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March 23, 2015

Frugal Innovation: When Less is More and Simplicity Sells


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Frugal innovation, or removing non-essential and often costly features from a product or service, can be a win-win for business – because it’s a process which is sustainable, cost-effective, and potentially very rewarding in terms of extending reach to new consumers. At its heart, frugal innovation is about focusing on customers, observing their core needs and designing products, services and business models that meet these needs.

Not just for emerging market consumers

In the past, frugal innovation has been seen as an idea for emerging market consumers and indeed many impressive ideas have come out of emerging and developing countries.

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March 21, 2015

Why Online Privacy Matters to both Consumers and Brands


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As internet penetration grows in both emerging and developed markets, consumer concern about privacy and safeguarding personal information grows alongside it.  This topic has been highlighted by a number of recent scandals regarding privacy breaches from both government organizations and from brands.  These have pressed both consumers and brands to consider the ethics surrounding the use of consumer data. Listen to the podcast for complete insights.

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March 13, 2015

Hudl Tablet a Bright Spot for Tesco's Future

Tesco will be addressing their hypermarket woes by cutting about 100 stores and 10,000 jobs and cutting product offerings. One bright spot for Tesco's future, however, is the Hudl tablet, which accounts for a 3% share in the first quarter of its release. This tablet functions primary for Tesco as a delivery system for coupons, financial services and other loyalty initiatives.  Watch the full video for complete insights.

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March 10, 2015

The Apple Watch and Beyond: Key Takeaways from Apple Inc’s Latest Event

MykolaGolovkoAnalyst Insight by Mykola Golovko - Toys and Games Analyst

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The March 9 Apple event was centred around the announcement of pricing and availability of the Apple Watch line up. The product line is widely expected to spark mainstream consumer interest in autonomous wearable electronics. We expect the total market size of wearable electronics to reach 71 million units globally in 2015, however only 16 million will be autonomous wearables as low cost passive wearable electronics will remain dominant though 2016.

Global Volume Sales of Wearable Electronics by Type


Source: Euromonitor International

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March 4, 2015

The Rising Power of Female Consumers


The global female population totalled an estimated 3.6 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach 4.2 billion by 2030. Average disposable income amongst women is the highest it's ever been, and women are living longer than men.

What are you doing to reach this growing market?

View now to learn:

  • The size and distribution of the female consumer market
  • Literacy and education rates
  • Labour participation
  • Purchasing power


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March 2, 2015

Samsung Betters Apple and Others in Mobile Payments War

Michelle EvansAnalyst Insight by Michelle Evans - Senior Consumer Finance Analyst

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The mobile payments war has heated up with the official arrival of Samsung onto the scene. The world’s largest smartphone manufacturer unveiled its new mobile payment system, Samsung Pay, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday.

Samsung Pay, which will be available on its new line of smartphones including both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, will launch this summer in the US and South Korea. The South Korean smartphone manufacturer expects to expand the mobile payments service to Europe and China thereafter. Samsung Pay works when a user launches the service and then confirms payment with his or her fingerprint. This mobile payments service will use NFC chips to communicate with compatible POS terminals as Apple Pay does today, but a recently acquired technology will enable the Samsung Pay system to work with traditional card swipe readers as well.

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February 27, 2015

Fashion Friday: Can Swatch's Smart Watch Compete in the Wearables Market?


The Swatch Group Ltd is expected to launch its first smartwatch by mid-2015.  This podcast discusses the impact of Swatch entering the wearables market and what it means for competitors. Will the Swatch Touch smartwatch dominate the wearables market? Can Swatch compete against technology giants like Apple and Samsung? Listen to the podcast for further insights.

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February 20, 2015

Euromonitor to Speak at the 2nd Pan-European Retail Summit for TCG


Date/Time: Wednesday April 22 - Thursday 23, 2015

Location: Madrid, Spain


The Presentation

Date/Time: Wednesday April 22, 2015 at 5 p.m.

Speaker: Alexander Goransson, Lead Research Analyst

Topic: TCG at a cross roads in Europe: What does the future hold for European TCG retailers?

Description: Electronic and appliance retailers experienced turbulent few years marked by stagnation, retrenchment and consolidation driven by the changing consumer expectation and strong competitive pressure from pure players. The presentation will outline the growth opportunities for TCG retailers in Europe and will highlight winning strategies of the leading store based and online retailers. The presentation will combine Euromonitor unique store based and internet retailing data for TCG sales with socio-economics, and consumer preferences.

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February 15, 2015

Mobile World Congress 2015 will be Make or Break for Samsung

Weeteck_looAnalyst Insight by Wee Teck Loo - Head of Consumer Electronics Research

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Fresh off Apple Inc’s record earnings announcement, Samsung Corp reported an operating profit of Won5.3 trillion, a massive 36% decline compared to the last quarter of 2013. The shocking decline is a wake-up call for Samsung to refresh and re-evaluate its product line-up, especially its mobile division.

Same old Galaxy

Samsung sent out an invite to its Unpacked event on 1 March, just one day before the start of Mobile World Congress 2015 (MWC 2015). It is widely acknowledged that Samsung will unveil its flagship Galaxy S6 smartphone. The new smartphone is under tremendous pressure in view of Samsung’s whopping decline in revenues and profits. Sales of its predecessors, the Galaxy S5 and a generation before, the Galaxy S4, failed to inspire and showcase Samsung as an innovator. Samsung’s flagship models had been just simple line extension of the Galaxy S model that was launched way back in 2010. Samsung had been content to just increase the screen size, screen resolution and adding gimmick features rather than pushing the boundary of technological limits. Euromonitor International warned Samsung against complacency way back in July 2013.

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February 9, 2015

CES 2015 – Life beyond Smartphones

Weeteck_looAnalyst Insight by Wee Teck Loo - Head of Consumer Electronics

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Samsung Corp’s disappointing quarter financial results, especially from its Mobile division, were a wake-up call for all manufacturers to be less dependent on smartphones. Euromonitor International looks at some interesting products from the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 (CES 2015).


Source: Misfit, LG and Dell

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