The Sharing Economy: Changing Travel Demands and How to Capitalise

by September 12th, 2015

Hear Euromonitor Speak at ITB Academy Webinar – The Sharing Economy: Changing Travel Demands and How to Capitalise Date and time: Wednesday, 30 September 2015, 10am UK time Understanding the demands of consumers has never been as important as it is today. Major shifts are visible in the travel and hospitality industry, with the millennial […]

Próximo destino: mercado de turismo en Latinoamérica

by October 29th, 2014

El crecimiento esperado para la industria de turismo en Latinoamérica durante los próximos 5 años es sumamente alentador, sobrepasando incluso al promedio global. Acompáñanos a revisar los factores detrás de este crecimiento esperado y a identificar dónde están las principales oportunidades para los jugadores de la industria.  En este webinar haremos un repaso de importantes […]

Request a Webinar Recording: East Africa’s Tourism Industry Poised for Growth

by June 27th, 2013

East Africa is showing solid economic growth, with Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania and Ethiopia leading the way with real GDP growth of over 6% predicted for 2013. Tourism in the region has long focused on European and US arrivals, but source markets are changing with regional, Middle Eastern and Asian visitors becoming more of a priority. […]

Webinar Recording: Online Travel – Shift of Power to Consumers

by July 10th, 2012

The online travel revolution of the last 10 years has led to substantial changes in the travel industry’s competitive environment, forcing companies to re-think their business models. Consumers now play a much more central and active role in travel. To thrive in this increasingly challenging environment, travel companies need to be able to acquire more […]

Webinar Recording: Air Transportation – Clear Skies Ahead?

by February 24th, 2011

After a calamitous 2009, air value sales began their recovery in 2010 driven by returning demand, especially among business travellers. Low cost carriers continued their strong performance since travellers were still price-sensitive. The stability in fuel prices also helped airlines and their profitability, while ancillary revenues continued to be a strong area for growth. To […]

Webinar Recording: Global Business Travel – Back from the Edge

by April 15th, 2010

The recovery to pre-crisis levels in business travel is expected to take several years, what can travel operators do to maximise the opportunities available in the mid to long term? In this presentation, Euromonitor International’s Travel & Tourism research team will identify trends and prospects for the category highlighting: Potential recovery in business demand Emerging […]