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July 30, 2015

New Tea Concept in England Aims to Change Consumption Habits


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“Brew” is a new concept currently undergoing crowd funding in England that could potentially change the way consumers drink tea. Although tea is heavily consumed in the country, much of that consumption is done in-home with tea bags. Brew aims to create a pub-like environment that puts the tea front and center, looking at new methods to brew loose-leaf tea.

Michael SchaeferPodcast features Michael Schaefer - Head of Beverages and Foodservice Research

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July 29, 2015

Coffee a New Area of Focus for Australian Pubs

Julia-IlleraAnalyst Insight by Julia Illera - Research Analyst

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Once anathema to drinkers, useful only for its supposed – now thoroughly disproven – sobering abilities, coffee has long moved in different circles to pubs in Australia.

Given the cross-category competition rife within the foodservice industry – fast food positioning itself against restaurants through the premium fast casual trend, specialist coffee shops branching out into breakfast and unexpected foodservice players looking to take market share from bars and pubs by selling alcohol – it shouldn’t come as a surprise that pubs in Australia would be considering diversifying their menus and appeal by offering an in-house and/or takeaway coffee option.

Indeed the lines between pubs and cafés, and even pubs and restaurants, are blurring as Australian pubs are increasingly embracing high-quality menus with a gourmet-yet-casual “cheap eat” theme. This is not restricted to midday and evening dining either; however, the real stumbling block for pubs hoping to attract the morning trade is that the brew of choice for early risers these days is more likely to be coffee rather than beer or a Bloody Mary.

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July 23, 2015

Super Premium Consumer Foodservice Chains Expanding into Japan


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Super premium foodservice operators, which include coffee shops and bakery cafes, are expanding internationally and looking to Japan to take that first step. Many of these operators are creating an artisanal spin on concepts that are tried and true, and Japan is a natural step in their business plans. The country has been offering expertly crafted food and beverages at low prices for years, including noodle shops, bars, and other traditional formats. This makes premium concepts an easier sell for consumers in the country.

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July 11, 2015

Q&A: The Resurgence of ‘Street Food’

Daphne KasrielAnalyst Insight by Daphne Kasriel-Alexander - Consumer Trends Consultant

Food is the new rock ’n’ roll – this much has now become a banal truism. And it’s street food that is really rocking now. From farmers’ markets to food trucks, from Portland, Oregon to Mönchen-Gladbach via London and Seoul, eating take-away portable snacks freshly cooked on a stall or a truck is where most current trends and interesting fusions are happening.  Or, as a reviewer of recent food truck movie ‘Chef’ says:  “Out with Eat Pray Love, in with Eat Eat Eat”. 

What is street food and where did it emerge?

  • Street food had its origins in fast food for working men. The bunnychow, a hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with curry, which originated in South Africa in the 1940s, allowed Indian workers to eat home-cooked curries on the job. Fish and chips wrapped in newspaper, were the original fast food for British working class families. The most basic street food is the sandwich, variations of bread plus filling, from burgers in New York to croque Monsieur in Paris, sabich in Tel Aviv to doner in Istanbul, a bánh mì in Saigon, a hotdog in Reykjavik and currywurst in Berlin. According to the MY3 Streetfood channel on YouTube, roasted palm sprouts are the oldest authentic street food in India, and a South Indian steamed rice cake called idli is “a very healthy Indian Fast Food”. Italy gave us the pizza and Japan added the yakisoba pan (a fried-noodle sandwich). Sicilians brought the muffaletta to America, and India added the vada pav, a potato fritter in a bun – almost as delicious as another British workers’ classic, the chip butty;

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July 9, 2015

Euromonitor to Speak at QSR Media 2015 Conference


Location: Hilton Hotel, Sydney, Australia

Date: 22nd July 2015

Event Description: Organised by QSR Media magazine, the QSR Media Conference is now in its 2nd year. The event features highly targeted and relevant topics designed specifically for QSR executives, and is a highlight in the calendar of the Australian quick service and fast casual industry. The conference will cover leadership, the customer experience and exporting a QSR brand. Keynote speakers include: Senator Eric Abetz, Minister of Employment.

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July 8, 2015

Brand Scandals and how they Impact Consumers - Featuring Subway


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How do scandals like the investigation into Subway spokesman Jared Fogle impact the brands associated with these public figures.  How much do consumers care about the image of the companies they patronize? This podcast examines how foodservice brands have addressed and recovered from scandals in the past and the outlook for Subway now.

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July 7, 2015

Starbucks Closing La Boulange Stores


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This podcast examines what Starbucks' closing of it's La Boulange line of stores means for the future strategy of the business.  What will this mean for Starbucks' other brands, including Evolution Fresh and Teavana?

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July 5, 2015

Major Italian Coffee Players Facing Crossroads

Hope.LeeAnalyst Insight by Hope Lee - Senior Beverages Analyst

As Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group SpA (MZBG, the owner of Segafredo) is listed in Milan, investors are perhaps eyeing other privately-owned Italian foods and beverages companies. Italian entrepreneurs are traditionally known to keep things within the family and public listing is often not considered a favourable option for the continuity of their businesses. However, the this mind-set is likely to change as many of these companies have started exploring international markets more aggressively to mitigate domestic slowdown. Here is a quick glance at the global growth markets which they could explore, and the state of play regarding the major Italian coffee players. 



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May 22, 2015

Fast Casual in International Markets: Where’s the Opportunity?

ElizabethFriendAnalyst Insight by Elizabeth Friend - Senior Consumer Foodservice Analyst

There’s no question that fast casual has become the centre of foodservice growth in the US, but it has become an international phenomenon as well, albeit one that has taken a much different form. Euromonitor International’s 2015 global fast casual data, launched May 19th, paints a very different picture of domestic and international growth. Rather than manifesting via explosive growth through a few seemingly unstoppable chains, international fast casual has come as a result of a slow and steady evolution in consumer preferences. Just like American consumers, young people in wealthier cities all over the world are shifting toward more modern, more casual dining experiences, opening up opportunities for plenty of global fast casual growth over the long-term.

So far, fast casual segments in most developed markets have experienced an entirely different growth trajectory than in the US. The largest international fast casual markets are so far developing in Western Europe, with Germany, the UK and France topping the list with between US$1-2 billion each in 2014. However, each of the three has seen the segment growing slowly but steadily over the past five years at an average annual rate of between 2-8%. On its face this might seem to indicate that fast casual hasn’t been quite as successful in Western Europe, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. In all three of these markets, fast casual has grown to a percentage share of the total fast food market that ranges from 7 in the UK to 14% in Germany, well within the range of the US’s 10% fast casual share.

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May 19, 2015

The Paradox of Choice in Soft Drinks


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In a world with more choices than ever before, effective curation is key. This podcast discusses the growing importance of curation in soft drinks. While consumers demand choice, they also seek guidance, and brands which can provide this—whether they are retailers, foodservice operators, or manufacturers—can reap significant long-term benefits.

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