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April 18, 2014

Nike Will Benefit from the 2014 FIFA World Cup Despite Adidas Sponsorship

Magdalena Kondejwith Magdalena Kondej - Head of Apparel and Footwear

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The 2014 World Cup in Brazil presents a huge opportunity for sportswear companies. Although Adidas is sponsoring the FIFA tournament, Nike is sponsoring more national teams, including Brazil. Due to the presence of Nike in the country during the world cup, it is expected Brazil will surpass Japan to become Nike’s third largest market in the next year. Overall, sportswear sales in Brazil are expected to grow by a massive 67 percent over the next five years. 

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April 17, 2014

Scenario Analysis of a Successful Modular Phone Project

MykolaGolovkoAnalyst Insight by Mykola Golovko - Senior Consumer Electronics Analyst

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On 15 April, Google Inc held its first of three planned developer conferences for Project Ara developers. The project is still in its early stages, with some of the most important issues set to be addressed in autumn 2014. The project timeline puts the phone’s launch in January 2015, but with things like regulatory and carrier certification, manufacturing and supply chain management, after market support, and OS support for a modular design still in the future, it is impossible to make any forecasts about the project’s commercial success and unit sales with any degree of certainty. What is clear is that any increase in ownership of modular phones will have an adverse effect on aggregate smartphone demand


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April 15, 2014

Diageo Makes Offer for Controlling Stake in United Spirits

Andy TivertonBrownAnalyst Insight  by Andy Tiverton-Brown - Head of Alcoholic Drinks and Company Analysis

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Diageo’s renewed offer to gain a controlling interest in United Spirits confirms its commitment to emerging markets, following a spate of acquisitions over the last 5 years securing access to local brands and all important routes to market. Initial results have been mixed, with sales in the six months to December 2013 softening below expectations, this however is part and parcel of operating in changeable immature markets, over the long term given demographics and economic development this has to be the right strategy.  

Diageo became the largest shareholder in United Sprits in 2012 acquiring a 28.8% stake, exerting considerable influence and gaining a controlling interest has long been anticipated. The attraction for Diageo is clear, by volume India is globally the second largest spirits market behind China and is forecast to experience a 3.5% CAGR between 2013 and 2018, accounting for over 15% of global volume growth. In Diageo’s key whisky category the argument is even more compelling, India is the world’s largest market by volume, almost four times larger than the US in second place. Granted, the vast majority of these sales comprise of low cost local whisky, but there is clear demand for higher value scotch and this will be realised as economic growth continues.  In 2013, only 5% of Indian households had an annual disposable income of over US$10,000, but this still equated to 74million, by 2025 this is predicted to increase to 195million.   

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April 14, 2014

The New African Order


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The Nigerian statistics office, recognised by the IMF, has recalculated Nigerian GDP and the economy is now 89% larger than it was previously stated. This makes it the 22nd largest economy in the world (measured in current market prices in US$) – compared to 37th pre-revision, and the largest economy in Africa – now 49% bigger than South Africa.

Total GDP in Nigeria Pre- and Post-revision: 2010-2013

Source: National Bureau of Statistics

Note: Data refer to GDP in current market prices. 2013 data are estimates.

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April 12, 2014

The B2B Market Attractiveness Index


The B2B Market Attractiveness Index is a must have for companies selling into multiple industries or geographies. Using Euromonitor’s framework will help businesses evaluate many different markets utilizing a systematic approach. Learn more about the B2B Market Attractiveness Index in this short video, featuring Indre Cesniene, Euromonitor's Head of Passport: Industrial Research.

Download our latest industrial whitepaper, "B2B Market Attractiveness Evaluation - How to Size Opportunities and Reduce Risk"

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April 9, 2014

Procter and Gamble Sells Pet Care Brands to Mars, Inc.

Procter and Gamble recently announced the sale of their pet care brands to Mars, Inc. The announcement is not a surprise as P&G’s global pet care shares have been declining due to recalls and weak performance in emerging markets. Mars will now have additional brands to market in its already diverse pet care portfolio.

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April 8, 2014

Copper Surplus Impacting Economies in Asia and Latin America


Copper prices have been trading at close to 25 percent below their 2011 peak due to a surplus. China’s economic slowdown is expected to impact copper demand as the country consumes 40 percent of the world’s supply and global copper production has increased as well. Chile, Peru and Australia rely on copper exports to China, and without China buying copper, it may weaken their economies.

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April 1, 2014

Passport and Research Monitor Finalists for Prestigious CODiE Awards

We are excited to announce that Passport and Research Monitor are finalists for the prestigious CODiE Awards from the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA).  The SIIA is the principal trade association for the software and digital content industries.


According to the SIIA, "during the past 28 years, the SIIA CODiE Awards have recognized more than 1,000 software and information companies for achieving excellence. The CODiE Awards remain the only peer-recognized program in the content, education, and software industries so each CODiE Award win serves as incredible market validation for a product’s innovation, vision, and overall industry impact."

Passport is nominated in the Best Business Intelligence/Analytics Solution category
Research Monitor is nominated in the Best Education Reference Solution category

The awards for education are announced on May 13 and for software on May 21. 

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March 26, 2014

What has Russia Won in Crimea?

Economic and Consumer Insight with Sarah Boumphrey

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So far the answer appears to be not a lot – Russia is already suffering from limited political and more substantial economic consequences from its decision to annex Crimea, which will escalate sharply if there is any further action in Ukraine. The timing – during a period of economic malaise in Russia -exacerbates the impact on the economy.

Limited Political Consequences

The EU and USA have issued sanctions against Russia but the extent of these sanctions (so far) is limited and they are unlikely to have any real impact on the economy. Russia has also been suspended from the G8 – a symbolic move.

The more important political impact is in terms of Russia’s own relationship with Ukraine. Russia has been keen to avoid Ukraine joining the EU, so much so that it offered a bailout of US$15 billion and cheaper access to fuel. Ukraine will now be receiving assistance from the IMF and will almost definitely fall under the sphere of influence of the West.  An EU Association Agreement may be Kiev’s consolation prize for its loss of Crimea. This at a time when Russia has been negotiating the creation of the Eurasian Union – an EU-style trading and political bloc - amongst its neighbours.

It is true that Putin’s popularity at home has increased as a result of his action in Crimea, but this seems unlikely to last in the face of mounting economic problems.

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March 18, 2014

Quiznos Bankruptcy is More Bad News For a Long-Suffering Chain

ElizabethFriendAnalyst Insight by Elizabeth Friend - Senior Consumer Foodservice Analyst

Quiznos chapter 11 bankruptcy filing came as no surprise to anyone, as the company has been on a long, slow decline since before the recession. Since 2007, the sandwich chain has fallen in the global foodservice brand rankings from 30th to 71st, shrunk from 5,100 outlets to 2,600, given up more than half of its global market share, and failed to see annual sales growth during a single year. The company has also been locked in conflict with franchisees, who have filed lawsuit after lawsuit alleging that the operator has been unfairly marking-up supply costs through approved vendors and simultaneously setting pricing and discount promotions, making it difficult to turn a profit.

Quiznos’ fall has come during a boom time for similar sandwich chains, including global leader Subway and up-and-comers like Potbelly Sandwich Works, Jimmy John’ Gourmet Sandwiches and Firehouse Subs. The former has found far-reaching success by growing aggressively in key markets, including Brazil, Russia, the UK, Mexico and France, and building a positioning based on a healthier menu, high value, and endless customisation. Subway has also been helped along by its low operating costs and streamlined franchise start-up model, making it easy for the operator to find international partners even in lower-income emerging markets. The others have been able to find success on a smaller, but similarly fast-growing scale by differentiating themselves with dining experience, higher quality ingredients, more exciting branding and in Jimmy John’s case, convenient delivery. Amidst all of these more efficient and more exciting brands, Quiznos has simply fallen behind, failing to differentiate itself now that toasted sandwiches are no longer a proprietary offering.

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