Future of Logistics: Electronics Production Transition to Southeast Asia Changes Global Logistics Directions

by April 5th, 2017

For a decade, the global logistics industry for electronics was driven by strengthening ties between China and other regions, which mostly included China receiving electronic components needed to assemble complete products that then were sold worldwide. Nowadays, however, a different trend is gaining pace as China boosts its intermediate goods production, whereas the final electronics […]

Future of Logistics: Australian Logistics Industry to Cash in on Chinese Bauxite Demand Boom

by March 16th, 2017

The geographical mismatch between metal ore supply and demand countries is one of the key factors driving logistics industry growth globally. In 2016, Australia, the largest bauxite miner in the world, accounted for 31% of bauxite volume output, while the country was only the fifth largest producer of aluminium, accounting for 3% of aluminium global volume […]

Industry 4.0: Utilities and Transportation Sectors Supplement High CAPEX Levels With Growing Investments Into Human Capital

by February 28th, 2017

The Fourth Industrial revolution entails shifting to more interconnected, efficient and flexible business models. In order to take advantage of increasing interconnectivity around the world, businesses will need to invest not only in new age machinery, but also in the high-skilled labour force, thus increasing spending on education. Industrial analysis of the most capital intensive […]

Future of Logistics: Algeria, Kenya and Angola Offer Best Opportunities in Africa

by February 26th, 2017

The largest revenue sources for logistics providers are retailers and wholesalers. Naturally, with traditional retailing witnessing a slowdown globally, trade and logistics companies are looking for new frontiers for their business growth. As Africa is anticipated to be among the leaders in retail growth rates many companies are aiming to enter and expand in this […]

Green Boom: Lithium will Inevitably Change Automotive and Oil Industries Globally

by February 12th, 2017

Lithium is going to change beyond recognition the automotive and refined petroleum product industries, which accounted for USD3.9 trillion and USD2.7 trillion turnover globally in 2016. The rise in energy efficient transportation is also affecting automotive producers, with electric vehicles remaining the hot topic of innovation. However, even though electric vehicles (EV) production soared by […]

Coal Price Recovery Offers a Glimpse of Hope to the Global Coal Mining Industry, But the Effect is Unlikely to Last Long

by February 3rd, 2017

2016 saw a rather unexpected turnaround of coal prices on a global scale. After declining steadily since 2011, amidst China’s economy slowdown and Western World-led decarbonisation efforts, coal prices suddenly made a 180-degree shift, rebounding by 100% over the year. Price of Australian benchmark coal reached US$100/tonne, while the Colombian coal price settled at US$86.7/tonne in November […]

Industry 4.0: Penetrating Digital Technologies Reshape Global Manufacturing Sector

by January 28th, 2017

The traditional manufacturing process typically consists of three parties: the physical manufacturer; suppliers; and services providers. These parties are usually fairly unconnected and have independent operations, which creates a lot of inefficiency in the supply chain and turns into lost opportunities. Fortunately, development of the fourth industrial revolution, the Industry 4.0, which emphasises digital technologies, […]