Luxury Goods

Q&A: The Allure of Bling

by June 21st, 2011

Bouncing back from the 2008 global financial crisis, many developed economy consumers are once again open to buying high-end goods and services, particularly those with an artisanal and green flavour, and affordable indulgencies. Conspicuous consumption as an expression of wealth is thriving in several developing markets as well, particularly some of the BRIC countries (Brazil, […]

Luxury Brand Routes to Market: Exclusivity vs Expansion

by June 6th, 2011

Luxury brands are adjusting to an environment in which buying power is switching to emerging markets, while consumers in developed regions are making luxury purchases across a widening range of distribution formats, including outlet stores and online. This leaves the luxury industry facing a central dilemma: how can it access consumers in new markets, and […]

Join Euromonitor at the FT Business of Luxury Summit

by May 12th, 2011

Euromonitor International is pleased to be the supporting partner of FT Business of Luxury Summit 2011, taking place in Lausanne, Switzerland on June 5-7, 2011. The FT is renowned for its coverage and analysis of the luxury world and this annual Summit is the premier thought-leadership event for senior luxury executives, industry leaders, corporate decision […]

Luxury Industry Review

by January 13th, 2011

Euromonitor International’s Luxury Goods Industry Manager, Fflur Roberts, introduces the newly launched luxury goods database by giving a global overview of the industry. Roberts explains how recovery has started in luxury goods in 2010, but the last ten years have been a roller coaster for the industry, mainly due to the economic recession. China and […]