Direct Selling and Communities in the Internet Age

May 23rd, 2017

Today, the best direct selling businesses will use a smart web presence to differentiate themselves from their competitors and expand their reach. The latest report extract highlights the current state of direct selling and how companies can use social networking and the internet to boost the community-focused business model. Download now to: Find out how […]

Doing Business beyond South Africa: Growth and Opportunity in Sub-Saharan Cities

by July 12th, 2016

Cities are at the forefront of the impressive economic changes in Sub-Saharan Africa. These urban areas boast larger shares of the region’s middle class and consumer spending, as well as households with modern lifestyles, making them a lucrative target for market entry and expansion in the region. While Sub-Saharan African cities are diverse and rich […]

How to Use Market Research for Best Results: Equity Research and Asset Management

by June 21st, 2016

While company financials can help you understand how a company is performing, organisations often struggle to find consistent industry, macroeconomic and business environment research to help determine asset allocation or evaluate investment opportunities. This white paper aims to assist financial organisations to better select and apply market research resources to improve results in their operations. […]

Como usar pesquisa de mercado para melhores resultados: Equity Research e Asset Management

by June 21st, 2016

As demonstrações financeiras ajudam a entender o desempenho de uma determinada empresa, mas não oferecem informações consistentes sobre o setor e ambiente econômico e de negócios para ajudar a determinar a alocação de ativos ou avaliar as oportunidades de investimento. Este white paper visa apoiar organizações do segmento financeiro na seleção e aplicação dos recursos […]

K-Pop, K-Beauty and More: Exporting Korean Culture and Business

by June 6th, 2016

South Korea has emerged as one of the top drivers for global economic and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries.  Many South Korean products’ successes are reliant upon the so-called Korean Wave or Hallyu, a coined term for the vast growing global interest in Korean pop-culture, celebrities and entertainment. Hallyu is used to market many […]

Toddlers to Tweens: Consumption Habits of Global 3-12 Year-Olds

by May 24th, 2016

While children may represent a dwindling demographic in terms of share of the population, they are a growing market force with unprecedented purchasing power and influence on the household budget. This strategy briefing takes a close look at the global impact of the young generation and its attitudes towards technology, health, culture and relationships on […]

How Technology is Transforming Business in the Middle East and North Africa

by May 17th, 2016

Digital technology and the Internet of Things (IOT) are transforming businesses and governments in the Middle East & North Africa, becoming increasingly crucial for competitiveness and economic expansion. This white paper examines how capitalising on smart technology can add trillions to the GDP of MENA economies and revenues of companies operating in the region. Download […]

How to Use Scorecards for Strategic Business Expansion and Route-to-Market Planning

by May 4th, 2016

Organising and understanding data is essential for producing successful strategies. Now, more than ever, organisations are saturated with market intelligence, creating a pressing need to ensure that the interpretation of data links directly to a company’s growth. This white paper highlights one way to draw actionable insights from data: assembling a scorecard to assess market […]

Emerging Markets During Crisis: Business Strategy in Times of Uncertainty

by April 13th, 2016

This white paper supports companies operating in emerging markets during economic uncertainty. From convenient and indulgent purchases to transparency, nostalgia and status, this document explores key trends to watch that offer organizations growth opportunities. In times of economic crisis, consumers buy products or experiences to disrupt the present and pretend they are in another context than the […]