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April 17, 2014

Western European Phosphate Ban to Reward Innovative Formulations

Anaïs_MirvalAnalyst Insight by Anais Mirval - Ingredients Analyst

The 2010 phosphate ban in North America forced manufacturers of automatic dishwashing detergents to move away from sodium triphosphate, and this has not been without consequences. The performance of automatic dishwashing products has declined and the habit of using cheap automatic dishwashing powders and liquids is very much alive. Consumers are trading down while also adding automatic dishwashing additives to their shopping trolleys.

However, the impact of the 2017 phosphate ban in Western Europe could take another direction. With a wide range of new performing builders now available on the market, Western Europeans may not trade down and sales of automatic dishwashing detergents could even increase. Thus, glutamic acid diacetic acid tetrasodium salt (GLDA), methylglycine diacetic acid trisodium salt (MGDA) and trisodium citrates (TSC, TSA) are very much in line to benefit the most from the ban, even though product manufacturers remain sceptical about the potential of newly developed ingredients. 

Consumption of Automatic Dishwashing Detergents

Source: Euromonitor International

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The EU’s Investment Black Hole

Economic and Consumer Insight with Sarah Boumphrey

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Declining  Gross Fixed Capital Investment Across the EU

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Between 2008 and 2013 Gross Fixed Capital Formation (GFCF) declined in all EU member states. The largest single decline was in Greece, where GFCF was €36 billion less in 2013 than it was in 2008 (in 2013 prices). Yet in terms of importance to GDP, GFCF contributes the least to GDP in Ireland. GFCF, which is a measure of investment, is important as it lays the foundations for future economic growth.

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April 16, 2014

El consumidor español se interesa por el bricolaje

EURO_NT_Cruz.DelBarrio_LThumbWith Cruz del Barrio, Head of Home and Garden Research

 La crisis ha cambiado el panorama del bricolaje en España. En el pasado, la gente contrataba "manitas", albañiles y pintores para las obras en casa. Desde que comenzó la crisis, los consumidores españoles se han vuelto especialmente sensibles a los precios y una especie de fiebre del "hágalo usted mismo" recorre el país. A pesar de estos factores, el mercado del bricolaje sigue sin registrar un crecimiento positivo, aunque la caída en 2013 fue ligeramente menor que la de 2012.

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Changing Consumer Attitudes Towards Home Improvement in Spain

EURO_NT_Cruz.DelBarrio_LThumbWith Cruz del Barrio, Head of Home and Garden Research

The economic crisis has changed the landscape of the home and garden market in Spain. In the past, consumers would hire handymen, decorators and builders for their home improvement needs. Since the crisis, consumers in Spain have become increasingly price sensitive and a do-it-yourself attitude has swept the country. Despite the changing spending habits, the home and garden market has yet to see positive growth, however the declines in 2013 was slightly less than in 2012. 

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April 15, 2014

Euromonitor to Speak at Vitafoods Europe 2014

Vitafoods europeEvent Name: Vitafoods Europe

Date: 6-8 May, 2014

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Event Description: Vitafoods Europe is the leading ingredients and raw materials event for the nutraceutical, dietary supplements and functional food and drinks industries. It's the key place to meet over 700 exhibiting companies, source ingredient solutions, develop product solutions and network with your peers.


Diana.cowland Diana Cowland, Senior Health and Wellness Analyst, will give two presentations

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Diageo Makes Offer for Controlling Stake in United Spirits

Andy TivertonBrownAnalyst Insight  by Andy Tiverton-Brown - Head of Alcoholic Drinks and Company Analysis

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Diageo’s renewed offer to gain a controlling interest in United Spirits confirms its commitment to emerging markets, following a spate of acquisitions over the last 5 years securing access to local brands and all important routes to market. Initial results have been mixed, with sales in the six months to December 2013 softening below expectations, this however is part and parcel of operating in changeable immature markets, over the long term given demographics and economic development this has to be the right strategy.  

Diageo became the largest shareholder in United Sprits in 2012 acquiring a 28.8% stake, exerting considerable influence and gaining a controlling interest has long been anticipated. The attraction for Diageo is clear, by volume India is globally the second largest spirits market behind China and is forecast to experience a 3.5% CAGR between 2013 and 2018, accounting for over 15% of global volume growth. In Diageo’s key whisky category the argument is even more compelling, India is the world’s largest market by volume, almost four times larger than the US in second place. Granted, the vast majority of these sales comprise of low cost local whisky, but there is clear demand for higher value scotch and this will be realised as economic growth continues.  In 2013, only 5% of Indian households had an annual disposable income of over US$10,000, but this still equated to 74million, by 2025 this is predicted to increase to 195million.   

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April 14, 2014

Euromonitor to Speak at VIV Europe 2014

Viv logo rgbVIV Europe 2014

Date: 20-22 May 2014

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

Presentation: Tuesday 20 May at 11.10 am CET, Opening Conference

Anastasia Alieva, Head of Fresh Food Research at Euromonitor International, will offer a presentation on the global fresh meat, seafood and egg market with a special focus on Western Europe. The presentation will highlight current consumer demand, trends and projections for the next five years, both on a global and regional level.

Conference: VIV is the global brand of trade shows, conferences and events based on the 'Feed to Meat' supply chain. Active since over 30 years, VIV Europe will be the platform where international decision makers operating in the meat production sector can discuss future trends and consumer needs. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, in a time showing growing interest in animal welfare and food safety, the event will attract over 20,000 key players from 140 countries. Six hundred exhibitors from 45 countries have their latest products ready for the show.

For more information and to register please click HERE http://www.viveurope.nl/en/Bezoeker/About%20VIV/Concept.aspx

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April 13, 2014

Euromonitor to Speak at Caffe Culture Show 2014

CC_2014_Show_Final Logo_Navy_RGB

Event Name: Caffè Culture Show

Date: May 14-15, 2014

Location: Olympia London, UK

Event Description: Now in its 9th year, Caffè Culture Show remains the only event in the UK dedicated to the café industry which will introduce you to the exciting new suppliers of those all-important products to set you apart and drive customers through your doors.

Our seminar sessions will help you learn more about boosting profitability and the 230+ exhibitors will help you make sure you’re offering the products your customers want. From the larger well-known brands to independent artisan producers, we have everything you need to make your business the best it can be.

Whether you are looking to take advantage of the ever-growing café boom by opening a new operation, are already a successful business looking for new ideas or looking to add a quality coffee offering to your pub, hotel or restaurant, this is the event for you.

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Untapped Potential in the Coffee Machine Business: Italy

Lorenza_DellaSantaAnalyst Insight by Lorenza Della-Santa - Senior Consumer Appliances Analyst

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Italy is still generally considered synonymous with proper espresso coffee, cappuccino and macchiato. After all, this is where these drinks were invented. Yet, the country ranks just sixth in Western Europe for sales of coffee machines. More interestingly, consumers in Spain and Portugal, and even in Greece, are showing a much higher propensity to buy expensive pod coffee machines than in Italy, and this is despite Italians drinking more fresh coffee than their Southern European counterparts on average.

Fresh Coffee Consumption vs Coffee Machine Sales: 2013

Source: Euromonitor International

Note: Bubble size shows the total value size of coffee machines in 2013. Range displayed 8 - 1,251 US$ million

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April 12, 2014

Blueberries the Most Dynamic Fruit in 2013

Simone_BarokeAnalyst Insight by Simone Baroke - Contributing Analyst

Blueberries’ exceptional consumer appeal made them the fastest-growing fruit of 2013, and there is no end in sight for their ardent growth trajectory. Blueberries have a number of coveted characteristics which make them superior to other types of fruit, including a good shelf life, convenience and superfruit status. Strawberries, cherries and grapes may, to date, be more popular in terms of volumes sold, but blueberries have excellent potential for catching up. High price points are still an issue, although this may soon be resolved as producers are making a concerted effort to boost supplies.

Blueberries Have What it Takes

Fresh cranberries/blueberries delivered an outstanding performance in 2013 as the fastest-growing fruit category in volume terms globally. With a growth rate of 9%, the category not only managed to double the gain achieved the previous year but also clocked up triple the growth mustered by fresh fruit overall.

There is no arguing that blueberries are the perfect berry snack. Compared to other popular berries, like strawberries and raspberries, which are highly “squish prone”, blueberries have a long shelf life. Besides washing, they need no further preparation before being consumed. From the consumer’s point of view, in terms of consumption convenience and durability, blueberries are on a par with grapes, which lack the coveted “superfruit” status.

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