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July 2, 2014

Chinese Companies’ Overseas Acquisition Spree Picks up Pace, Part 1

Hope.LeeAnalyst Insight by Hope Lee, Senior Beverages Analyst

All industry analysts will no doubt be aware of Chinese companies’ ongoing overseas shopping spree, with the latest story being Sanpower’s proposed acquisition of the British-based House of Fraser department store. While Chinese consumers appear to be the global growth drivers of luxury goods, Chinese companies and private investors are eyeing up foreign targets and buying their assets. Like it or loathe it, the hungry and thirsty Chinese dragon is coming.

These Chinese acquirers take various forms, for example sovereign wealth fund corporations, state-owned conglomerates, wealthy private entrepreneurs and publicly-listed companies. All are armed with substantial foreign reserves which have been accumulated during three decades of strong domestic economic development and they are eager to strengthen their domestic positions as well as expand internationally. In 2014, China’s gross national savings will be close to US$5 trillion, while US savings will be only US$3 trillion. The industries in which they are interested include natural resources, automobiles, real estate, banking, retail and agribusiness. Today’s list is long but tomorrow’s could be even longer.

Financially, China is the US’ largest creditor, with the majority of investment in one single currency generally being seen as a risk. Understandingly, China and Chinese companies are keen to spread the known financial risks and balance their assets in a basket of currencies and geographies. They just need to find the right targets in the right continents.

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June 29, 2014

Confectionery Trends and Innovations at the 2014 Convenience U CARWACS Show in Toronto

Frank JiangAnalyst Insight by Frank Jiang - Contributing Analyst

One of the most attended industry trade shows for convenience store and forecourt retailer operators in Canada, the Convenience U CARWACS Show concluded on 19 March 2014 in Toronto after a busy couple of days.

The convenience store channel continues to play an important role in a number of product areas in Canada, including beverages, tobacco and packaged food. Within the latter, confectionery is one of the key categories, driven by impulse purchases, and its performance in convenience retail is drawing considerable attention from manufacturers, distributors and marketers of sweets and chocolate.

Euromonitor International participated in the event and exchanged views with industry players, with a particular focus on confectionery products.

Sharing Occasions and a Return to Large-Sized Chocolate Bars

A noticeable trend observed by a number of industry participants in Canada is the increasing sharing of sweets and chocolate with family and friends as well as to connect with other people. Subsequently, manufacturers of confectionery are seeking to tap into this trend and encourage purchase by increasing the size of individual bags/pouches of selflines/softlines.

Furthermore, in categories like tablets and countlines, smaller pack sizes and portion-control products have failed to excite many consumers in Canada, including the female consumers the products sought to target. This is leading to changes in product development and marketing activities, with a return to regular and large-sized chocolate bars to support sales.

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June 28, 2014

Euromonitor to Speak at Food Ingredients South America 2014

Fi South America_RGB

Event Dates: 5-7 August, 2014

Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Presentation Date:  Tuesday August 5th, 9:00 AM
Event Description: Be part the largest and most inspiring resource of food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical ingredients. With over 17 years of experience in this region, Fi South America is your opportunity to: Source the latest and most innovative ingredients which have been directly discovered in the heart of Latin America, Grow your business in one of the fastest growing markets with a large appetite for food, health and functional ingredients, Nurture your business relationships by meeting with the most important ingredients suppliers and buyers in the region.

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June 25, 2014

Amazon Hopes to Spark Lagging Grocery Segment of Internet Retailing

Internet retailing is the largest segment of overall retailing, but certain areas, such as grocery products, beverages and household products lag behind in digital sales. In an attempt to gain sales in these segments, internet retailer Amazon launched Amazon Fresh in Los Angeles and San Francisco, which delivers grocery products on a daily basis to consumers. More recently, Amazon launched Amazon Prime Pantry, which consumers can use to deliver non-perishable goods. Amazon hopes consumers in large urban areas and small rural areas, where grocery stores are difficult to access, will utilize these services.

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June 15, 2014

General Mills and McDonald’s Partner to Create Healthier Happy Meals

Lianne van den BosAnalyst Insight by Lianne van den Bos - Food Analyst

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Is yoghurt really what children (or parents) are looking for in a McDonald’s Happy Meal? That is what General Mills and McDonald’s Corp are banking on as the pair prepare to launch Yoplait Go-Gurt as a side option in Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals. The benefits seem straightforward for both parties. McDonald’s gets to improve its public image by adding more ‘healthy’ options and General Mills gets to sell its yoghurt brand via an additional 14,000 locations across the US. The potential rewards are huge, particularly for General Mills, but why has it turned to the notoriously fickle foodservice channel and are there any downside risks?

Yoplait Losing Share in Its Key US Market

Despite the US being Yoplait’s biggest market, its sales continue on a downward trajectory which began in 2011, with the brand also losing its leading position to Chobani in 2013. The launch of children’s low-fat yoghurt with added vitamin D and calcium is a good strategic move for the company as it takes advantage of the latest on-the-go snacking trend while also positioning the product as a good source of bone health for children.

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June 13, 2014

Feeding the ‘Modisumer’: Giving Consumers Food That They Really Want

Lamine_LahouasniaAnalyst Insight by Lamine Lahouasnia - Head of Packaged Food Research

Whilst the term ‘modisumer’ may not necessarily be familiar to everyone, there are millions of them that lurk among us. From the friend that sprinkles muesli on to their yoghurt to the colleague that insists on fusing ketchup and mayonnaise to create their own special sauce, modisumers have become an increasingly important source of innovation for food brands worldwide. A phrase recently coined in South Korea, modisumer – a combination of the terms ‘modify’ and ‘consumer’ – has taken the country’s food industry by storm, but is the phenomenon really isolated to this part of the world, or is there something much more significant taking place?

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June 5, 2014

‘Ugly Fruit’ and Other Fashionable Consumer Thrift Solutions

Daphne KasrielAnalyst Insight by Daphne Kasriel-Alexander - Consumers Editor

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Collaborative consumption, also known as the sharing economy, has become something of a buzzword. However, the habit of selling on, buying pre-owned products, pooling resources, or renting something for a fixed period rather than buying it outright, is already commonplace among post-recessionary consumers. In mid-2014, the global consumer adeptness at thrift continues, as do creative green-tinged commercial solutions designed to appeal to the zeitgeist.

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Euromonitor to Speak at World Cocoa Conference 2014

ICCO-logoEvent Dates: 9-13 June 2014

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Event Description: With over 1,200 attendees and 65 speakers, the World Cocoa Conference, organised by the International Cocoa Organisation, is the industry’s must attend event. Bringing expert speakers from governments, chocolate companies and farms together, the four day agenda tackles the most important issues in cocoa production to date. The chosen theme for this edition is “Towards a Sustainable World Cocoa Economy: Mapping Progress along the Road”. Accordingly, the Conference will focus on taking stock of progress achieved since the recommendations issued at the highly successful First World Cocoa Conference that took place in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire in November 2012. The Conference participants will identify the opportunities and the constraints preventing the implementation of the recommendations, and determine indicators and timelines to map the process.

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June 4, 2014

Sound Bite: The Potential of Convenience Breakfast Foods

image from http://aviary.blob.core.windows.net/k-mr6i2hifk4wxt1dp-14013120/e0ff1a9d-324a-4cf8-8d38-a817a8f6a37a.png

EURO_NT_Pinar.Hosafci_LThumb_jpgWith Lamine Lahouasnia, Head of Packaged Food Research and Pinar Hosafci, Packaged Food Research Analyst 

Convenience breakfast foods are on the rise, with product types such as breakfast biscuits, cereal pods, yoghurt pods and breakfast drinks all hitting store shelves as a way for consumers to have breakfast without time constraints. Currently these products are limited to developed markets in North America and the Australasia region but the potential exists for the trend to spread to other countries where single household number is high.

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May 30, 2014

Protein Moves into the Mainstream in Packaged Food


High protein products are moving beyond sports drinks and supplements into mainstream packaged food, as evidenced by recent product launches. For instance, almost every major yogurt company manufactures a Greek-style yogurt that has more protein than their non-Greek counterparts do. Kraft recently launched a high-protein version of its Philadelphia cheese spread and Yoplait launched a high-protein yogurt targeting teenagers.

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