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October 4, 2014

The Relationship Between Fashion and Beauty

Fashion brands are increasingly interested in expanding their beauty offerings beyond fragrances in an effort to both provide a more accessible entry price point for consumers reluctant to spend on luxury apparel and accessories and to expand market share through additional offerings in established markets. While some brands have been successful with this approach, others have seen their beauty offerings fall by the wayside.

Nicole_TyrimouVideo features Nicole Tyrimou - Beauty and Personal Care Analyst

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October 3, 2014

The Impact of Russia’s Sanctions on Global Beauty Players

Ildiko-SzalaiAnalyst Insight by Ildiko Szalai - Senior Beauty and Personal Care Analyst

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Thus far, Russia has not introduced direct sanctions against any multinational beauty players or their products, but the ongoing tense geo-political situation in Russia and the Ukraine is expected to negatively impact a number of companies’ performances in 2014 and beyond. Category growth prospects are also expected to be dented in the short-to-medium-term future in Eastern Europe’s largest and third-largest markets, Russia and the Ukraine, respectively. Companies with significant operations in Russia, such as L’Oréal, Unilever and Oriflame, have already announced plans to mitigate the unstable environment; however, the full impact of the situation is largely out of their control.

Top 12 Beauty Companies’ Performance in Russia – 2008-2013

Source: Euromonitor International

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Event Recap: In Cosmetics in Brazil

Marcela VianaAnalyst Insight by Marcela Viana, Research Analyst, Euromonitor International

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During September 9th and 10th, the first edition of In Cosmetics in Brazil was held in São Paulo. In Cosmetics is an international fair dedicated exclusively to the sector of raw material and ingredients for beauty and personal care products.

Brazil has the potential to grow in Premium Beauty and Personal Care

During my presentation about what we can expect from the premium market of beauty and personal care, I pointed out some factors that show the existing growth potential for the market in Brazil. The increase in credit to consumers, primarily through increased issuance of credit cards, has driven the premium market, since now many consumers can access and pay in installments to purchase premium beauty and personal care products, which were previously inaccessible. Another factor that contributes to the expansion of consumption of premium beauty products and personal care is linked to the fact that many new brands have recently entered the country, offering a wider range of products to consumers. Brands like Urban Decay, Benefit, Bare Minerals, among others, are now available to any consumer in Brazil, either through internet retailing or brick and mortar stores.

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September 26, 2014

Middle East and Africa - Local Beauty Players Set to Claim a Share of the Pie

Oru_MohiuddinAnalyst Insight by Oru Mohiuddin - Senior Beauty and Personal Care Analyst

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The fact that its forecast 4% CAGR will make the Middle East and Africa the third fastest-growing region in percentage terms between 2013 and 2018, accounting for nearly 10% of global growth over this period, is good news for beauty manufacturers. However, the question is whether it will be better news for local businesses or multinational players, as we are now seeing a growing tussle between the two camps? Despite the attractiveness of the market, it is not a straightforward situation for Western beauty players as there are a number of inherent challenges that need to be grappled with to make their ventures a success.

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September 17, 2014

The Different Faces of Natural Skin Care

Nicole_TyrimouAnalyst Insight by Nicole Tyrimou - Beauty and Personal Care Analyst

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Natural skin care has been generating a buzz in the industry for some time now. An increase in both the availability and popularity of natural and nature-inspired skin care has led to an increasing number of players enter the category. While growth in the category has been driven on the one hand by continued demand for more skin-friendly formulations, on the other hand premium and pharmacy brands with natural credentials are also fuelling interest in the natural arena. Furthermore, increased consumer familiarity with certain harsh chemicals has given rise to many products with “free-from” claims, which have more tangible perceived benefits for consumers.

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September 11, 2014

Euromonitor to Speak at CosmeTokyo 2014


Event Name: CosmeTokyo

Location: Tokyo Big Sight

Website: http://www.cosmetokyo.jp/en/Home/
Date:  October 20, 2014 - October 22, 2014

Event Description: Japan's LARGEST exhibition specialised in cosmetics

Presentation Topic: Global trend of the cosmetics market: with focus on fast-growing ASEAN market

Presenter Name And Title: Mariko Takemura, Analyst

Presentation Time:  October 22,10:00 – 11:00 am

Presentation Description:  The cosmetics market in ASEAN countries is growing rapidly amid the growing disposable income of consumers. Meanwhile, different trends are observed in the premium cosmetics market and the mass market. In this seminar, Mariko Takemura will explain the movement and updated trends of the cosmetics market.

September 8, 2014

Dry Shampoos Succeed through a Beauty Positioning

Anaïs_MirvalAnalyst Insight by Anais Mirval - Ingredients Analyst

Convenience is an underlying trend in most beauty and personal care categories. In hair care, consumers are looking for products that are easy to use and can help them save time. The recent success of products that have been around for a long time like dry shampoos and the development of practical mousse colourants is proof of the enduring popularity of the convenience trend in hair care. But, as hair care continues its alignment with beauty, manufacturers will have to focus their message on the glamorous side of the business.

Saving time with dry shampoos

Global Growth of Propellants in Hair Care

Source: Euromonitor International

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August 24, 2014

Beauty and Healthcare in the Convergence Zone

Nicholas MicallefAnalyst Insight by Nicholas Micallef - Beauty and Personal Care Analyst

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Against a backdrop of consumers looking to improve their general wellness and appearance, the beauty industry is gradually transforming to become more health orientated. As a result, cosmetics companies are increasingly focusing their innovation efforts in this new direction.

In responding to these demands, new product development is steadily becoming ever more concentrated on the capability of addressing topical health conditions experienced by consumers. This requires sophisticated technology to offer efficacy as well as to combine beauty with therapeutic solutions. Most commonly, these products are known as cosmeceuticals, and are generally prevalent in the areas of hair and skin care.

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August 15, 2014

Innovation and Development in Oral Care

EURO_NT_Nicholas.Micallef_LThumbWith Nicholas Micallef, Beauty and Personal Care Research Analyst

Phillips and Braun are on the forefront of toothbrush technology, with Braun introducing products such as the Oral-B Pro 6000 SmartSeries, which monitors brushing times and habits and sends information to a user’s smartphone via Bluetooth. Innovations in the toothpaste market include Colgate’s sugar acid neutralizing toothpaste and Unilever’s Regenerate, which claims to rebuild lost enamel. Preventative care is becoming an important facet in oral care and products that assist consumers in these goals will perform well in the next five years.

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August 14, 2014

HBA Global 2014 Recap: First Aid Beauty's Success in South Korea

To successfully enter a new country, beauty companies need to be aware of the retailing and economic conditions as well as the needs of the consumers in that country. US-based skin care company First Aid Beauty (FAB) is a successful example, performing well in the ultra-competitive South Korean beauty market. FAB markets its products as medicated and safe for skin which appeals to South Korean women who purchase dermo-cosmetic brands such as Avene. FAB also promotes their products as hot-selling in the US, providing extra cachet. FAB sells its products in local Korean health and beauty retailer Olive Young, which promotes to young Korean women.

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