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Fashion Friday: The UAE and the Middle East as a Growth Market for Personal Accessories

by and March 25th, 2016

The Middle East, and the UAE especially, has been identified as the next big hot spot for personal accessories growth, especially luxury personal accessories. Luxury store openings in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai have been cemented by the establishment of luxury malls in the cities. This new target area is especially welcome after the decline […]


New Era for Gulf-Lebanese Relations

by March 2nd, 2016

Saudi Arabia–Lebanon relations already tense have reached a breaking point when on Friday 19th of February Saudi Arabia halted $3 billion military aid to Lebanon – accusing the prominent role played by the Hezbollah group in national affairs backed by Iran, Saudi rival. Political tensions have and are expected to have in the forecast negative […]


Resuscitating Iranian Aviation

by February 10th, 2016

In 2015, we highlighted in our Global Trends Report the growing popularity of Iran by identifying this market as the “next big tourism destination” in the Middle East. A recent announcement for an order of 118 aircrafts for its biggest flag carrier Iran Air signed by the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani with the airline manufacturer […]


Major Consumer Foodservice Trends in MEA

by , , , , and February 6th, 2016

The consumer foodservice industry in the Middle East & Africa region is changing at a fast pace, witnessing a movement towards chained players from traditional independent ones, as well as increasingly adopting health and wellness trends. Moreover, delivery service expansion is also becoming more popular, with consumers looking for convenience as a growing workforce means […]