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December 11, 2014

Microwaves and Food Preparation Appliances Booming in India

Thidathip TawichaiAnalyst Insight by Thidathip Tawichai - Consumer Appliances Analyst

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Microwaves and food preparation appliances in India experienced volume CAGRs of 9% and 7%, respectively, over 2009-2014. The absolute volume growth rates of both categories over the last five years posted the second largest volume gains in Asia Pacific after China. There are a few reasons why these food-related appliances are becoming popular in India. The main reasons are driven by the influence of Western food, which is the latest trend, persuading Indian consumers to cook Western food at home. Additionally, Indians like to cook from scratch, driving them to purchase combination microwaves and food preparation appliances to cook more easily using raw ingredients. Moreover, efforts by multinationals, which continue to launch new localised products with the latest technology, also boosted the sales of these products to local consumers. Prospect-wise, it is also expected that these food-related appliances will continue to grow over the next five years due to the faster pace of living among Indian consumers, driven by an increase in double-income families in India in addition to stronger demand among Indians to stay healthy by cooking food at home.

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December 10, 2014

5 Key Findings in Consumer Appliances

The latest findings from Euromonitor International’s consumer appliance research team highlights trends in both major and small appliances as well as insights for trade statistics including production, imports and exports.

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December 5, 2014

Pod Coffee Machines Impacting Sales of Kettles

Daniel GrimseyAnalyst Insight by Daniel Grimsey - Senior Research Analyst

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Coffee machines, particularly pod coffee machines, have been one of the best performing categories in small appliances across the world in recent years. Euromonitor predicted that worldwide over 29 million pod coffee machines will be sold in 2014, up 11% from the year before. The pod coffee machine category has grown so large, and so fast, that it is now having an impact upon other categories, most notably kettles.

Nespresso bridging the instant coffee/fresh coffee divide in Australia

Prior to the launch of Nespresso and other pod coffee machines, the market for coffee machines across the world was largely a replacement market.  You were either a household who used a coffee machine, or one that didn’t.  If you didn’t have a coffee machine you probably felt that those who did were insufferable coffee snobs, not an ideal environment for increasing penetration rates of coffee machines.

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November 10, 2014

Consumer Appliances Volume to Grow by 4.3% Globally in 2014


According to our newly released 2014 Consumer Appliances findings, small appliances volume sales will surpass major appliances and grow by 22% globally by 2019. Global consumer interest is turning towards small appliances such as air treatment, cooking appliances and vacuum cleaners, which reflects the huge demands for health care and life enhancing products. More than half of global sales of these products are coming from China, followed by France, Japan and Turkey.

Light fryers which use a tiny amount of oil to fry food, have been the best performing appliances among consumers in 2014, growing by more than 20% globally in volume terms.

“With obesity rate on the rise worldwide, light fryers are expected to grow in forecasted years,” says Head of Consumer Appliances at Euromonitor, Jamie Ko. “Philips and Groupe, SEB are dominant within the market with more than 70% share globally in 2014. As manufacturers look into products related to health care, there will be more products with related functions and features launched over the next few years.”

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November 8, 2014

Small Appliance Sales Reflecting Demand for Life Enhancement Products

Global consumer interest is turning toward small appliances such as air treatment, cooking appliances, and  vacuum cleaners. These small appliances are actually posting greater growth than  major appliances, reflecting demands for these life enhancing products.  With the increasing global concern of healthy diets, light fryers are the stars of small appliance growth and are expected to show double digit growth from 2014 to 2019.

Jamie_KoVideo features Jamie Ko - Head of Consumer Appliances Research

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October 30, 2014

Fashion Speaks: Facial Cleansing Devices and Fashionable Skin Care Products


Facial cleansing devices have been boosted by claims of efficacy and quality reinforced by blogger endorsement.  Additionally these devices provide at-home alternatives to expensive spa treatments. This podcast discusses new product launches and product performance across key markets.

Part of our Fashion Speaks series, the other episode can be found here

Listen as MP3

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October 7, 2014

Vietnam as a Potential Market and Production Site in Major Appliances

Thidathip TawichaiAnalyst Insight by Thidathip Tawichai - Consumer Appliances Analyst

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Vietnam posted the second largest absolute volume growth in Southeast Asia for major appliances after Indonesia, at 1.1 million units from 2008-2013. Leading manufacturers such as Panasonic Corp and LG Corp have increased their production capacities in Vietnam since 2013, to benefit from labour cost advantages, in addition to the geographical benefit of close proximity to key markets such as China, Japan and South Korea. Furthermore, with the coming of the AEC (Asean Economic Community) in 2015, leading manufacturers can use Vietnam as a free trade export hub to neighbouring countries such as Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.

Top 6 Major Appliances Markets in South East Asia in Volume Growth Terms, 2008-2013


Source: Euromonitor International

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October 1, 2014

IFA 2014 Review: All About Lifestyle Changes

Jamie_KoAnalyst Insight by Jamie Ko - Head of Consumer Appliances Research

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While perusing the exhibition halls at the recent IFA 2014 in Berlin, it became apparent to me that there was a major focus by the participating exhibitors on showcasing appliances and technologies that enhance lifestyles. The star products at IFA 2014 were cooking appliances, juice extractors, coffee machines and air treatment products. In addition, the smart home concept of connected appliances was also on show through refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers.

Expanding smart appliances to smart home


While smart appliances at previous IFAs focused on smart features within a single product (ie washing machines with a smartphone), the 2014 edition of IFA saw the concept evolve distinctly into a total home package, ie smart home. Leading the charge, Samsung’s Smart Home showcased the applicability of smart appliances in everyday life, when one is at and away from home, using and controlling appliances via smartphones interactively. Similarly, LG Corp’s Homechat, leveraging on SNS, allows consumers to control/operate their appliances from remote locations. Not to be left out of this emerging niche, European companies are also committed to building their presence in smart home technologies. BSH Bosch & Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH introduced Home Connect, which controls and provides service assistance with ovens and dishwashers, as well as offering a database of recipes and video tutorials to help with cooking. Miele demonstrated its smart home network system, which uses apps to control appliances. As the possibility of a commercially viable launch of the smart home concept appears brighter with each passing IFA, this year, the main concern raised was how to build platforms with appliances across different brands as well as commercialising products in actual markets.

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September 24, 2014

China’s Booming Water Purification Market

Hope.LeeAnalyst Insight by Hope Lee - Senior Beverages Analyst

This is the first of part of an article on China’s water purification market and Unilever’s Qinyuan acquisition. China’s level of water pollution has grown in tandem with its rapid industrial revolution and urbanisation. Consumer awareness of water quality and safety, rising living standard and improved levels of income have contributed to the increasing demand for bottled water. Euromonitor International’s data show that China’s bottled water market is worth approximately US$18 billion in 2014, and the country is set to continue to be the growth engine of global bottled water sales in next few years. Simply satisfying 1.4 billion people’s basic needs - safe water and sufficient food - offers abundant business opportunity and challenges.

Nevertheless, the consumer market is changing and the competitive environment is evolving constantly. Euromonitor International’s field analyst commented that sales of bulk water are likely to be affected by the growing adoption of household purification and filtration devices, as evidence shows that a growing number of households are opting for various purification solutions as a replacement for bulk water. Unilever took a swift move in this dynamic market and acquired a local company, Qinyuan, to complement its international brand Pureit in 2014.

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September 13, 2014

Euromonitor to Speak at KBB Review Kitchen Conference 2014

KbbEvent Name: KBB Review Kitchen Conference

Date: 24th September, 2014

Location: Warwickshire, UK

Event Description: The KBBREVIEW KITCHEN SUPPLIER CONFERENCE 2014 is for everyone supplying products to the independent kitchen retailer and will concentrate on the wider market with overview case studies and presentations on marketing, business strategy and influences.

Link: http://www.kbbreview.com/2014-conference.htm

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