Trends in Small Cooking and Food Preparation Appliances

by July 23rd, 2016

According to Euromonitor International data, small cooking appliances and food preparation devices are expected to grow robustly over the next five years. Manufacturers are using new technology in order to satisfy consumer demand; mini-versions of products being a prime example. SEB Group recently launched various sizes of its light fryers, targeting two-person households. Oster, Ninja […]


Potential Conflicts Between Retailers and Consumer Finance Companies

by and July 21st, 2016

Retailers and payment companies continue to battle, but what about shoppers? Walmart’s tussle with Visa in Canada and Costco’s transition from American Express to Visa serve are the two most recent high-profile examples. Listen to Euromonitor’s Retailing and Consumer Finance analysts outline reasons for these conflicts and debate their potential effects. Listen as MP3


Consumer Foodservice Outlets Continue Launching Mashup Snacks

by July 19th, 2016

Consumer Foodservice outlets are launching ‘mashup snacks’ at a high rate – such as the recently launched “mac and cheetos” from Burger King. Foodservice operators are willing to do almost anything to get customer’s attention, and are targeting the time outside of normal meal hours when launching these types of products. Additionally, operators are hoping […]


Changemakers and Their Impact on Purchasing and Lifestyle Choices

by July 18th, 2016

As 2016 progresses and global instability and public debate about environmental protection continues, more younger consumers are keen on becoming “changemakers” and embracing social causes. From buying ‘responsible’ brands to pairing down consumption, these “changemakers” are having an impact on the economy, lifestyles and buying habits. Listen as MP3


The Impact of Millennials on Global Households

by June 18th, 2016

The millennial generation (persons reaching young adulthood around the year 2000) is set to make a significant impact on households with their strong preference for energy efficiency, renewable consumption, smart home technology, comfortable surroundings and casual spaces. They have seen the ratings, read the comments and they know what brings value and what doesn’t. But […]