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June 12, 2014

The New Normal for Coffee Machines

Coffee Machine Extract - Sample Slide

The coffee machine market is entering a new normal. Pod coffee machines in North America and Western Europe are a consolidated reality and globally, premiumisation is over. 20% of growth in pod coffee machines now comes from non-traditional coffee drinking markets. In the US, new premium entrants must face Keurig’s undisputed leadership. In Western Europe it is now time for open brewing systems to go premium, leveraging the individuality and localisation trends driving value in foodservice.

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June 10, 2014

Asian Health and Wellness Trends in Food and Beverages

Asia saw strong double digit growth in medical health in 2011 and consumers are increasingly aware that “Prevention is better than cure.”  Therefore, consumers are beginning to make lifestyle choices through exercising and the way they eat and drink in order to stay healthy. Together with all the other factors which I have just mentioned, consumers are taking health eating and drinking as an approach to reduce the demand for expensive health care and high medical costs in the future.Asia-health-giveaway

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Ambiente de Consumidores e de Negócios do Brasil: Crescimento Futuro, Perfis das Cidades e Impacto da Copa do Mundo de 2014

300_portuguese_brazilWorldCup-v1.0Com a chegada da Copa do Mundo, o Brasil tem observado os aumentos previstos em empregos, vendas dos serviços de alimentação e turismo. Mais 3,63 milhões de empregos foram criados para oferecer suporte à demanda de negócios, as vendas dos serviços de alimentação deverão crescer 5,9% e espera-se que as chegadas internacionais aumentem 10,1%, totalizando 6,5 milhões em 2014. Baixe-a-Cópia

No entanto, muitas empresas estão interessadas em explorar o mercado de consumidores do Brasil após a Copa do Mundo. De acordo com a previsão da Euromonitor International, o Brasil se tornará o quinto maior mercado consumidor do mundo em 2023, com os gastos totais dos consumidores chegando a US$ 2,7 trilhões em 2030.


Liderando a expansão de longo prazo do mercado brasileiro está o rápido crescimento da classe média, a predominância de população urbana e a tendência do consumidor brasileiro a usufruir um alto nível de gastos discricionários. Os consumidores brasileiros preferem viver o momento presente, gastar grandes quantidades de dinheiro em todas as categorias e, portanto, estão mais dispostos a fazer empréstimos e obter linhas de crédito para suas compras.

“O Brasil é um mercado de negócios lucrativo para as empresas explorar, não apenas por causa do impacto atual da Copa do Mundo”, afirma Marcel Motta, Diretor-Geral da Euromonitor International em São Paulo. “No entanto, para causar um impacto significativo de longo prazo no mercado, as empresas precisam entender sobre a economia, o estilo de vida e as cidades do país. Nosso e-book ajuda as empresas a ter uma prévia sobre o que torna o Brasil exclusivo e oferece insight sobre o desempenho dos negócios do país.”

Brazil's Business and Consumer Environment: Future Growth, City Profiles and the Impact of the 2014 World Cup

300_brazilWorldCup-v1.0As the World Cup approaches, Brazil has seen forecasted increases in jobs, foodservice sales and tourism.  Over 3.63 million jobs have been created to support business demand, foodservice sales are expected to grow 5.9% and international arrivals are expected to increase by 10.1% to total 6.5 million in 2014.

However, many businesses are interested in tapping into Brazil’s consumer market beyond the World Cup. According to Euromonitor International forecasts, Brazil will become the world’s fifth largest consumer market in 2023, with total consumer expenditure reaching US $2.7 trillion in 2030. 

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Leading the long-term expansion of the Brazilian market is the rapid growth of the middle class, predominant urban population and the Brazilian consumer’s tendency to enjoy a high level of discretionary spending.  Brazilian consumers prefer to live in the present, spending larger sums of money across all categories and therefore are more willing to take up loans and credit for their purchases.

“Brazil is a lucrative business market for companies to target, and not just because of the current impact of the World Cup,” said Euromonitor International’s Sao Paulo Country Manager, Marcel Motta.  “However, to have a significant long-term impact on the market, businesses must understand the country’s economics, lifestyle and cities.  Our e-book helps businesses get a glimpse into what makes Brazil unique and offers insight on the country’s business performance.”

June 3, 2014

New 2013 Toys and Games Data Published

Tous and Games 2014 data giveaway

Traditional toys and games and video games performed well in 2013 with each segment recording about 4% growth and 2014 will be a record year for global growth overall. In the next five years, Euromonitor expects China to be the fastest growing market for toys and games with a projected value growth of over 9%.

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Meat Reduction on the Rise in Developed Markets

EMI Presentation for VIV EUROPE_20May2014 Extract

In highly developed consumer markets, the drive towards meat reduction, rather than a switch to outright vegetarianism, is already in evidence. This trend, also popularly referred to as “flexitarianism”, is being driven by four key concerns - health and wellness, animal welfare, environmental issues and tight finances. Euromonitor fresh food data show that over 2008-2013 fresh meat volumes declined by 2% in North America and remained stagnant in Western Europe.

Download an extract from"Fresh Meat, Eggs and Seafood”  presented at VIV Europe 2014 on 20th May by Anastasia Alieva, Head of Fresh Food Research at Euromonitor International.

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May 27, 2014

Key Findings in Tobacco for 2014


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May 20, 2014

Universal Design: Home Care Products for Ageing Populations

Tim BarrettIn May 2014, Euromonitor Research Analyst Tim Barrett presented on designing home care products for the global ageing population at CSPA Innovention.

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The CSPA InnoVention Conference, hosted from May 6-7 in Chicago at the Downtown Marriott, is an annual showcase of product trends and development surrounding the home care market. It brings together international players from different backgrounds including manufacturers, retailers, ingredient producers and market experts. Euromonitor International US Research Analyst Tim Barrett was pleased to present there, bringing to light some important packaging trends within home care, with a special focus on universal design.

Read Tim's summary of trends at the event CSPA-Slide

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May 19, 2014

Global Consumer Foodservice Sales Grow 4.6% in 2013

Michael SchaeferAnalyst Insight by Michael Schaefer - Head of Consumer Foodservice

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Global consumer foodservice value increased over 4.6% in 2013, with over US$2.6 trillion dollars in sales.   The Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific led compound annual growth from 2008-2013 with 10.7% and 6.6% respectively.  All regions saw growth over this period except for Western Europe, which saw a decline of 1.4%.

The importance of emerging market demand continues to grow, even in a challenging macroeconomic environment, yet competition is expanding fast, and consumer demand in key markets grows more sophisticated all the time. Emerging and developed markets now account for 13 of the top 20 largest foodservice markets in value terms.  Some of these markets include China, Brazil, India, Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey and Argentina, with China now the world’s largest foodservice market with over US$510 billion dollars in sales in 2013.

In 2013, Starbucks, the fifth largest foodservice company, led the top ten with global growth of 9.6% and over US $17.3 billion dollars in sales.  Among the top 10 chains, all but two experienced growth in the 2012-2013 year. Fast food and coffee shops are still the categories of choice for global chains. Global consumers will continue to demand affordable convenience in an engaging environment.

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May 13, 2014

The Global Later Lifers Market: How the Over 60s Are Coming into Their Own

In 2013, the highest number of Later Lifers lived in Asia Pacific with 486 million residents over 60 years old.  China is the most rapidly growing ageing population and it is forecasted to increase by over 32% between 2012 and 2020.  While China has the largest Later Lifer population, Japan has the oldest, with 33% of the population over 60 years old. 

Later Lifers fall into two clear categories in regards to health: healthy and active or unwell and reliant on care.  In many countries around the globe, out of pocket healthcare costs are rising sharply, which is having a significant impact on access to medical attention for lower income Later Lifers.  Many Later Lifers are concerned with maintaining physical health, keeping an active social life through friends and family and optimizing their leisure time with hobbies. 

Identifying the Over 60 Consumer

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