Survey Results


The Impact of Omnichannel Shopping Trends on Online Shopping

by October 12th, 2015

Omnichannel shopping, a term used to describe consumers shopping between a number of different devices and channels, is impacting shopping trends in a number of ways. According to Euromonitor’s survey results, many consumers are comfortable with completing all steps of the shopping process online, without ever seeing the product in person. One area where consumers […]


What Do Consumers Look For in a Washing Machine?

by July 30th, 2015

A recent Analyst Pulse Survey* conducted by Euromonitor International among a network of in-country analysts and in-house researchers around the world revealed interesting consumer preferences when choosing an automatic washing machine. The survey revealed that the most important features for consumers were energy and water efficiency, which were followed by features that increased convenience, such […]


Wireless Speakers: What Consumers Want

by July 27th, 2015

Sales of smartphones are projected to exceed 1.3 billion units in 2015. The explosive sales of smartphones are also driving sales of accordant headphones and wireless speakers. 26% of the respondents paid between US$20-50 for their wireless speakers and almost the same number of respondents paid between US$75-200.  In fact, the survey showed that a […]


Connecting with Hyperconnected Consumers

by June 16th, 2015

Through widespread access to and use of electronic devices, consumers today are more connected to one another, and to the world around them, than ever before. This continuous access to technology has turned many in all corners of the globe into “hyperconnected consumers”, with new purchasing habits and preferences for interacting with the social and […]