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April 29, 2015

Euromonitor to Speak at ASEAN Cosmetics Leaders Forum 2015

ASEAN-Cosmetics-LogoEvent Name: ASEAN Cosmetics Leaders Forum 2015

Location: Borobodur Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia
Event Description: The ASEAN Cosmetic Leaders Forum 2015 (ACLF 2015) is a gathering of highly reputable beautypreneurs, executive leaders of beauty related businesses and senior government leaders to share their visions on the most urgent issues in the ASEAN region. The platform is for leaders to strengthen their relationship, share experiences and insights, and identify regional challenges and opportunities to shape ASEAN towards a more responsible, sustainable and integrated socio‐economic market.

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Market Focus: Beauty Growth Dynamics in the Middle East and Turkey

Ildiko-SzalaiAnalyst Insight by Ildiko Szalai - Senior Beauty and Personal Care Analyst

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The Middle East and Turkey show many common trends in terms of consumer behaviour, preferences and habits in beauty and personal care. Socioeconomic factors and cultural proximity often underpin similar industrial trends, although country-specific differences are prominent. Political and economic instability in the region represents a significant threat to sustainable growth opportunities.

What is driving many of the beauty trends in Turkey and the Middle East is a young, dynamic population. Social media savvy and open to new ideas, young people in these countries are becoming more aware of global brands than they have been in the past. As such, the internet and social media sites have become important tools for learning about and purchasing beauty and personal care products.

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Electric Facial Cleansers: Beauty and Appliances Companies Tap into Each Other

Jamie_KoAnalyst Insight by Jamie Ko - Head of Consumer Appliances Research

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When it comes to skin care, beauty bloggers or You Tubers are dominating the space with reviews of and usage advice for electric facial cleansers like Clarisonic and VisaPure. These beauty opinion leaders claim widely that electric facial cleansers help to remove dead skin cells, clean pores and maintain skin condition more effectively than manual face washing. Coupled with the desire for better skin is active viral marketing in the internet domain, the product is a rising star that companies are looking to invest and compete in.

A potential big star in personal care appliances

Consumers are increasingly willing to spend on pampering their body and skin, a reflection of how big and fast the beauty market is growing globally. By 2019, global skin care sales are forecast to reach US$131 billion.

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April 28, 2015

Challenges and Opportunities in Targeting the Senior Consumer

250_seniorConsumer-v1.0The senior market is a lucrative market to explore. The population over 60 stood at 912 million in 2014, representing 12.6 percent of the global population. By 2030, this segment will account for 18 percent, reaching 1.5 billion globally. While China is the fastest growing ageing market with over 60s forecast to grow by more than 46 percent between 2014 and 2030, Japan has the oldest population, with a massive 33 percent aged over 60. Japan is a model on the impact of this demographic shift, showing the effects of different methods of governmental intervention and product development opportunities.








Key findings:

  • E-health, home assistance and elderly-friendly services will drive technology developments in the senior market, with health being the most dynamic consumer expenditure category through 2030.

  • Efficacy and natural features remain key features when it comes to marketing beauty products to the over 60s.

  • Demand for luxury goods focusing on heritage and craftsmanship is popular among senior consumers.

  • As senior consumers usually invest in timeless, quality clothing, an older population will have a negative impact on sales volume in the apparel market.

  • Presbyopia represents a key market driver in eyewear.

April 24, 2015

Brasil impulsa el mercado de cosméticos en América Latina

Fernando-CruzPor Fernando Cruz - Analista de Investigación en Euromonitor International

La industria de cosméticos vivió una recuperación en 2014, creciendo a un 5% en valores reales, según datos de la empresa de investigación de mercado, Euromonitor International. El año anterior el rendimiento fue de un 3%, la mitad del crecimiento observado en 2012. No obstante, pese a este registro positivo, la mayoría de los mercados sufrió una desaceleración en la venta de cosméticos, por lo que dar cuenta de este incremento general tiene una apariencia contradictoria.


Fuente: Euromonitor International

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Fashion Friday: Digital Strategies in Luxury and Beauty


Listen as MP3

This podcast discusses the key pillars for a successful digital strategy in the beauty and luxury industries, the importance of consumer engagement and inspirational content, and developments in the personalisation/customisation trend.  Listen for complete insights.

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April 22, 2015

Small Sizes in Asia Provide Strongest Hair Care Packaging Growth


Global volume sales of hair care packaging are set to grow at a CAGR of 3% over 2014-2019, to the benefit of HDPE bottles and flexible plastic, the most common pack types for conditioner and shampoos, respectively. Fastest growing developing markets show two trends: while in China and Brazil consumers favour economical HDPE bottles, in India, Indonesia and the Philippines, consumers opt for smaller sizes for shampoo, sold in single use flexible plastic, as they offer immediate affordability.

April 21, 2015

Sampling in Beauty: How Sampling Became Profitable

Nicole_TyrimouAnalyst Insight by Nicole Tyrimou - Beauty and Personal Care Analyst

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While once simply a way to entice consumers, beauty product samples are now a beauty offering of their own, thanks to innovative start-ups, travel restrictions on beauty packaging  sizes and consumer desire to continually try new products. The biggest driver to this change has been innovative start-ups in the form of subscription sites. Websites like US-based Birchbox, launched in 2010, and Glossybox, its key competitor in Europe, have turned product sampling into a profitable business. The rise of online shopping and the rise of beauty advent calendars at Christmas have also capitalised on samples, turning them from freebies to commercially-viable products.

Sampling products - a key purchase influencer for consumers

Despite efforts by marketers to convince consumers to buy without trying, product sampling remains an important part of the path to purchase equation. In Euromonitor International’s Annual Survey on Personal Appearances, free samples was the fourth biggest influencer for purchasing beauty products across all four biggest beauty categories. Past experience, friends and family’s recommendations and price preceded sampling.

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April 15, 2015

Top Four Trends in Skin Care in 2015

Nicole_TyrimouAnalyst Insight by Nicole Tyrimou - Beauty and Personal Care Analyst

While new product development in skin care has been as active as ever in 2014, it was Estée Lauder’s acquisition sprint that stole the limelight. After a couple of inactive years, the premium player acquired two US niche skin care brands (GlamGlow and Rodin Olio Lusso) in the space of two months. Unilever followed suit with the acquisition of British natural skin care brand REN in early 2015 indicating that this is the year of niche. In addition, Asia’s beauty influence in skin care is becoming increasingly stronger, from innovation to multi-step routines, and the continent, with South Korea in particular, is increasingly regarded as the holy ground of skin care innovation. Finally, 2014 had been a good year for organisations pushing for cruelty-free cosmetics, a trend expected to continue in 2015, as India banned import of cosmetics tested on animals, while China stopped mandatory animal testing for locally-manufactured cosmetics.

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Which Brands Could Procter & Gamble Divest to Inject Growth Elsewhere?

Oru_MohiuddinAnalyst Insight by Oru Mohuiddin - Senior Beauty and Personal Care Analyst.

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Procter & Gamble has stated plans to divest 90-100 brands. Some brands that could potentially be divested, including Wella and Braun, have already received a great deal of publicity. However, there also continues to be widespread speculation about other brands that the company could shed. The brands chosen are likely to be in three key areas:

  • Non-core brands failing to generate incremental revenue growth for the company
  • Brands that do not align with the company’s overall growth model
  • Smaller fragmented brands with limited regional focus

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