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January 31, 2015

Lindt’s Failure to Sell Chocolate in Developing Markets is Gifting Revenues to Competitors

Jack SkellyAnalyst Insight by Jack Skelly - Research Analyst

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Few confectionery brands can rival the global reputation that Ferrero and Lindt possess. Ferrero Rocher and Lindor chocolate are seen as quality goods reserved for refined occasions and wealthier shoppers. This reputation is part of their success – they are seen as status symbols for people to aspire to purchasing, regardless of their price tags. While strong similarities exist between the two companies – 73% of all Lindt’s sales occur in categories where Ferrero is also present – there are serious differences in their strategic priorities, which can be explained using Euromonitor International’s Competitor Analytics tool.

Lindt Versus the Rest: Lindt's Positioning in Relation to Key Competitors



Note:In terms of high growth countries and categories, each company’s box is placed on the grid relative to the historic growth of countries/categories the company is present. For categories, the following thresholds are used: Low <3%, Mid 3-5.2%, High >5.2%, retail value market size growth 2008-13. For countries, the following thresholds are used Low <0.9%, Mid 0.9%-3.4%, High >3.4%, Real GDP growth 2008-13. Chocolate confectionery had 2.6% global growth, placing it in the bottom growth threshold relative to other FMCG industries.

Source: Euromonitor International (Competitor Analytics)

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January 30, 2015

Henkel and Hair Care: Reassessing Priorities in Western Europe

Oru_MohiuddinAnalyst Insight by Oru Mohuiddin - Senior Beauty and Personal Care Analyst

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It has been reported that Henkel intends to prioritise hair care in its beauty portfolio. This is hardly unexpected, since hair care is the company’s largest beauty category and is expected to be the second biggest growth driver for global beauty and personal care from 2013 and 2018. However, what does “prioritising hair care” actually entail and what must Henkel do to achieve this goal? An answer to these questions can be broken into three parts:

  1. Henkel first needs to determine which markets to prioritise in its home turf of Western Europe.

  2. Then it needs to identify prospective markets outside Western Europe to either enter or increase its presence

  3. Thirdly, assessing if an acquisition would help Henkel reach its goal of developing a greater presence in hair care. If so, who would make a good strategic fit?

This article focuses on the first part – exploring market opportunities for Henkel in Western Europe.

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January 28, 2015

Are Beauty Devices Changing the Rules in Skin Care?

Nicole_TyrimouAnalyst Insight by Nicole Tyrimou - Beauty and Personal Care Analyst

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While beauty devices have been part of the beauty market for some time – from hair dryers to straighteners and laser hair removal – it has only been in the past five years that the category has expanded into skin care. Increasing demand for more sophisticated offerings in skin care in mature markets as well as skin care’s great dependence on the gadget-loving Asia Pacific region has helped beauty devices garner more attention in skin care.

Facial cleansers – the entry-level category

The acquisition of Clarisonic by L’Oréal in 2011 cemented facial cleansing devices as the entry-level skin care category. With design based on the principle of the electric toothbrush, their popularity has grown for three key reasons. Their high-performance characteristics cater to consumers’ desire for greater efficacy and more specialised products in skin care. Their claims going beyond thorough cleansing to improving skin quality by reducing the appearance of pores and skin tone adds value for consumers. Lastly, the major media buzz and beauty bloggers’ endorsements of facial cleaners have elevated their image to a “fashionable” or even “cult” beauty product for beauty enthusiasts.

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January 27, 2015

Top 100 City Destinations Ranking


Euromonitor International is pleased to release its annual Top City Destinations Ranking, covering 100 of the world’s leading cities in terms of international tourist arrivals. The continuing increase in arrivals to these cities illustrates their economic strength, as well as the sustained importance of urban centres to global tourism, both business and leisure. In fact, these cities combined grew by 5.4% in 2013 –higher than the 4.8% growth experienced by overall international arrivals.

Interested in global travel trends? Download The WTM Global Trends Report now!


Asian cities account for a third of the most visited cities

Over a third of all destinations are located in the Asian Pacific region, illustrating strong regional travel trends within Asia, as well as the growing connections throughout the region. Within the top 10, six of the leading cities are from Asia, with the top three remaining unchanged from last year – Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok. These three Asian mega-cities serve as some of the top destinations for Chinese travellers as well as being air network hubs. Bangkok showed the strongest growth among the top 10 cities, up 10.4% from 2012 to reach 17.4 million arrivals, despite political unrest breaking out at the end of the year. Chinese visitors are key to Thailand’s booming arrivals, with close links between the countries as well as efficient and short transport connections.

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Estimating Category Leaders in FMCG Industries

Virgilijus NaruseviciusAnalyst Insight by Virgilijus Narusevicius - Senior Data Scientist

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In this article, we have attempted to characterise category leaders across FMCG industries and the typical market shares they achieve. “Category leader” is generally a highly coveted status as it allows price-setting power and a better ability to influence category trends, enables economies of scale and implies a better bargaining power over retailers and suppliers. It also suggests that the company is doing many things right and it is thus rather common to benchmark against the category leaders and study their past strategies. However, category leader shares vary between industries and a successful company in one industry may differ from another.


Figure 1: Average Category Leader Share across FMCG Industries



Source: Euromonitor International

Note:  Retail value sales

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January 26, 2015

How will the World’s Largest Emerging Market Economies Fare in 2015?

Sarah-B-Banner View Sarah Boumphrey's profile on LinkedIn


Large emerging market economies will experience mixed fortunes in 2015. Russia is the standout performer, for all the wrong reasons. Much of their success is likely to boil down to their macro-economic fundamentals and reform programmes, with those with large current account deficits on the whole more vulnerable than those without. A key theme for the year will be policy reform with India and Indonesia making a strong start, Mexico is in the midst of a reform programme and even the Brazilian government is beginning to move away from unorthodox policy to a more pragmatic approach.

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January 23, 2015

Three Key Drivers for Innovation in Beauty in 2015

Nicole_TyrimouAnalyst Insight by Nicole Tyrimou - Beauty and Personal Care Analyst

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With the new year underway, it is time to reflect back on the most important innovation drivers which influenced the beauty market in 2014 and are expected to dominate new product development for the industry in the coming months; namely product customisation, internet-born brands and Asia’s impact on beauty innovation.

Customisation in beauty continues to drive innovation

Customisation has already been a prevailing trend for the industry during the last several years, driven by a greater demand for higher-efficacy alternatives and more personalised offerings; from completely bespoke skin care and foundation, to products that target specific consumer groups (men, children, over 60s) and those that promote specialised functions (for eyes or neck, for example) and concern-based solutions. 

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January 21, 2015

New Year, New Diet: How to Connect with the Weight-Conscious Consumer


New Year’s weight-loss resolutions might last, but only for some

In early January of each year, millions of consumers resolve to lose weight or improve their eating habits. Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions do not always last for more than a few weeks and by Valentine’s Day many will have already returned to their usual eating habits. However, some consumers with particularly strong will power are able to successfully follow a weight-loss diet, whether all the time or as-needed throughout the year. Others choose to actively monitor what they eat from day to day in order to maintain a consistent number on the scale.

To better understand the weight-conscious consumer, Euromonitor International reached out to 16,300 online consumers in nine markets in the 2013 Global Consumer Trends survey. This article examines who these consumers are, how dieters differ from weight ‘maintainers’, and how marketers can target both groups more effectively.

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World’s Multi-million Dollar Liquid Concentrates Brands

Hope.LeeAnalyst Insight by Hope Lee - Senior Beverages Analyst

For years, liquid concentrates, worth around US$9 billion by retail value in 2014, seemed a neglected small category in the vast soft drinks market, and analysts once wondered if there was any glimpse of life and thought further investments might be questionable. The fact that there is no single brand in liquid concentrates reaching the billion dollar sales mark means the interest of manufacturers is exceedingly lacklustre. However, the economic slowdown or outright recession in some developed markets and new product development seemed to revive the category – the expansion of SodaStream and Kraft’s MiO and the ongoing popularity of Robinsons and Teisseire has put liquid concentrates back in the spotlight again. Some consumers who traded down to liquid concentrates when they were short of cash may well stay within the category, even when their income bounces back. Euromonitor International’s latest data show that the global off-trade volume sales increased by around 3% in 2014, and the category is expected to generate net growth of over US$900 million in 2014-2019. This figure does not seem to offer massive business opportunities compared to juices and energy drinks, but it is still worth looking at where the growth areas are and the state of play of the major companies.

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January 19, 2015

Top Industry Trends for 2015

Euromonitor International's research teams share their analysis and forecasts for 2015. Watch the video to discover key predictions across all areas of Euromonitor International's research.

For more information about key trends in 2015, download our whitepaper, "Top 10 Consumer Trends for 2015".

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