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Toddlers to Tweens: Consumption Habits of Global 3-12 Year-Olds

by May 24th, 2016

While children may represent a dwindling demographic in terms of share of the population, they are a growing market force with unprecedented purchasing power and influence on the household budget. This strategy briefing takes a close look at the global impact of the young generation and its attitudes towards technology, health, culture and relationships on […]


Advancing the Business of Tea: How Key Vertical Markets Can Profit Through Tea

by May 20th, 2016

World Tea Expo (June 15-17 in Las Vegas) Launches New White Paper – Advancing the Business of Tea Complimentary White Paper Features Speakers and Thought-Leaders from World Tea Expo, Including Howard Telford of Euromonitor International World Tea Expo launched a new white paper that provides valuable insights about some of the most important tea-business topics […]


How Technology is Transforming Business in the Middle East and North Africa

by May 17th, 2016

Digital technology and the Internet of Things (IOT) are transforming businesses and governments in the Middle East & North Africa, becoming increasingly crucial for competitiveness and economic expansion. This white paper examines how capitalising on smart technology can add trillions to the GDP of MENA economies and revenues of companies operating in the region. Download […]


How to Use Scorecards for Strategic Business Expansion and Route-to-Market Planning

by May 4th, 2016

Organising and understanding data is essential for producing successful strategies. Now, more than ever, organisations are saturated with market intelligence, creating a pressing need to ensure that the interpretation of data links directly to a company’s growth. This white paper highlights one way to draw actionable insights from data: assembling a scorecard to assess market […]


Estratégias em tempos de incerteza: Aprendendo com consumidores de países emergentes em tempos de crise

by April 13th, 2016

Este white paper visa apoiar empresas que operam em mercados emergentes em crise. Desde as compras por conveniência e indulgência até a transparência, nostalgia e status, este white paper aborda as principais tendências que as organizações devem observar, por oferecerem oportunidades para crescer. Faça o download deste white paper para entender: Que categorias oferecem às empresas […]


Mercados emergentes en crisis: estrategia de negocios para tiempos de incertidumbre

by April 13th, 2016

Este white paper apoya a las empresas que operan en mercados emergentes durante periodos de crisis. Desde compras convenientes e indulgentes hasta transparencia, nostalgia y estatus, este documento explora tendencias clave a observar, que ofrecen a las organizaciones oportunidades de crecimiento. Descarga este white paper para saber: ¿Qué categorías permiten complacer el cortoplacismo de los consumidores […]