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May 15, 2015

Visa Incorporated in Talks to Acquire Visa Europe


According to reports, Visa International is in talks to buy its subsidiary, Visa Europe.  A deal would benefit both companies, with Visa Europe bringing a sizable payment network to the already vast network of Visa International, and Western Europe is a growing region for card payments in its own right. With an acquisition, Visa could finally become a global network. 

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May 8, 2015

The Impact of the UK Election Results on the EU and the Consumer Goods Industry


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On May 7, the UK elected a Conservative majority, which leaves the future of the UK's membership in the EU uncertain.  This podcast discusses what could happen if the UK does withdraw from the EU in 2017 (a possibility being called a "Brexit," short for British Exit, in commenter parlance) across political, economic, and consumer goods perspectives.

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The UK Election: Now the Real Work Begins


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Notwithstanding David Cameron’s return to Downing Street, the impact of the UK economy’s return to growth remains to be felt by large swathes of consumers. Much of the growth has been driven by an increase in population, and as a result the figures look less positive when looked at in per capita terms. In particular, low productivity growth has meant that the reduction in unemployment has failed to lead to increases in per capita disposable income.



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April 30, 2015

Japan Tobacco Inc Fights to Stay Relevant


Analyst Insight by Eric Penicka - Research Analyst

Japan Tobacco Inc's (JTI) announcement Thursday, 30 April 2015, to acquire LOGIC Technology Development LLC should hardly come as a surprise: JTI has long been on the sidelines of the US tobacco market, representing less than 1% of cigarette volume sales in the US. With Lorillard Inc acquiring blu e-cigarettes in 2012 (now pending a divestiture to Imperial Tobacco Group) and Reynold American Inc and Altria Group nationally launching Vuse and MarkTen, respectively, in the US, JTI is indicating they have not folded on the US tobacco industry quite yet. By acquiring LOGIC e-cigarettes, JTI positions itself in the midst of their competitors, jockeying for market share in the world's largest vapour device market and also the fastest growing segment of tobacco in the US.

While clearly a strategic move, the acquisition could have negative repercussions for one of America's leading e-cigarette brands. LOGIC e-cigarettes can attribute some portion of their success to independence from the tobacco industry. Along with competitor NJOY Inc, LOGIC has been able to appeal to former cigarette users in a way traditional tobacco companies simply cannot. With no affiliation to traditional cigarettes, LOGIC and NJOY have been able to market themselves as wellness oriented companies whose goal is to assist cigarette users in quitting tobacco. If acting as a subsidiary of JTI, it is unclear how cigarette users hoping to quit will perceive LOGIC e-cigarettes.

April 28, 2015

The Economics of the UK Election


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After a deep and prolonged recession,  the UK economy has shown strong growth - outstripping many other major economies. However, much of this growth stems from a relatively fast-growing population. In per capita terms, growth has been less impressive. Added to which, government revenues have been disappointing, which has made reducing the deficit a more difficult task in a climate of austerity. Economic growth in the UK is forecast to decelerate from next year and the work of rebalancing the UK economy and placing it on a sustainable footing is far from over.

April 24, 2015

PepsiCo’s Q1: Promising Signs in a Global Soft Drinks Re-alignment

Howard TelfordAnalyst Insight by Howard Telford - Senior Beverages Analyst

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Yesterday, PepsiCo released its first quarter earnings report. Global company organic revenue grew by 4.4%, with beverages accounting for 1.5% of this top-line figure, trailing an impressive performance for the company’s Frito Lay snacks business. The company continued to enjoy volume growth in key emerging markets, despite weakness in Europe, although suffered from exposure to foreign currency volatility in international markets.

Last year, Euromonitor International put forward four recommendations to keep PepsiCo strong in the changing global environment for non-alcoholic beverages. What progress has the company made in addressing these concerns, based on its start to fiscal 2015?

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April 23, 2015

Key Takeaways from McDonald's Q1 Earnings Report

ElizabethFriendAnalyst Insight by Elizabeth Friend - Senior Consumer Foodservice Analyst

There were a few interesting things about McDonald’s earnings yesterday, but the key takeaway was negative. McDonald’s saw another 3% decline in global comps, traffic declines in all major segments, and as much as a 8% drop in comps in APMEA due to continuing struggles in Japan and China. Global fast food chains have been banking for years on emerging market growth reliably propping up less positive performances in the US, but McDonald’s is now facing difficulties on all fronts, with no immediately foreseeable way forward.

That said, McDonald’s also teased a big reveal for its turnaround strategy which is expected  to come on May 4th, something to which the stock market responded very positively. There has been speculation that the new plan could bank on delivery, greater participation in mobile ordering and payments, a broader roll-out of McDonalds’ new Create Your Taste platform, or more likely, some combination of the three. While a bold move like the latter does seem to be the kind of shift in strategy it may take to pull McDonald’s out of this slump, there are some very serious operational challenges that make it seem like it could result in trading one challenge for another.

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Kraft to Remove Artificial Colors and Preservatives from Macaroni and Cheese Product


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The new recipe will go into effect in January 2016 with color being supplied by natural extracts from paprika, annatto and turmeric. This change is indicative of a larger trend in packaged food in the US toward natural flavours and fewer additives.  Listen to the podcast for complete insights.

Podcast features Emily Balsamo - Research Associate

April 22, 2015

Analysing the Purchase of Iglo by Nomad Foods

This video examines why a frozen food brand was sold from one private equity group to another instead of to a food company. Pinar Hosafci discusses acquisition motivations including profit margins, retail environment and geography.

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April 3, 2015

Graying America: Cities that Are Ageing the Fastest

Audre BiciunaiteAnalyst Insight by Audre Biciunaite - Contributing Analyst

When it comes to demographics, the US has long been seen as a star performer among the developed countries. Although, like the rest of the world, the US is getting older, it is in a far better situation than many other advanced economies, particularly Western Europe and Japan. However, despite the relatively healthy national statistics, some of the America’s regions and cities are approaching a demographic crisis, with the size of their 65+ cohorts growing four to five times as fast as their working age populations.

In 2014, share of elderly population in the US was 14%. For comparison, the same figure in France was 18%, in Germany – 21%, in Japan – whooping 26%. The average for all developed countries that year was 18%. Hence, largely as a result of higher fertility rates and immigration, America’s population, while ageing, is nonetheless distinctly younger than other countries of similar development level.

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