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June 24, 2015

Cycle of Greek Bailouts Fails to Tackle Long-Term Economic Malaise

Carrie_LennardAnalyst Insight by Carrie Lennard - Business Environment Manager

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At the time of writing, Greece’s negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) over its debt look in doubt, and there is the possibility that Greece may default on a €1.5 billion debt repayment installment due to be paid to the IMF on 30th June 2015. The potential default comes amid a host of long-term economic problems, which plague the country. Despite a series of bailout packages, Greece’s debt-to-GDP ratio stood at 177% in 2014, the second highest in the world after Japan. It has a cripplingly high unemployment rate at 26.6% of the economically active population in 2014, a youth unemployment rate which is the highest in the eurozone of 55.8% of the economically active youth population aged 15-24 in 2014 and a real GDP total decline of 22.0% from 2009-2014. These ongoing issues raise questions over the wisdom of continuing to burden Greece with debt while little is being done to address the underlying problems afflicting the Greek economy. In the context of a debt cycle, a default would at least allow Greece to start again.

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June 22, 2015

Greece in Charts


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With tensions mounting over the Greek debt crisis and Greece’s possible exit from the eurozone, we investigate the performance of the Greek economy since the recession. GDP and consumer expenditure have both plummeted; with spending on durable goods such as consumer electronics and appliances seeing the biggest impact. Low-income households have been most-affected and the gap between rich and poor in Greece is now the widest in the eurozone.

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June 16, 2015

A win-win for Hudson Bay Company and Metro AG But Challenges Exist

Michelle GrantAnalyst Comment by Michelle Grant - Head of Retailing Research

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Hudson Bay Company announced its purchase of the department store banner, Galeria Kaufhof, from Metro Group for Euro2.83 billion, including debt, on 15 June 2015.

Overall, this is a good move for Metro AG and Hudson Bay Company.  Kaufhof only accounted for 5% of Metro’s sales in a fading channel with sales by department stores in Germany expected to decline by 2.3% over the next five years.  The proceeds from the sale will help pay down debt, which in turn, should free up more resources to help Metro’s cash and carry and electronics businesses compete successfully in hypercompetitive markets.  Hudson Bay gets a strong asset in the German department store channel from which to launch its European operations with the financing of the deal coming from sales of the prime German real estate assets.  But the company does face an uphill challenge for sales growth due to a shift away from the department store channel in Germany and stiff competition from apparel and footwear specialists, such as H&M.  To spur growth for the Galeria Kaufhof banner, Hudson Bay will need to have a deep understanding of how Germans shop, execute well on a multi-channel retailing experience and stock merchandise at prices that can compete in a fierce competitive environment.

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June 11, 2015

Adris Grupa Sells Tobacco Unit to British American Tobacco


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On Saturday 30 May, 2015, Adris Groupa officially signed over their tobacco unit to British American Tobacco in one of the largest acquisitions in Croatian history.  This podcast examines the factors motivating the company to sell, the Croatian tobacco market, and the future trajectory of Adris Groupa.  Listen for complete insights.

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June 10, 2015

How can Nestle Recover from India's Maggi Noodles Lead Scare?


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The world’s leading food giant, Nestlé, is facing a food safety scandal in India over its popular Maggi noodles. In India, the Maggi brand is synonymous with noodles, and completely dominates instant noodles with 73% value share. Will Maggi be able to regain consumer confidence and continue its domination in India? Listen to this podcast for complete Insights.

Podcast features Manjunath Reddy - Research Analyst


WWDC 2015: Apple is Catching Up with Competition

Ryan TuttleAnalyst Insight by Ryan Tuttle - Research Associate

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Apple Inc held its annual Worldwide Developers Conference Keynote June 8, unveiling a bevy of new software updates. In this article, Euromonitor International examines the most important announcements to come out of WWDC 2015.


Source: Apple Inc 

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June 9, 2015

General Mills Sets Sights on China for Yoplait: is this Too Little, Too Late?

Raphael_MoreauAnalyst Insight by Raphael Moreau - Food Analyst

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General Mills began constructing a new plant in Eastern China and the group’s first research centre in the country in the second half of 2014. This was with a view to start producing Yoplait yoghurts in China by the end of 2015, under a US$15 million investment. While growth prospects for yoghurt sales remain promising, with more consumers attracted by functional pro/pre-biotic yoghurts’ health properties, is Yoplait likely to gain a strong competitive advantage as a late entrant against well-established local and international brands?

Late entrant facing powerful local players

Yoplait is mostly present in developed markets, with North America and Western Europe together accounting for over 80% of the brand’s sales in 2014, while Asia Pacific generated a paltry 3%. When General Mills acquired a majority stake in Yoplait from its previous owner, Sodiaal, in 2012, the group stated that bringing the brand to China was on the agenda. Already the world’s largest yoghurt market in 2014, China is forecast to generate over 40% of global absolute growth in value sales over 2014-2019. Per capita consumption is expected to rise from 4.0kg to 6.4kg over the same period, gradually closing the gap with Japan and South Korea, which stood at 11.8kg and 9.0kg respectively in 2014. Alongside other Asian markets, consumption of drinking yoghurt in China exceeds that of spoonable yoghurt, although the latter category is expected to continue recording stronger growth.

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June 3, 2015

Brown Forman Belatedly Joins the Irish Whiskey Rush with Slane Castle Acquisition

Jeremy_Cunnington0Analyst Insight by Jeremy Cunnington - Senior Alcoholic Drinks Analyst

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Like many of its international rivals Brown-Forman has moved into Irish whiskey with its US$50 million acquisition of the Slane Castle brand. Despite the historic dynamic growth of the category, something that is expected to continue in the future, the company is by no means guaranteed success and faces a number of major challenges to do so.

The major challenge will be to develop a brand almost from scratch in a highly competitive category. Due to Brown-Forman’s lateness to the category it missed out on the few relatively sizeable independent brands. It will thus have to compete against not only established brands, most notably Jameson which dominates the category it will have to compete against numerous start ups with over another 20 mainly small scale distilleries, excluding the Slane Castle one, either being built or having planning permission at the end of 2014.

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May 15, 2015

SAB Miller Enters the UK Craft Beer Market with Meantime Brewing Company Acquisition


SAB Miller recently announced its acquisition of London-based Meantime Brewing Company, fitting perfectly with the company’s strategy in Western Europe and the UK of focusing on premium, high-end products. The deal mirrors the 2011 Molson Coors acquisition of Sharp’s brewery, and SAB Miller will be looking for a similar uplift in volumes but it will have to be aware of the image of a multinational player owning a craft brewery.

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Visa Incorporated in Talks to Acquire Visa Europe


According to reports, Visa International is in talks to buy its subsidiary, Visa Europe.  A deal would benefit both companies, with Visa Europe bringing a sizable payment network to the already vast network of Visa International, and Western Europe is a growing region for card payments in its own right. With an acquisition, Visa could finally become a global network. 

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