Latin America

Brazil’s new middle class has a growing appetite for consumption

by September 30th, 2007

Since 2002, Brazil has enjoyed a period of sustained economic growth. Consumer incomes have risen across the board, amid stronger growth with low inflation, which has boosted real wages. There has also been increased government support for low-income earners under President Lula da Silva. The result has been a sharp increase in consumption and retail demand.

Brazil – The BRIC laggard?

by March 12th, 2007

Of the four BRIC economies, Brazil has consistently underperformed in terms of real GDP growth. This is due to outstanding structural impediments, notably the need for an overhaul of the public sector. Without greater commitment to reform, Brazilian economic growth will continue to under-perform, constraining consumer markets and reducing investment opportunities.

Latin American potential for pet food players

by January 17th, 2003

In recent years, Latin America has become a major market for pet food and pet care products, and significantly Brazil and Mexico now feature among the top ten markets in terms of global value sales. While regional value growth of just over 5% in US dollar terms between 1998 and 2002 seems modest, this is primarily due to the negative impact of currency exchange rates.