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December 10, 2013

Top 3 Emerging Markets Offering the Strongest Digital Consumption

Pavel_MarceuxAnalyst Insight by Pavel Marceux - Contibuting Analyst, Technology Communications and Media

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Euromonitor has identified three emerging economies with the highest per capita consumer expenditure on communications in the developing world in 2012: the UAE, Israel and Qatar. Due to unique factors, such as demographics, infrastructure and culture, these three markets demonstrate some of the world’s strongest digital consumption, offering opportunities for high uptake in segments ranging from smartphones to social media. Interestingly, the top three markets are all located in the Middle East, demonstrating an appetite for connectivity in the region and the adoption by local consumers of digital goods as necessities. Nonetheless, these markets offer individual risks, as well as opportunities.

Consumer Expenditure on Communications in the UAE, Qatar and Israel: 2007-2020

Source: Euromonitor International from national statistics/Eurostat/UN/OECD
Note: Figures in constant 2012 prices, year-on-year exchange rates

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December 9, 2013

Datagraphic: Smartphones and Tablets Drive Internet Retailing


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New Euromonitor International data examines how mobile internet retailing, which measures internet sales through smartphone and tablet, has quickly spread globally, becoming a major driver for online sales. While the biggest spenders on mobile devices are Japan, the UK, and South Korea, emerging markets such as India, South Africa and Nigeria generate a higher proportion of sales through mobile devices than some more developed online markets, such as Scandinavia for example.

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December 6, 2013

Laptops and Desktops Still Relevant Moving Forward

Weeteck_looAnalyst Insight by Loo Wee Teck - Head of Consumer Electronics

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Acer Inc’s Chairman and CEO, JT Wang, tendered his resignation on 5 November 2013 after the company reported a net loss of US$446 million for the third quarter of the year and announced plans to reduce its number of staff globally by 7%. Just a week earlier, Dell Inc had announced the completion of its acquisition by Michael Dell (founder and CEO) to take the embattled company private. With the exception of Lenovo Group, all other PC manufacturers are struggling financially or are reporting declining sales every quarter. Retail sales of tablets are forecast to exceed 140 million units by the end of 2013, overtaking laptops as the most popular computer for consumers. The naysayers have started to declare the death of personal computers (PCs) – desktops and laptops - running on the Windows operating system.

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November 29, 2013

Holiday Season 2013 – Forecast Sales for Consumer Electronics

Consumer spending on electronics is likely to be weak this holiday season, states Mykola Golovko, Senior Consumer Electronics Research Analyst at Euromonitor. Slow economic growth in Europe and resurgence in real estate and automotive spending in the US will drive down sales of electronics this year. Tablets are expected to see the highest demand led by the iPad mini, although Apple is expected to start losing share in this segment to other manufactures in the coming year.

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November 22, 2013

Kids as Digital Consumers: Growing Impact of the Under-15 Consumer Segment

Pavel_MarceuxAnalyst Insight by Pavel Marceux - Contributing Analyst, Technology, Communications and Media

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Children aged under 15 are becoming a key segment for information and communications technologies (ICT), and the importance of this consumer group is set to rise rapidly as more of the world's emerging-market kids come online. Growing child IT literacy rates, expansion of e-learning tools and the surge in children's mobile gaming content are factors facilitating more frequent ICT usage by the under-15s. Businesses able to tap into this growing market stand to see strong opportunities, especially in countries where states are focusing on remote education and where academic infrastructure is lacking. However, ensuring child safety online and improving access for rural and low-income children remain concerns for the burgeoning segment.

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November 21, 2013

Unintended Consequences of Mobile Payment

Jonathan FisherAnalyst Insight by Jonathan Fisher - Head of Consumer Finance

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In the payment industry, we are constantly inundated by commentary on the promise of the mobile phone.  While mobile payment certainly offers great potential, at this point, these words seem to travel faster and further than actual penetration and usage.  Yes, mobile presents an enhanced payment plus experience for the user.  But, it may also leave a host of unintended consequences in its wake.  Many in the industry may not find these unintended consequences meaningful or worthy of strategy shifts.  However, I find value in exploring one of these consequences — the negative impact on brand.

By brand, I am referring to a specific case of erosion that may result due to the shift from holding a plastic card in one’s hand to interacting with a mobile app.  No company would feel the dip in this area more than American Express.  For years, American Express maintained a unique position in terms of what it meant to occupy one’s wallet.  When an individual became a Card Member, the card certified that they made it or so they may have thought.  Possession of that oblong piece of plastic created for some Card Members an intangible benefit.  Of course, this may say more about the Card Member than the card, but the endorsement contained value.  The card was a palpable symbol that the Card Member had attained a certain status.

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November 14, 2013

Christmas 2013: Consumers in the Asia-Pacific Region

Daphne KasrielAnalyst Insight by Daphne Kasriel - Consumers Editor

This Christmas, consumers in the Asia-Pacific region are in the mood to spend, thanks to a strong economy. What are they putting loosening their purse string for? Are they spending more before or after the festive season?

Key Trends

  • Year-end bonuses drive spending;
  • Air travel remains popular;
  • Consumers Down Under in a merry mood.

Commercial Opportunities

  • In the period leading up to Christmas, turn customers into brand advocates. Encourage them to join your loyalty programme and remind them to connect with your brand across social networking sites;
  • Come January, continue to drive sales and clear any excess stock by promoting post-holiday sales, emailing gift-card holders to remind them to use their gift cards and offer personalised emails based on past purchases by suggesting complementary products. In addition, remind customers about deadlines for returning and exchanging gifts.

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Mobile Devices Influencing Global Decline in Personal Computer Sales

Pavel_MarceuxAnalyst Insight by Pavel Marceux - Contributing Analyst, Technology, Communications and Media

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September 2013 saw the sixth straight quarter of a global decline in personal computer sales, mainly due to the rise of mobile devices such as the smartphone and tablet. Pavel Marceux, Contributing Analyst for Technology, Communications and Media at Euromonitor states that in developed markets, consumers are not upgrading their PCs. In emerging markets, consumers are choosing handheld devices as their first computing platform and are circumventing the PC altogether. Marceux states that the PC industry will have to adapt by targeting businesses rather than individual consumers. 

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November 13, 2013

Christmas 2013: Consumers in the Americas

Daphne KasrielAnalyst Insight by Daphne Kasriel - Consumers Editor

Christmas in the Americas, the region with the largest number of Christians in the world, will be a special time for millions of consumers. In some countries, internet sales will outnumber those from bricks and mortar shops for the first time. Furthermore, technology will be an ally when choosing gifts. Despite such eruptions of modernity, festivities will keep their more tradition-oriented style – this is a day to be spent with family and old-fashioned celebration.

Key Trends

  • Online, mobile Christmas;
  • The emergence of ‘family tablets’;
  • Local vs. international shopping.

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Could Grand Theft Auto V Revive the UK Video Games Market?

Utku_TanselAnalyst Insight by Utku Tansel - Head of Toys and Games

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Following its launch in October, Grand Theft Auto V (GTA) has become the fastest selling game of all time, breaking all UK records according to MCV Magazine, giving static video console games a much-needed boost. Overall video game sales have been in steady decline since 2009, due mainly to the end of console product lifecycles as well as the more evident shift from packaged software and hardware to digital gaming. However, GTA V’s phenomenal sales performance could be seen as evidence that there might still be life left in the market for blockbuster console titles. With the greatly anticipated new generation consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 just about to hit the shelves and the ever rising popularity of digital gaming, there has never been a more interesting time to look into the category in the UK in more detail.

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