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August 27, 2014

What Happens to Electronics Companies once their Core Products Mature?

Both Samsung and Sony own core products that are performing well globally; Samsung’s Galaxy line of phones and Sony’s Playstation 4 gaming console respectively. However if these products are factored out, both companies are struggling in almost every other business segment. Samsung and Sony must have plans in place if either of their core product bases reaches maturity.

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Strategy Briefing: Opportunities and Challenges in Global Participatory Sport

250_particSport-v1.1According to our new report, health and vanity have been the two largest influencers on consumer exercise.  Obesity has been identified largely as a public health issue due to excessive amounts of media coverage. Therefore, governments around the world have started many initiatives to encourage consumers to exercise more.  Some have even increased funding for public sports facilities or provided tax incentives. 





Physical attractiveness has also been an important aspect of exercise, as mass media applies much pressure on the consumer to appear perfect, with many ads featuring airbrushed models.  This aspirational perfectionism has not only fuelled interest in exercise but has also increased body disorders, which have also risen over the past decade.

Some of the latest popular exercises include extreme sports such as rock climbing and adventure sports such as triathlons. Many health clubs continued to see growth in developed countries as well, even in spite of the recession.

The increased participation in exercise has led to marketing opportunities and product success in many industries, particularly apparel.  Sportswear sales have consistently outperformed the wide apparel market over recent years, with outdoor clothing becoming popular. 

“There are many market opportunities within apparel, health and supplements, sports and energy drinks, and electronics to cater to the exercise and health conscious consumer,” says Editorial Director, Gina Westbrook.  “Our report really highlights opportunities and challenges globally within exercise and sports consumption.”

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August 18, 2014

What is the Next Revenue Generator for Consumer Electronics Companies?

Smartphones and tablets have been the main growth drivers in consumer electronics for quite some time, but saturation in both emerging and mature markets is causing a slowdown in sales of these devices. Manufacturers are looking to new growth opportunities, and wearable electronics are the primary choice for most electronics companies. However, these devices will eventually drop in price due to market saturation, thus companies will have to turn to a more profitable revenue stream.

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August 9, 2014

Thailand and Philippines: New Hotspots for M-Commerce


Southeast Asia is the new prime spot for m-commerce, given the massive online retail market driven by the burgeoning smartphone and internet penetration rates. While developed markets like Singapore have the highest rates of smartphone penetration, developing markets like the Philippines and Thailand are, in fact, leading the region in terms of m-commerce retail value. With a youthful population base that is increasingly digitally connected, along with better payment options, these markets are poised to dominate internet retailing within the region.

Source: Euromonitor International 

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August 3, 2014

Will Turning Energy Consumption into a Game Help Us Adopt Greener Habits?

Damian ShoreAnalyst Insight by Damian Shore - Contributing Analyst

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‘Gamification’ is a term that has some environmentalists excited. They hope that apps that both monitor our energy consumption and benchmark it against our peers will nudge us towards turning down the thermostat and potentially saving the planet. There is also significant potential for utilising the so-called ‘internet of things,’ such as app-controllable thermostats, in this regard. However, the issue of privacy remains a concern for some. With entry-level prices having fallen below US$100, smartphones are becoming ubiquitious in many parts of the world, particularly among young adults. Almost a billion of these devices were sold during 2013 alone, together with 185 million tablet computers. According to think-tank the Pew Research Center, 58% of American adults had a smartphone as of January 2014 – among those aged between 18 years and 29 years, this figure rose to 83%. There is also a nascent market for autonomous wearable electronics (such as smart watches, which can also use apps), with close to a million of these devices sold worldwide during 2014.

Global Volume Sales of Smartphones, Tablet Computers and Autonomous Wearable Electronics: 2008-2013

Source: Euromonitor International from trade sources/national statistics

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July 31, 2014

Apple Posts Strong Earnings, But Finding New Revenue Streams Remains Crucial

MykolaGolovkoAnalyst Insight by Mykola Golovko - Consumer Electronics Analyst

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The most critical component of Apple Inc’s 6% rise in quarterly revenues was the 28% increase in sales from Greater China. China was the biggest driver of iPhone sales growth for the quarter, helping the company reach 35.2 million units shipped globally. However, the company continues to see weakness in iPad sales, which totalled 13.3 million units. Sales of both iPhones and iPads are expected to be adversely effected as competitive pressure continues to mount and, as growth in smartphones is slowing, products in the pipeline become ever more important for the company’s prospects.

Global retail sales of iOS devices

Source: Euromonitor International

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July 23, 2014

China Overtakes the US as the World's Largest Economy

China is set to overtake the US as the world's largest economy in 2014, with a significant impact on consumers and industries. Learn which industries will be the most affected and why by watching this video and downloading Euromonitor's latest whitepaper.

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July 22, 2014

The Next Big Thing in Consumer Electronics is Already Here

Weeteck_looAnalyst Insight by Wee Teck Loo - Head of Consumer Electronics

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Smartphones and tablets have dominated the headlines of consumer electronics for the past few years and will continue to be the key growth driver for both retail volume and value sales over the forecast period. At the same time, manufacturers and retailers are also on the search for the next big thing, like wearable electronics. Beyond looking at new products, there are still opportunities aplenty in “old” product categories like laptops and LCD TVs, as the latest Euromonitor International’s Consumer Electronics research can attest. 

Retail Sales of Key Electronic Products: 2013-2018

Retail sales of key electronic products

Source: Euromonitor International

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July 20, 2014

Fashion Speaks: The Growth Potential for Wearable Digital Electronics

Weeteck_loo MayLing_Tham

Euroasia_yvonne kok_LThumbWith Wee Tek Loo, Head of Consumer Electronics and May Ling Tham - Head of Personal Accessories and Eyewear 

Moderated by Yvonne Kok, Head of Industry Research

Wearable devices, such as the Nike Fuel Band and the Samsung Galaxy Gear are manufacturer driven products that do not yet address any major functions better than a smartphone. So far, only fitness tracking devices are driving sales in the category as they serve a practical and motivational purpose. Other devices such as the Galaxy Gear suffer from poor aesthetics and bulky design. Until Apple releases its highly anticipated watch, which has the potential to disrupt the industry in the same way that the iPhone did, many manufacturers of electronics and watches are adapting a wait-and-see approach to wearable devices.

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July 1, 2014

Competition Rises in Polish M-Commerce Sector


Competition in the consumer finance industry in Poland is at a new high as banks partner with mobile phone subscribers to bolster mobile commerce offerings. In early 2014, mobile operator Plus, TV operator Cyfrowy Polsat and Invest Bank created Plus Bank, which has 300 thousand clients and the opportunity to expand given both Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat's enormous user base. In addition to this, Alior bank and T-mobile Polska also partnered in the beginning of 2014 to strengthen Alior's m-commerce business. According to Euromontor, m-commerce is expected to reach PLN40 billion by 2019, and more mergers of banks and mobile operators are expected in the future.

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