

Presentation Title: How the Middle East and African Diet is Changing

Presentation Topics:  Why is global bread consumption on the decline? Is this the case in the Middle East and Africa? What else are consumers in the region eating? These are the types of questions that Head of Packaged Food, Lamine Lahouasnia, will be answering in this presentation 'How the Middle East and African Diet is Changing'. With its primary focus on how these trends will impact the grain supply chain, this presentation will also feature an outlook on the soya bean market.

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January 21, 2014

The New Face of Private Label: Global Market Trends to 2018

According to Euromonitor survey, 89% of respondents bought private label products in 2013

The new face of private label: Global market trends to 2018Download an extract of The New Face of Private Label: Global Market Trends to 2018 to learn:

- The single most important factor affecting private label growth
- Consumer attitudes towards private label
- Regions and sectors showing the most promise
- Global leaders in private label and their growth strategies
- Future outlook for the category

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Our 2013 Global Consumer Trends Survey noted that consumers in India and France were most positive about private label with 27% and 23% saying they intended to increase purchases of private label products over the next 12 months.  However, private labels are still a little known concept in Russia where as many as 23% never buy private label products.  Private label penetration is highest in Switzerland with 37.7% and lowest in China with .4%.

Within private label products globally, packaged food accounted for the majority of fast moving consumer goods with 77% of value sales in 2012, but the strongest penetration for private label was found in tissue and hygiene products at almost 14% as products such as toilet tissue and paper towels are easy for retailers to distribute and generate good margins. The private label share within packaged food was at 12%. 

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January 8, 2014

Can AB Cool Food Restore Romania's Trust in Frozen Products?


The Delhaize Group, parent company of grocers such as Mega Image, Food Lion and Alfa-Beta Vassilopoulos recently opened AB Cool Food, the first all-frozen grocer in Romania. The store offers a variety of frozen products including fruit, vegetables, ice cream and cakes, and plans to offer delivery services as well. Romanian consumers are skeptical of the quality and freshness of frozen food, and Euromonitor predicts that if AB Cool Food can improve consumers’ trust in frozen products the store will be a success.

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January 6, 2014

Chinese Dairy Companies Look to Joint Ventures and Foreign Acquisitions to Repair Reputation

Lamine_LahouasniaAnalyst Insight by Lamine Lahouasnia - Head of Packaged Food

China is expected to become the world’s largest dairy market in 2018, and this expectation has made both international and Chinese dairy companies reassess the way that they are doing business. A string of recent food safety scandals has seriously undermined Chinese consumers’ faith in Chinese brands, and this has led to a growing appetite for foreign dairy products and baby milk formula. At the same time, most international dairy companies have found the scale, local milk supply and fragmented nature of China’s retail market daunting. What is quickly becoming apparent is that Chinese companies need the reputation of foreign dairy brands as much as foreign companies need the Chinese market for their own growth strategies, and this has led to the development of a 2-pronged approach.

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January 4, 2014

Will the Stand-Up Pouch Save Packaged Soup?

Daniel GrimseyAnalyst Insight by Daniel Grimsey, Research Analyst

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Soup consumption is flat around the world, with the category recording volume growth of less than 1% globally in 2013. While there are some growth opportunities across the developing world, soup volume sales have been on a downward trajectory across most of the Western world for half a decade. This is particularly the case for the largest category, canned/preserved soup, which is in decline across much of Europe and in Australia. The forecast performance for canned/preserved soup is even less promising, with a value CAGR decline of 2% expected in Spain, France and Italy, 5% in Australia and close to 6% in the Netherlands.

Canned/Preserved Soup Growth Prospect by Region - 2013-2018

Source: Euromonitor International

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January 3, 2014

The Future of the Weight Management Industry

Mark StrobelAnalyst Insight by Mark Strobel - Consumer Health Analyst

Obesity is a major global health concern.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are more than 1.4 billion overweight and obese adults 20 years or older.  Even more worrisome is the number of children who are considered overweight.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that 12% of children aged 2 to 5 and 18% aged 6 to 11 fall into this category in the United States.  Once thought to be an issue focused in developed countries, the prevalence of obesity is growing in emerging countries and this global epidemic is expected to get worse.  By 2018, more than 3 out of 4 people aged 15 and older are projected to be overweight or obese in Kuwait, Venezuela, and Mexico, as well as the USA.  

Countries with the Largest Overweight and Obese Populations, 2013/2018

CH2014 Largest Obese and Overweight Population Markets.gif

Source: Euromonitor International

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