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March 3, 2015

The Colour of a Dress and Milan's Catwalks Illuminate Online/Real World Convergence

Daphne KasrielAnalyst Insight by Daphne Kasriel-Alexander - Consumer Trends Consultant

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Who would have thought that a posting on the colour of a dress worn to a wedding in Scotland, asking whether it was blue and black or white and gold, would spread like wildfire over social networks, engaging close to 30 million people within a matter of days. It polarized consumers and led to extended discussions on perception which broke traffic records on Buzzfeed and Tumblr and got twitterers tweeting with relish. Real world sales of the dress have soared.  Buoyed by simplicity and universality, this ‘debate’  “definitely felt like a special thing” said Buzzfeed’s editor in chief, Ben Smith. “It sort of erased the line between web culture and real culture”. Milan's Autumn/Winter 2015 catwalks too have been featuring symbols saluting the importance of things digital with fashion businesses switching their haute couture launches to the virtual world.

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March 2, 2015

Euromonitor to Partner with WWD Digital Forum: London 2015


Euromonitor International is pleased to partner with WWD Digital Forum: London Thursday April 30, 2015 from 8:00am - 5:30pm in London (UK).

The connected world has necessitated a new approach to digital marketing and omnichannel retailing. Brands and retailers are adapting with more sophisticated storytelling and new strategies to capture online and offline customers.

Hear new trends and actionable insight from global industry leaders at the 2015 WWD Digital Forum in London on April 30th. Curated by WWD exclusively for fashion, footwear, beauty and retail industry executives featuring the latest creative solutions in social, mobile and e-commerce from around the world. 

Request a copy of the Euromonitor International report, Internet vs. Store-BasedShopping: The Global Move Toward Omnichannel Retailingto learn more about the move to the omnichannel experience

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Q&A: First Steps to Success in Emerging Markets


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My recent webinar “First Steps to Success in Emerging Markets” explored the vital factors for consideration when selecting new country markets. These are framed by our four pillar model: Market, Population, Access and Business Environment; which brings methodological clarity to the market selection process.  Attracting more than 300 attendees, the webinar ended with a thought-provoking Q&A session. Highlights of which are below.

How do you rate Cuba as a prospective market?

Cuba has been identified by Euromonitor as a “Consumer Market of the Future”, even before the thaw with the US. It has some demographic challenges – a relatively old population in slow decline, low average incomes and weak infrastructure - but it also has growth potential for fast-moving-consumer goods – tailored to suit local tastes. Yet competition already exists from Chinese companies and Spanish, as well as home-grown. Also tackling issues like a lack of brand awareness and a culture unused, or unaccepting of commercialism, means it’s not without its challenges. Although the US embargo has not yet been lifted, the time might be right to re-evaluate Cuba’s potential as a consumer market.

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February 26, 2015

Organic and On-the-Go, Recipes for Soup's Recovery?

Raphael_MoreauAnalyst Insight by Raphael Moreau - Food Analyst

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With the launch of an organic soup range under the Campbell’s brand in the US in February, Campbell Soup Co is seeking to focus on premium soup, moving away from its core ranges of canned/preserved soup, and attempting to appeal to a younger audience. Almost concurrently, under its Plum Organics brand, the group also introduced an organic soup range, adopting a similar strategy to other baby food manufacturers in extending its reach beyond baby food and into children’s food to widen its target audience.

As the two organic ranges, already announced in August and October 2014, respectively, were introduced almost simultaneously in February 2015, they may struggle to each succeed in establishing their presence in their adjacent niches. The Plum Organics brand may also suffer from too much diversification, which could result in further dilution of its image, until recently rooted in baby food.

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Euromonitor to Speak at Tissue World Barcelona 2015

TissueWorldBarcelonaEvent Name: Tissue World Barcelona

Dates: 17-19 March, 2015

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Event Description: Tissue World Barcelona is the world’s largest show specifically for the tissue business. It gives tissue makers, converters and suppliers to the tissue making and converting industries a unique experience and opportunity to  network, exchange ideas and learn. A truly global event, the show attracts key tissue industry professionals from across the world who gather in Barcelona to see what is on offer and to learn about technological advancements in tissue manufacturing. Tissue World also focuses on product innovation and sustainability and provides valuable content for buyers and decision makers who attend the event.

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February 25, 2015

Higher Education Rising Globally

A rising population with higher education goes hand-in-hand with a shift toward more sophisticated job sectors. This, in turn, drives rising levels of disposable income. This video examine causation, trends and specific markets experiencing the highest growth rates in consumers pursuing advanced degrees.

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February 23, 2015

Macro Model Quarterly Forecast Update, 2015 Q1

Daniel SolomonAnalyst Insight by Daniel Solomon - Economist

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The global economic outlook for 2015-2016 presents a mixed picture. The Eurozone’s recovery remains weak, with Italy re-entering a recession at the end of 2014 and slower than expected growth in Germany and France.  Eurozone growth is expected to reach 1.1% in 2015 and 1.6% in 2016. Japan’s economy is expected to barely grow by 0.3% in 2015 after entering a technical recession in the 3rd quarter of 2014. The US and the UK are expected to continue their relatively strong expansion in 2015, with GDP growth of 3.3% and 2.5% respectively.

China is expected to slow down towards an average growth rate of 6% in 2017-2021. India is expected to rebound in 2015-2016 towards an annual growth rate of 6.4% in 2017-2021. Meanwhile our outlook for Brazil has worsened yet again with 0.5% growth in 2015, followed by below average growth of 1.7% in 2016. Russia is now expected to spend 2015-2016 in recession with output falling by 3.8% in 2015 and by another 0.4% in 2016, and the risks are heavily tilted to the downside.

In the rest of this report, we take a closer look at the economies of the US, Eurozone, China, Japan, Russia and the UK. In this report, we have also started to publish long term potential growth rate forecasts for 2022-2030.

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February 22, 2015

Can Expo 2015 Feed the Economic Recovery in Europe?


With the theme ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’, Nutrition will be the central focus at Expo 2015, the world exhibition that will take place in Milan from May to October 2015. The event will see pavilions organised by more than 145 countries together with international organisations and corporate entities exhibiting new ideas and projects themed around food sustainability and nutrition. The event, thanks to its scope and size, represents an opportunity both for Milan and for the broader European economy.

The previous edition of the event was held in Shanghai in 2010. The legacy for China was that the event boosted the international visibility of the country and changed the perception of China from being just the “workshop” of the world and showed that among Chinese consumers there is a sizeable middle-to-affluent class capable of turning China into an export market for foreign goods.

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February 21, 2015

Trendy kształtujące spożywczy handel detaliczny w Polsce


Odsłuchaj nagrania mp3

W nagraniu omawiane są przyczyny, dlaczego właśnie dyskonty są najsilniejszym segmentem w spożywczym rynku handlowym, które ze sklepów oprócz dyskontów rozwijają sią najszybciej oraz rozwój internetowej sprzedaży artykułów spożywczych. Posłuchaj pełnej treści podcastu.

Tagi: Joana Sokolnik, analityk rynkowy

February 20, 2015

The UK Becomes the Latest Country to Allow Driverless Cars on Public Roads

Neil-KingAnalyst Insight by Neil King - Automotive Analyst

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Following in the tracks of Japan, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and four US states (California, Florida, Nevada and Michigan), driverless cars can now be tested on public roads in the UK. The UK government has set aside £19 million for four pilot schemes to aid the development of the technology although, according to a BBC article on February 11, “a "test driver" must be responsible for any automated car until the technology matures.” For this testing phase at least then, critical questions such as who is to blame if a driverless car is involved in an accident or commits a traffic violation - exceeding the speed limit or going through a red light for example – are answered. The upshot is that the UK government estimates that driverless car technology will be an industry worth £900 billion by 2025 and is therefore seeking to be a key player, attracting investment in the country and its automotive industry in the process. Additionally, governments have vested interests in supporting the development of automated car technology as it promises to deliver some game-changing non-monetary benefits for broader society.

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