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July 18, 2014

Three Categories Driving Growth in Health and Wellness Soft Drinks

The health and wellness soft drinks industry is being driven by three main categories: bottled water, juice and ready-to-drink tea. There is a consumer shift in ready-to-drink bottled water towards the premium sector, with mineral water and natural spring water driving sales in this sector. For health and wellness juice, reducing sugar content has proved a successful strategy as consumers are increasingly concerned about their sugar intake. In healthy ready-to-drink teas, companies are tailoring the health benefits and tastes of their products to match consumer profiles and preferences in different areas of the world.

Join Diana Cowland at the Food Ingredients Global Summit on September 23-25 at etc Venues in London.

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July 9, 2014

Euromonitor to Speak at Beyond Beauty Paris 2014

Beyond Beauty

Date: 09-11 September, 2014

Location: Porte de Versailles - Paris, France

Conference: Beyond Beauty Events has become the specialist in efficient business meeting in the world of cosmetics and well-being. COSMEETING & CREATIVE Beauty Paris will gather for 3 days in one location, in September, the key players of the beauty industry: 500 exhibitors attracted 21 500 visitors in 2014, among which 44% international. CREATIVE Beauty Paris - Mix & Match global solutions for inspiring beauty brands. From ingredients to packaging, from formulation to the finished product, CREATIVE Beauty Paris is the largest international platform delivering full service solutions to brands for the design, launch or development of their product ranges.

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Major New Entrant to the Global Flavours Industry

Cathy BoyleAnalyst Insight by Cathy Boyle - Contributing Analyst

Since the Wild Flavors business was put up for sale earlier this year, there has been much speculation about its ultimate fate, with a series of companies suggested as potential suitors, including other flavour houses, more diversified ingredients businesses and private equity investors. All questions have now been answered with the news that the business has been snapped up by US ingredient and agricultural giant ADM for a sum of €2.3 billion (US$3 billion), the largest deal in the company’s 100-year plus history.


This is certainly a big change for an industry that has welcomed very few new faces over the past 10-20 years. Instead, the focus of the industry has been on market concentration, so much so that the top ten firms now account for 80% of global flavour sales. As a result, in the current environment, a bid from another of the top flavour houses would almost certainly have led to competition concerns but ADM’s entry to the market causes no such fuss from the regulators.

It will definitely generate more of a stir in the industry itself, however, as it brings an ingredients behemoth into direct competition with flavour and fragrance specialists such as Givaudan, Firmenich and IFF. Wild is already a strong competitor to these market leaders, generating annual flavour sales of over US$1 billion, and the backing of a company the size of ADM (which has annual revenues of almost US$90 billion) immediately enhances its position as a serious player. Much of Wild’s focus is on the beverage industry, where it is partner of choice for many formulators, and although the deal will have little major impact on its day-to-day operations, any investment from its new parent could help to boost its already strong reputation in flavour innovation.

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July 7, 2014

Hormel Acquiring Muscle Milk Highlights Importance of Protein Trend


Hormel’s acquisition of Muscle Milk manufacturer Cytosport is another in a series of ambitious moves by the company in recent years and highlights the importance of sports nutrition as a category of consumer health. The ready to drink protein segment will grow twice as fast as the overall sports nutrition category and massive opportunities exist outside of the US where this category is untapped. This could be the first of many acquisitions in sports nutrition as protein continues to be hot trend in packaged food and drink. 

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Nutrition Podcast Series: Attention Turning Away from Fat as an Ingredient


Lauren Bandy with Diana Cowland - Health and Wellness Analyst and Lauren Bandy - Packaged Food Analyst

A study by the University of Cambridge in April 2014 has put fat as an ingredient back in the media spotlight. The study shows that total saturated fat has no association with heart disease. While the scientific community has criticized the study, many consumers are now focusing on limiting sugar and increasing protein in their diet rather than focusing on fat consumption. This trend is leading to small growth in foods such as butter and reduced sugar packaged food and a small decline in reduced fat packaged food.

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Sugar Reduction in Food and Beverages

High-Protein Market Booming Globally, Creating Risk for Oversaturation

June 28, 2014

Euromonitor to Speak at Food Ingredients South America 2014

Fi South America_RGB

Event Dates: 5-7 August, 2014

Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Presentation Date:  Tuesday August 5th, 9:00 AM
Event Description: Be part the largest and most inspiring resource of food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical ingredients. With over 17 years of experience in this region, Fi South America is your opportunity to: Source the latest and most innovative ingredients which have been directly discovered in the heart of Latin America, Grow your business in one of the fastest growing markets with a large appetite for food, health and functional ingredients, Nurture your business relationships by meeting with the most important ingredients suppliers and buyers in the region.

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June 26, 2014

Euromonitor to Speak at 3rd ICIS European Surfactant Conference

ICIS_Logo_100HEvent Dates: 4-5 September 2014

Event Location: Berlin

About the event: Soaring energy costs, feedstock price volatility, competiton from Asia and North America, regulatory changes and impending deadlines regarding sustainability and CSPO have meant that the European surfactants industry has been through some significant changes and challenges in the past year. The challenges and opportunities for the surfactant industry will be discussed at the 3rd ICIS European Surfactants Conference in Berlin in a compact 1.5 day format.

Our presentation: 4 September, 2.30pm local time

Presentation Descrpition: In his presentation, John Madden, Euromonitor’s Global Head of Ingredients Research, will look at the European consumer behaviour in the beauty and personal care markets. He will offer an overview of the European beauty and personal care markets, with a focus on trends, challenges and key market drivers in Eastern and Western Europe. The presentation’s conclusion will explain what does this mean for surfactants.

Event Websiter: http://www.icisconference.com/EuropeanSurfactants

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June 20, 2014

Algae Offers Excellent Opportunities for Bread Manufacturers

Pinar HosafciAnalyst Insight by Pinar Hosafci - Food Analyst

View Pinar Hosafci's profile on LinkedIn

Seaweed is an important food source, especially in Asia. However, its use in baked goods is unheard of. With the recent discovery of brown algae as a replacement for salt, this situation could change. Algal ingredients can be particularly valuable in bread, which, according to Euromonitor International, accounted for 29% of global sodium chloride use in 2012. In addition, seaweed ingredients also fit well with the growing consumer demand for natural products, and help to lower blood pressure. A recent study also linked brown algae to a reduction in abdominal fat in humans. As governments struggle to bring down soaring obesity rates and manufacturers battle to rejuvenate tumbling bread sales, brown algae could offer the solution they both long for. But where will this work?

Algae's Formula for Success: The Merger of Income, Obesity and Sodium Intake

Globally, almost 90% of all salt consumed as an ingredient stems from packaged food. Some 35% of sodium chloride use derives from baked goods alone, of which bread accounts for the largest proportion. Given the sheer volume used in bread, any attempt to replace it with a viable alternative would make commercial sense. Brown algae is a viable alternative not only because it provides a sodium substitute but also because it fulfills a nutritional function. Algae powder has the potential to play a role in fighting obesity as well as helping to reduce cholesterol and manage blood sugar levels. However, extracting algae remains very costly and complex. According to the FAO, the estimated cost of algal production alone ranges from US$4-300 per kg of dry biomass, which is quite high given the fact that table salt retails for less than US$1 per kg. Therefore, its use will be primarily limited to high-income countries.

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May 30, 2014

Protein Moves into the Mainstream in Packaged Food


High protein products are moving beyond sports drinks and supplements into mainstream packaged food, as evidenced by recent product launches. For instance, almost every major yogurt company manufactures a Greek-style yogurt that has more protein than their non-Greek counterparts do. Kraft recently launched a high-protein version of its Philadelphia cheese spread and Yoplait launched a high-protein yogurt targeting teenagers.

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May 26, 2014

Euromonitor to Speak at Benefiq 2014


Event: Benefiq 2014: International Rendezvous on Health Ingredients

Dates: September 23-25, 2014

Location: Quebec City Convention Center, Quebec, Canada

Event Description: Renowned speakers will lecture on current hot topics, a broad range of health ingredients suppliers will showcase their products, innovative technologies will be presented, and business meetings and networking opportunities will abound.

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