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September 13, 2014

Euromonitor to Speak at KBB Review Kitchen Conference 2014

KbbEvent Name: KBB Review Kitchen Conference

Date: 24th September, 2014

Location: Warwickshire, UK

Event Description: The KBBREVIEW KITCHEN SUPPLIER CONFERENCE 2014 is for everyone supplying products to the independent kitchen retailer and will concentrate on the wider market with overview case studies and presentations on marketing, business strategy and influences.

Link: http://www.kbbreview.com/2014-conference.htm

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August 25, 2014

Booming Internet Retailing in India, with Some Expected Challenges

Thidathip TawichaiAnalyst Insight by Thidathip Tawichai - Consumer Appliances Analyst

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The Indian Government recently eased the restriction for foreign e-commerce in India so that global online retailers such as Amazon and E-bay, as well as other foreign manufacturers, are encouraged to sell their own products online as long as the products are sourced and produced within the country.  This will definitely be beneficial to consumer appliance manufacturers in India. Manufacturers such as Samsung Corp, LG Corp and Panasonic Corp have opened e-stores in India to gain further revenue.  However, internet retailing of appliances in India faces some challenges, such as inefficient infrastructures and cannibalising sales between store-based and online retailers.


Technology and Societal Trends Drive Growth

According to Euromonitor International, internet users in India increased from 51 million users in 2008 to 176 million users in 2013 – growth of 248%.  Moreover, volume sales of smart phones in India rose by a CAGR of 69% over the same period. The increasing rate of internet and smartphone usage has fuelled internet retailing in India.   Not only that, the so-called “showrooming” trend has become extremely popular. Consumers can visit a store-based retail outlet to see, touch and feel the products they are considering purchasing before returning home to purchase them online at the lowest possible price, according to Euromonitor International’s Category Briefing on Internet Retailing in India.

Internet Users and Smartphones in India: 2008-2018


Source: Euromonitor International

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August 23, 2014

Euromonitor to Speak at IFA + Summit 2014

IFA LogoEvent Name:  IFA + Summit 2014

Event Dates:  September 8-9, 2014

Event Location: Berlin

Event Description: This year for the first time the IFA+ Summit will assemble international experts and innovative thinkers to establish a novel innovation platform that will highlight future developments in the lifestyle and interconnectedness of the consumers.

Jamie_KoSpeaker:  Jamie Ko

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Presentation Time: September 8 at 16:00 – 17:30

Presentation Title: Healthy Lifestyle Trends in Appliances 2014

Presentation Description: As the global population becomes increasingly health conscious, health promoting appliances are expanding in demand and manufacturers have been quick to cater to this demand.  Jamie Ko from Euromonitor International will discuss the three key trends centered on health-related appliances, their current demand and how these are forecasted to develop globally.

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August 22, 2014

Kraft Licenses Coffee Brands for use in Green Mountain's Keurig

6a01310fa9a669970c01a511f73ed7970c-800wi 6a01310f54565d970c01a3fce3cf1a970b-800wiWith Jonas Feliciano, Beverages Industry Analyst and Dana LaMendola, Beverages Industry Analyst

The recent deal between Kraft and Green Mountain gives liscensing rights to Green Mountain to distribute Kraft's brand of products in pod form for use in Keurig machines. Kraft's brands are a large gain for Green Mountain, who's main strategy is to obtain liscenses from large coffee players. Kraft's Maxwell House brand is the second largest coffee brand in the US, and given the success of Starbucks and Folger's pods, Kraft's larger-known brands are expected to perform well in pod format.

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July 28, 2014

Haier Encounters New Challenges

Jamie_KoAnalyst Insight by Jamie Ko - Head of Consumer Appliances

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It has been two years since Haier Group enjoyed the status of top global manufacturer within major appliances, after acquiring Fisher & Paykel in 2012. Thanks to the fast and continued growth of the Chinese economy, Haier has been able to gain share, with its long-established position in its domestic market. However, the cessation of the subsidy program in 2013 is likely to shrink Chinese consumer confidence and demand for appliances in 2014 or even longer. Additionally, the economic growth of China has resulted in wage and production cost increases, which will not be beneficial for Haier as a Chinese manufacturer. To add to its challenges, the recent acquisition announcement of Indesit Co Spa by Whirlpool Corp indicates heightened competition and Whirlpool is likely to win back the status of top manufacturer in major appliances. Should Haier start to press the panic button and if so, what are its solution options?

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July 15, 2014

Majority Stake Purchase of Indesit by Whirlpool is a Win for Both Companies

Whirlpool’s agreement to purchase a majority stake in Indesit will push the company back into the number one global player in major consumer appliances above Haier. Indesit benefits from the purchase as Whirlpool will assist the company in moving into the premium segment, and Whirlpool in turn is gaining a foothold into countries such as Turkey and Russia.

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Water Efficiency an Important Trend in Consumer Appliances

Thidathip Tawichai

With Thidathip Tawichai, Consumer Appliances Industry Analyst

Many countries are struggling with managing their water supplies due to various reasons including lack of rainfall, limited space for reservoirs and lack of natural water resources. Many appliance manufacturers are helping to conserve water by introducing water efficient appliances, mainly dishwashers and washing machines. The governments of many countries now rate the water efficiency of appliances along with offering incentives to buy these machines. Water conservation will continue to be an ongoing effort in many countries so these appliances will become even more efficient in the future.

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July 11, 2014

Whirlpool Will Buy Majority Stake in Indesit

Cristina BausAnalyst Insight by Cristina Baus - Consumer Appliances Analyst

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In a recent turn of events in the Indesit M&A saga, Whirlpool has announced a binding agreement to buy a majority stake in the Italian company, which should be finalised by the end of 2014.

What’s in it for Whirlpool?

In Western Europe, Whirlpool outperformed Indesit over the 2008-2013 period but at the same time did not manage to post a particularly upbeat performance. In Eastern Europe, on the other hand, Indesit performed better than Whirlpool, helped by strong growth in Russia, Indesit’s main market in the region. Both companies heavily overlap in Europe, with Whirlpool commanding a stronger position in the Nordic markets and Indesit in the PIGS, but Indesit’s volume sales in the region are more than one and a half times greater than Whirlpool’s.

Whirlpool versus Indesit: Volume Sales Performance in Western Europe 2008-2013

Indesit 1

Source: Eurmonitor International

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July 9, 2014

The Contemporary Landscape for Dishwashers and Detergents


Although both dishwashers and automatic dishwashing remain very limited to the most developed markets of North America and Western Europe, there is evidence that these categories are showing some signs of spreading their wings and moving into new territories – namely developing markets. While the Turkish market suggests the future success of the ADW market perhaps rests on the ability of appliance and detergent manufacturers to act in unison rather than unilaterally.

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July 8, 2014

Mini Appliances a Perfect Fit for Singapore and Hong Kong

Euromonitor International recently reported on the rise of mini or compact appliances in South Korea , and these appliances are a perfect match for other Asian countries, most notably Singapore and Hong Kong. The number of single-person households and households without children in both countries make smaller appliances an attractive alternative to large machines, and many consumers in these countries live in small apartments where space saving is a necessity.

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