Survey Results

The Intangible Appeal of “Natural”: Growing Consumer Interest in an Unregulated Product Label

by November 25th, 2016

In recent years, brands and retailers have been scrambling to meet growing consumer desires for “green” product features, such as organic, recyclable, fair trade, and sustainably produced. Driving these desires is an increased awareness of ingredients in various products, accompanied by firm opinions about what ingredients or characteristics may or may not harm an individual […]

Analysing India’s Shopper Types using Survey Findings

by and November 10th, 2016

  Both online and in-store retailers in India are gearing up for the festive season, and Euromonitor’s findings from the Global Shopper Types survey can help companies better understand how to appeal to their target audience. India’s shopper types fall into five key types based on their shopping and spending habits. Download an extract of […]

3 Key Beauty Survey Insights

by October 22nd, 2016

The consumer landscape in the beauty and personal care space is evolving around the world. To grow sales and increase consumer engagement, organisations should better understand beauty routines, shopper preferences and habits, positioning themselves ahead of emerging trends and opportunities in markets around the world. In this free report, we explore the following trends and […]

Consumers are Reading Labels More Carefully Than Ever, Seeking Natural Ingredients

by October 3rd, 2016

CHICAGO – Global market research company Euromonitor International released today results from its annual Global Consumer Trends tracking survey of 28,000 online respondents in 20 markets worldwide. Among many findings, the new data shows that consumers are more conscientious about food and beverage labels and look for green product features that directly influence themselves and […]

New Lifestyles System Data: 2016 Global Consumer Trends Survey Results

by September 28th, 2016

We are excited to announce that the latest consumer survey results from the 2016 Global Consumer Trends survey are now live in the Lifestyles dashboard. Euromonitor International’s Global Consumer Trends surveys help companies stay ahead of a fast-changing consumer landscape by reaching out to internet-connected consumers from across the globe, then translating the results into […]

The Five Global Shopper Types

by September 5th, 2016

  The latest in its proprietary consumer types research series, Euromonitor’s Shopper Types analysis focuses on shopping habits and preferences to profile like-minded consumers and help companies better understand and appeal to cohesive consumer segments in their target market. By going beyond typical demographic-based segmentation, such as age or gender, and grouping consumers based on […]