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August 5, 2014

HBA Global 2014 Recap: Beauty Goes Digital

VirginiaAnalyst Insight by Virginia Lee - Senior US Research Analyst

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The HBA Global conference took place in New York City’s Javits Center from 10-12 June. Digital beauty was a big theme at the conference as speakers talked about how growth in e-commerce, digital products, and social media has impacted the beauty industry.

Consumers Going Online to Buy Beauty Products

Online beauty sales are outpacing the beauty industry according to Diane Miles, Operating Partner at TSG Consumer Partners. Data from Euromonitor International shows that sales of beauty and personal care through internet retailing grew by a 15% CAGR from 2008 to 2013. In contrast, total global beauty and personal care sales grew by just 4% in the same time period. Ms Miles said that one in four beauty shoppers make beauty purchases online. Fifteen years ago, women purchased prestige beauty products from department stores in shopping malls and mass products from drugstores.  Now, consumers have a wider range of options, including internet retailing, infomercials and home shopping, speciality retailers like Sephora, and subscription beauty boxes like Birchbox. Consumers are not just buying online but going online to obtain product information and compare prices. Avid beauty shoppers are also using smartphones and tablets to research beauty topics, sometimes even while they are in stores, a melding of modern and traditional shopping habits.

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August 4, 2014

Procter and Gamble to Divest 100 Brands

Procter and Gamble announced they would divest 100 brands over the next two years, a move in line with the company’s ongoing restructuring process. One of the challenges that P&G faces is that the company does not have sufficient coverage across the pricing spectrum in comparison to its rivals, and by freeing up resources by divesting brands P&G may attempt to broaden its presence in both premium and value products.

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August 3, 2014

The Battle of the Fragrance Titans - J'Adore Dior Vs. Chanel No. 5

Nicole_TyrimouAnalyst Insight by Nicole Tyrimou - Beauty and Personal Care Analyst

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Back in February during LVMH’s annual shareholder meeting, Bernard Arnault stated that the company aims to make J’Adore the world’s best-selling women’s fragrance. He went on to say how the fragrance has already overtaken its main rival (Chanel No 5) in many markets around the world and has retained its leading position in France. This statement was reaffirmed by Mr Arnault at April’s annual general meeting when he credited the strong performance of Christian Dior fragrances, including J’Adore, as a key growth driver of LVMH’s Cosmetics and Fragrances division.

2013 marked a crucial turning point for both J’Adore and LVMH as J’Adore overtook Chanel No 5 to become the best-selling women’s fragrance in China. Of the top 10 markets in women’s premium fragrances in 2013, J’Adore ranked first in four of them, two more than its main rival, which had a higher ranking in the rest of the top 10 with the exception of South Africa.

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July 30, 2014

Survey Results: Personal Appearances

Based on widespread gender stereotypes, many would assume that women worldwide are more concerned with their outward appearance than their male counterparts. Euromonitor International's Survey Team polled over 6,600 consumers in over 16 different countries to further understand consumers’ style and their beauty and personal care routines. Play the video to find out which results enforced these stereotypes and which results went against the grain.

For further information, please download an extract of the survey results now or explore the full summary report.

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July 26, 2014

Grooming Routines Around the World


A visual overview of grooming routines and consumer spending in 16 emerging and developed markets, including time spent grooming, body and face washing habits, hair care, oral care, spending on beauty and personal care products, and spending on oral care in particular. Draws on Euromonitor International's beauty and personal care sales data as well as its Personal Appearances survey (6,600 consumers surveyed online in 2014).

Download the Survey Results here

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July 24, 2014

Gender Comparison of Key Body Issues


A comparison of key body issues among men and women, using the results of Euromonitor International's Personal Appearances survey drawn from 6,600 online consumers in 16 major markets in 2014.


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July 23, 2014

China Overtakes the US as the World's Largest Economy

China is set to overtake the US as the world's largest economy in 2014, with a significant impact on consumers and industries. Learn which industries will be the most affected and why by watching this video and downloading Euromonitor's latest whitepaper.

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July 22, 2014

Men's Grooming Habits in Emerging and Developed Markets


When it comes to beauty and personal appearances, women report spending the most time and money perfecting their looks. Yet, over the last decade, the range of beauty and personal care (BPC) products regarded as socially acceptable for men has widened, and men are paying increasingly more attention to their personal appearances. One third of men spend more than thirty minutes a day grooming, opening up a number of opportunities for BPC companies to develop products targeted to the unique needs of this especially appearance-minded segment of men. Furthermore, as more men become interested in improving their appearance by extending their grooming habits and product usage, it will be essential for brands to create male-specific products that enable men to feel more comfortable in the beauty and personal care aisle.

Daily Time Spent on Personal Appearance and Grooming, by Gender

Source: Euromonitor International Personal Appearance Survey, 2014

Note:  Showing percent of respondents spending the indicated amount of each day cleaning and caring for appearance (e.g., brushing teeth, bathing, styling hair, applying make-up, etc.). Includes all time spent grooming during the day – morning, evening, and in between. Does not include time spent selecting or changing clothing.

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July 21, 2014

Beauty Players’ Fit Response to World Cup-Stirred Opportunities

Ildiko-SzalaiAnalyst Insight by Ildiko Szalai - Senior Beauty and Personal Care Analyst

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The Brazil 2014 World Cup has undoubtedly captured the attention of a truly global audience, and most fmcg players have been on the ball about capitalising on the event. Many of them have aligned their global brands to Brazilian or football-themed product launches. In the beauty and personal care industry, colour cosmetics players have been especially quick to respond, but many other product categories have adjusted their advertising campaigns to benefit from the attention of the many millions of spectators watching the games. The response to the heightened interest in Brazilian/World Cup-themed products from beauty companies has not lacked speed, volume or creativity. Although the event has created an unmissable brand-building opportunity for most players, it is not likely to have a lasting impact on category growth forecasts in beauty and personal care.

FIFA has released a number of statistics indicating the size of the global audience. On the last night of the tournament, the World Cup final game between Germany and Argentina was watched by a staggering record global audience of one billion. The opening game between Brazil and Croatia on 12 June was watched by 42.9 million people on Brazilian network TV Globo, FIFA said, making it the most watched sporting event of the year in Brazil. Another record was broken in Japan; the national team’s game against Ivory Coast was seen by 34.1 million on Japanese TV channel NHK, double the size of the audience watching its next biggest sports broadcast this year.

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July 20, 2014

Survey Shows Regional Differences in Bathing Habits Around the World


A look at global bathing habits and routines, including showers, baths, and shampooing, using results from Euromonitor International's Personal Appearances Survey drawn from 6,600 online consumers in 16 major markets in 2014.


Download an extract from our global survey "Personal Appearances: Global Consumer Survey Results on Apparel, Beauty and Grooming"

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