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October 23, 2014

Three Main Trends in the Confectionery Market


Consumers in both emerging and developed markets are increasingly turning to chocolate as an affordable indulgence even as demand for sugar confectionery and gum is declining due to dental health concerns. This podcast outlines three major trends in confectionery happening alongside rising cocoa prices.

Podcast features Iman Hamidaddin - Consulting Analyst

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October 18, 2014

Sound Bite: The Implications of Infant Formula Scandals in China


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A series of food safety scandals in China began in 2008. As a result of these scares, Chinese parents lost trust in domestic infant milk formula and began purchasing imported and smuggled products instead. To combat this trend, some retailers began offering insurance on purchase to protect consumers against tainted foods and boost sales.

Podcast features:

Lianne van den BosLianne van den Bos - Food Analyst

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Pinar HosafciPinar Hosafci - Senior Packaged Food Analyst

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October 17, 2014

Booming Acquisitions to Lead to Further Consolidation in Dairy Market

Lianne van den BosAnalyst Insight by Lianne van den Bos - Food Analyst

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The dairy industry saw yet another acquisition last month with Lactalis-owned Parmalat buying 11 dairy plants from BRF, Brazil’s third biggest dairy manufacturer.  Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have reportedly reached over 120 transactions in 2013 according to Rabobank, so why this large number?

One could suggest it’s a choice to either join forces or get left behind. With the world’s top 10 dairy players capturing just under a quarter of global dairy sales, no one realistically would want to compete against these players alone. Building scale is inevitable but here is the catch; as M&A booms and joint ventures are ever more present, what billion dollar deal is left? Do dairy companies need to tie up with even more companies to sustain growth, or is organic growth still on the cards? Euromonitor International looks at what’s driving M&A activity in dairy and which growth markets will see more investment.

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October 15, 2014

Wal-Mart and Wild Oats in Partnership to Provide Organic Food to the Masses

Raphael_MoreauAnalyst Insight by Raphael Moreau - Retailing Analyst

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With the relaunch of the Wild Oats range of organic products sold almost exclusively at its US stores, Wal-Mart intends to benefit from the marked recovery of organic food sales in the market but also give its brand image a boost, as it is confronted with stagnating sales and footfall.

As leading competitors, including Kroger, Target and Whole Foods, cite strong rises in organic food sales, Wal-Mart sees potential to satisfy this rising demand while differentiating its offer by undercutting its rivals on price and remaining faithful to its EDLP (everyday low price) ethos. However, Wal-Mart’s sheer size may cause supply chain challenges in the organic food industry and could threaten its ability to achieve its claimed price advantage.

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October 8, 2014

Indian Ice Cream Expo 2014 Event Recap


Analyst Insight by Janaki Padmanabhan - Head of Research (India)

Presenting Euromonitor’s latest findings on the Indian market at the 4th Indian Ice-Cream Congress & Expo 2014, organised by the Indian Ice Cream Manufacturers Association (IICMA), I was struck by the ambition of the industry to develop itself.

This was evident from the key note speech by Member of Parliament, Sri Kirit Somaiya who spoke of a vision to export Indian-made ice cream to the rest of the world in the years to come. This ambition alone embodies the optimism of the industry. While it may be a worthy aim to aspire to, in the medium-term the best opportunities lie in creating greater demand at home.

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October 4, 2014

Americas Packaged Food Trends 2014

Sean KreidlerAnalyst Insight by Sean Kreidler - Research Manager

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Hemisphere Overview

The Americas continue to be a dynamic hemisphere for packaged food consumption in 2014. Both Latin America and North America offer both great opportunities and unique challenges.

The health and wellness trend has driven many North America consumers away from packaged food and processed ingredients. Flat volume growth is pepped up by value-added health-and-wellness-orientated solutions, opening up many avenues for development and product reformulation. Likewise, but still largely in its infancy, Latin America is adopting a greater push for healthier packaged food options. Natural products and local ingredients are becoming a bigger focus. Similarly, companies have been testing international flavours, tying them to the World Cup.

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October 3, 2014

Euromonitor International Helps Promote Brazil-US Trade


Euromonitor International is excited to announce upcoming trade expos in Chicago and Houston to connect US importers, restaurants, grocers and food manufactures with leading Brazilian food and beverage exporters.  The goal of these events is to provide an opportunity for US companies to interact and conduct one on one business conversations with exporters from Brazil. There is no pressure to come to any agreements at this event, rather, the focus will be on sharing information about Brazilian food products  that are available to the US market.  In addition to meeting potential new suppliers, participating US companies will learn more about Doing Business with Brazil and are able to network with many other stakeholders within their respective industries.

For interested and qualified US companies that are outside the Chicago and Houston areas we will be covering travel expenses (including hotel accommodations at a business class hotel and flights to and from the event) to help facilitate attendance. 

The Houston, TX event will be held on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 at a downtown Houston hotel.

The Chicago, IL event will be held on Friday, October 31, 2014 at a downtown Chicago hotel.

We are expecting spots to fill up quickly, so please apply for an invitation and a Euromonitor representative will contact you to discuss your company’s participation in more detail. 



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September 24, 2014

The Rise of Portable Breakfast

The rise of on-the-go breakfast products in develpoed markets is driven by the rise of single occupancy households, flexible working hours and an increase in women in the workforce. When developing portable breakfast products, it is important to consider existing breakfast preferences in the market.

Video features Pinar Hosafci - Packaged Food Analyst

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September 21, 2014

Internet Retailing Changing the Packaged Food Landscape

Consumers are shifting a growing portion of their budget to the web. Packaged food has traditionally lagged behind other FMCG products online, but consumer interest in online grocery shopping is growing. Today, the web accounts for 1% of packaged food sales globally. Shelf-stable and high unit price products like baby food and meal replacement perform well online as consumers find it worth their time to shop around for the best price.

Video features Lamine Lahouasnia - Head of Packaged Food Research

Can Vegan Food Products Succeed in the US and Beyond?

High-tech investors are getting involved in vegan food companies in an effort to improve food safety and resource efficiency, combat world hunger, and encourage the clean food movement. Even with the growth of flexitarian diets, ethical positioning will only carry these products so far. Success with consumers both in the US and in the global market will depend primarily on taste, nutrition and price.

Video features Virginia Lee - Senior Research Analyst

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