Fashion Friday: Best Performing Brands in Beauty and Fashion in Western Europe

by December 2nd, 2016

Discount brands have gained significant traction in Western Europe due to their lower price points and larger distribution networks. In addition, many brands that were previously limited to North America, such as Lululemon and Victoria’s Secret, are now opening stores in Western Europe and bringing online shopping with them. Download as an MP3


What Retailers Can Learn from Starbucks’ Successful Mobile Platform

by and November 29th, 2016

M-commerce is still relatively new, but it is a quickly growing channel. Retailers, especially those that are focused on achieving omnichannel proficiency, are looking to optimize the mobile shopping experience for their shoppers. Starbucks, a foodservice company, has been very successful in the M-commerce space. This podcast will discuss some key takeaways from the company’s […]


남성 라이프스타일 숍이 한국 시장에서 열풍을 일으키다

by November 18th, 2016

한국의 남성 라이프스타일 숍이 시장 침체에서도 불구하고 플러스 성장을 보이고 있습니다. 남성 라이프스타일 숍은 패션을 비롯한 라이프스타일에 신경을 쓰는 남성들이 즐길 수 있는 생활문화 공간입니다. Euromonitor International 의 미쉘 맬리슨 (Michelle Malison) 애널리스트가 한국에서 열풍을 일으키고 있는 남성 라이프스타일 숍의 현재와 향후 동향에 대하여 살펴보겠습니다. Download as an MP3


Challenges and Opportunities at the Bottom of the Pyramid

by November 11th, 2016

The bottom of the pyramid – or the BOP – is gaining increasing recognition by large corporations as an important consumer group. Ever since the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, global businesses have been operating in an environment of slowing growth, weakening consumer expenditure, volatility and uncertainty. A new growth avenue beyond the much-talked-about middle […]


Lazada Buys RedMart, Changing Southeast Asia’s Online Retailing Landcape

by November 3rd, 2016

Lazada recently secured Singapore-based online grocer RedMart, strengthening its position in Southeast Asia e-commerce. The buyout comes after Alibaba recently poured in US$1 billion into Lazada. With Amazon set to launch in Singapore come 2017, how will competition pan out? In this podcast, research analyst Yu Xian Lim, discusses more about the deal and what […]