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March 5, 2015

Functionality is Key in Ready Meal Packaging

Consumers look for functional features like resealing and the ability to put the package directly in the microwave when selecting ready meals. Microwave pouches offering a steam effect positioned as a healthier choice are on the rise. Increasing urbanisation and the rise of single households are driving the trend toward smaller pack sizes.  Watch the video for complete insights.

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March 4, 2015

The Rising Power of Female Consumers


The global female population totalled an estimated 3.6 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach 4.2 billion by 2030. Average disposable income amongst women is the highest it's ever been, and women are living longer than men.

What are you doing to reach this growing market?

View now to learn:

  • The size and distribution of the female consumer market
  • Literacy and education rates
  • Labour participation
  • Purchasing power


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February 26, 2015

Organic and On-the-Go, Recipes for Soup's Recovery?

Raphael_MoreauAnalyst Insight by Raphael Moreau - Food Analyst

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With the launch of an organic soup range under the Campbell’s brand in the US in February, Campbell Soup Co is seeking to focus on premium soup, moving away from its core ranges of canned/preserved soup, and attempting to appeal to a younger audience. Almost concurrently, under its Plum Organics brand, the group also introduced an organic soup range, adopting a similar strategy to other baby food manufacturers in extending its reach beyond baby food and into children’s food to widen its target audience.

As the two organic ranges, already announced in August and October 2014, respectively, were introduced almost simultaneously in February 2015, they may struggle to each succeed in establishing their presence in their adjacent niches. The Plum Organics brand may also suffer from too much diversification, which could result in further dilution of its image, until recently rooted in baby food.

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February 25, 2015

Craft Crisps: Is Savoury Snacks Ready for the Craft Movement?

Pinar HosafciAnalyst Insight by Pinar Hosafci - Packaged Food Analyst

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ChipsFlamegrilled Aberdeen Angus. Red Leicester & Carmelised Onion. Parmesan, Asparagus & Truffle. These may sound like dinner meals but in fact they are just some of the many intricate flavours the crisps category is flooding with. Even for the classic vinegar flavour, the descriptions are hymns of gastronomic hyperbole:  “Modena Balsamic”, “Chardonnay Wine”, “Somerset Cider” and “Aspall Cyder”. Not only their names but also their packaging is becoming more sophisticated and gourmet-inspired. Tyrells Hand Cooked English Crisps is perhaps the most well-known brand in Europe but there are many more out there, increasingly emphasising their hand-cooked potatoes and the place of origin the salt or vinegar is sourced from (eg Anglesey Sea Salt). Recently, PepsiCo has expanded into gourmet snacks through the launch of Market Deli – premium priced thick-cut crisps made from selected potato varieties bearing no sign of the company logo on the pack bar a small statement reading “from the Makers of Walkers”. Is this emerging craft movement a fad or likely to be the next big thing in savoury snacks?

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February 23, 2015

The Future of Ferrero: Possible Scenarios for the Confectionery Giant

Jack SkellyAnalyst Insight by Jack Skelly - Food Analyst

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Ferrero has been the subject of plenty of speculation this week, with much discussion regarding the future of the company. As a fiercely private, family-owned company, such conjecture is difficult to qualify.

However, there are a range of possible scenarios for the company. Across a series of reports, Euromonitor International will examine these scenarios, although, as with all predictions about Ferrero, they should be taken with a pinch of salt. Could Ferrero be acquired by another packaged food giant, which Nestlé was rumoured to be considering in 2013? Could the premium chocolate confectionery manufacturer actually look to consolidate its share by looking to acquire a rival? It is this latter question that will be the focus of this article, specifically with regards to Lindt.

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February 19, 2015

Nestlé FY2014 Results Confirm its Need to Rethink its China/US Strategy

Lianne van den BosAnalyst Insight by Lianne van den Bos - Food Analyst

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Nestlé today reported global organic sales growth of 4.5% for the 2014 financial year, with sales exceeding CHF91.6 billion. When questioned during its financial results presentation, Nestlé’s CEO Paul Bulcke highlighted that “this year’s performance wasn’t great or outstanding, but we achieved solid growth given the market conditions”.

Whilst Nestlé grew in line with market performance, is it enough for the world’s biggest food company? Euromonitor examines if “solid growth” can be turned into “great growth” in two of its largest markets, China and the US. With growth for Nestlé lagging behind its key competitors, we look at what they are doing differently to outperform the market. 

Nestlé's Sales and Organic Growth - FY2014


Source: Nestlé 2014 Financial Results Press Release

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February 13, 2015

Variety is the Spice of Life: Global Growth in Chili Sauces

Jack SkellyAnalyst Insight by Jack Skelly - Research Analyst

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The world’s tolerance for hot sauces appears to be rising. From a global perspective, sales of spicy chili sauces grew by nearly twice as much as packaged food. Moreover, growth was well balanced, with strong performances in both developing and developed markets, which have been struggling – in North America, chili sauces contributed 11% to all additional packaged food growth over 2009-2014, while in Asia Pacific, an extra US$493 million was added by these sauces. This is worth more than total packaged food value sales growth in Bulgaria over the same period. There are several reasons why these sauces are performing so well across the world. 

Where has all the spice come from?

High streets and street food are playing an important part in the West’s growing penchant for hot sauces. High street fast food chains are extremely interested in what foods are fashionable in street food. At the moment, there are a couple of standout trends: the first is the irresistible rise of all things Mexican, as Burritos have become ubiquitous. Chipotle, an American fast food chain that sells Mexican cuisine, recorded a 19% CAGR between 2008-2013, and is now expanding globally; Latin American chained fast food grew by 25% in the US over the same period. Elsewhere, Nando’s, which sells Portuguese/Mozambican food that utilises hot sauces, continues to enjoy success, with global sales almost doubling over the last five years. Pan-Asian street food has also risen, with Vietnamese and Korean food becoming particularly prevalent in the US and the UK. Sriracha sauce, which is the Asian equivalent to tomato ketchup, is an essential component of these forms of cooking.

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February 3, 2015

Passport: Nutrition Offers Global Nutrient Intake Data

Lauren BandyAnalyst Insight by Lauren Bandy - Nutrition Analyst

Welcome to Euromonitor International's newest offering, Passport Nutrition. Nine months in the making, Passport Nutrition looks at the purchase of different nutrients from packaged food and soft drink products in 54 different countries. It will be of interest to a wide range of organisations, providing an understanding of key market drivers and dietary trends. It allows food and beverage companies to analyse gaps in the market and compare the nutritional content of their brands with that of their competitors. For governments, health promotion agencies, policy researchers and trade associations, it allows them to develop policy analysis, strategies and legislation concerning consumer nutrition and public health. Using a unique methodology, it helps to build up a picture of how dietary patterns vary around the world and covers the following eight nutrients:

  • Energy (calories)
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrate
  • Sugar
  • Fat
  • Saturated fat
  • Fibre
  • Salt

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Euromonitor to Speak at Gulfood 2015

Event Name:  Gulfood

Dates: February 8-12, 2015

Location: Dubai, UAE

Event Description: Whether you’re looking to supersize your business or delight customers with unique and inspiring flavours, you’ll find a whole world of suppliers at Gulfood.
The biggest brands. The latest innovations. Amazing values.

Your industry is global. Change is constant. New markets open as fast as old ones close. Supply routes can be as fickle as consumer tastes and trends. Gulfood is where you get to make sense of it all, where you get to put your finger on the industry pulse, feel its heart beat and see where your markets and suppliers can evolve and change.

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Introducing Passport: Nutrition

Passport: Nutrition is a first-of-its-kind database that examines the total amount of nutrients purchased through packaged food and soft drink products worldwide, evaluating eight key nutrients in 54 countries. Passport: Nutrition research helps your organisation understand key markets and drivers, dietary trends and how to position your company for success.

Learn more about Passport: Nutrition

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