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March 24, 2014

Major Trends Driving the Beauty and Personal Care Industry for 2014

There are several key trends driving the beauty and personal care market in 2014. First is the need for multi-functionality as consumers no longer settle for a two or three-in-one product. All-in-one products are becoming mainstream and are expected in almost every beauty segment. Secondly, consumer preoccupation with image and how they are perceived by others is another important trend somewhat attributed to the ‘selfie,” a buzzword for a photo taken of one’s self and uploaded to social media. This concern for one’s self-image means beauty companies will have to tailor to specific consumer needs with personalized and solution-based products.

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March 23, 2014

Beauty Industry Robust Despite Slowdown


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Despite a moderate slowdown the beauty industry remained robust in 2013, with mass beauty outperforming premium. While Asia Pacific and Latin America weakened, Middle East & Africa continued to expand steadily. The power shift to emerging markets will continue, with over 50% of total beauty sales by 2018 set to come from the developing world. Deodorants defied the global slowdown thanks to strong innovations in Brazil, while skin care growth waned due to dampened spending in key Asian markets.

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March 17, 2014

Euromonitor to Speak at InnoCos Europe Summit 2014

InnoCos 2014

Date: May 21- 23, 2014

Location: Rome, Italy

EMI Speaker: Irina Barbalova, Head of Beauty and Personal Care Research Irina Barbalova

Presentation Date and Time: Friday, May 23, 2014

Presentation Topic: Capitalizing on the Evolving Premium/Luxury Beauty Market.

- Understanding how the premium market is shaping up in developed vs emerging economies 
- Investigating industry crossover, such as fashion and beauty, and how you can maximise these for new business ventures
- Exploring key opportunities across different beauty segments and future potential.

Event Description: This 5th annual, high profile international summit will be featuring case study presentations from leaders of the most innovative beauty brands and retailers. The agenda focuses on transforming business performance through innovation and marketing to secure growth, achieve brand leadership and meet future consumer needs. The program also includes the InnoCos Leader of the Year Awards, with four categories: Marketing, Product, Packaging and Retail.

For more information, please visit  http://innocosevents.com/2014/05/21/innocos-europe-2/

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March 6, 2014

Catering to Local Preferences and Smaller Cities in Beauty and Personal Care


Euromonitor International is pleased to once again be presenting at in-cosmetics in Hamburg, Germany. Irina Barbalova, Global Head of Beauty and Personal Care Research at Euromonitor, offers a preview of her discussion on the multifaceted evolution of beauty. Brazil and China, typically two strong performing countries in terms of beauty and personal care, have been lackluster as of late in their performance and 2014 will be a year of streamlining product portfolios and tailoring to local preferences.

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March 5, 2014

Las cinco principales tendencias de la industria de belleza y cuidado personal por país en Norte y Sudamérica

BPC eBook spanishEste e-book gratuito destaca las principales tendencias de belleza y cuidado personal en 15 países de Norte y Sudamérica. 


Tendencias destacadas en el E-Book:

Las cremas BB han visto su popularidad aumentar en países como Brasil y México dado que las cremas multifuncionales hicieron su debut en el mercado. En Brasil, estas cremas pueden ser más costosas pero siguen mostrando un buen desempeño ya que los consumidores las perciben como multi-funcionales y encuentran que es más barato comprar un producto un poco más caro que varios productos por separado. En 2012, la marca Garnier de L´Oreal lanzó la primera crema BB en México y desde entonces varias marcas masivas y premium también han lanzado cremas BB contribuyendo a hacer la oferta de productos en el país más amplia.

Los  productos para las uñas siguen siendo populares en mercados como Argentina y República Dominicana. En Argentina el esmalte reemplazó al lápiz labial como el placer culpable para las mujeres y los productos para las uñas son la categoría con el mejor desempeño de la industria de belleza y cuidado personal en el país.  En República Dominicana, a pesar de que las ventas de los productos de belleza y cuidado personal vieron un descenso, los productos para las uñas son los grandes ganadores en la industria con crecimiento en ventas tanto en términos de valor como de volumen. La  innovación de producto y amplias gamas de colores disponibles refuerzan la tendencia.

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Top Five Beauty and Personal Care Trends by Country in North and South America

BPC eBookThis free e-book outlines the top five trends in beauty and personal care in 15 North and South American countries.

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Some Trends Highlighted in the E-Book Include:

BB Creams have seen increased popularity in countries such as Brazil and Mexico as multifunctional face cream debuted in the market. In Brazil, these creams can be more expensive but are still performing well because consumers perceive them as multi-functional and find it cheaper to buy one slightly expensive product versus multiple items separately. In 2012, L'Oreal's Garnier brand launched the first BB cream in Mexico and since then several premium and mass brands have also launched BB creams, contributing to a wider product offering within the country.

Nail Products are still very popular in markets such as Argentina and the Dominican Republic. In Argentina, nail colour has taken over lipstick as the guilty indulgence for women and nail products are the best performing category for beauty and personal care in the country. Despite a decline in beauty and personal care sales in the Dominican Republic, nail products are the big winner with growth in both volume and value with innovation and colour ranges strengthening the trend.

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February 21, 2014

Euromonitor to Speak at In-Cosmetics 2014

INCOS_2014_Logo_HAMBURG_ROUND_WITH_DATES_®Date: 1-3 April, 2014

Location: Halls A1-A4, Hamburg Messe, Hamburg, Germany

Conference: In-cosmetics is the leading international event for personal care ingredients. Whether you are involved in R&D, formulation, science, distribution, testing or marketing, in-cosmetics is the must attend annual event. In-cosmetics brings together the world’s leading personal care ingredients specialists exhibiting a diverse range of innovative cosmetics ingredients and technologies. Its unrivalled educational programme offers crucial insights into future scientific advances, emerging trends and regulations.

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February 19, 2014

Deodorants Dominated by Sprays but Regional Preferences Vary

Sprays deominate deodorants category datagraphic

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Aerosol sprays are the most popular deodorant format, due to their ease of application and instant dryness. However, consumer preferences for deodorant sizes vary by region. India, the most dynamic market, shows preference for larger sized sprays, as they are often shared by the family. By contrast, growing environmental concerns in Western Europe prompted Unilever to release a compact 75ml version across its leading brands in the UK, a trend set to shape the deodorants market in the future.

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The Rise of Low Cost Beauty in France


Beauty discounters are entering the traditionally high-end market of France, with stores such as Kiko leading the way. The chain, which started in France in 2010 and now boasts over 100 outlets in the country, offers a wide range of color cosmetics at economy prices. Kiko’s success is sparking other stores to follow suit, and with France projected to lead Western Europe in absolute growth, the country will witness a boom in discounters in not just beauty, but apparel as well.

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February 13, 2014

Nestlé Commits to Skin Care with New Subsidiary

Nestlé recently announced plans to create its first full subsidiary in skin care, Nestlé Skin Health. The subsidiary joins Nestlé’s nutrition and health division, which reported the fastest growth among all divisions in the company. Ildiko Szalai, Foods analyst at Euromonitor, says this is good news for Nestlé, which recently sold an 8 percent stake in L’Oreal to create the skin care subsidy.

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