Insight by Sarah Boumphrey

Q&A: Why Should the Consumer Goods Industry Care About Natural Resources?

by September 12th, 2016

Natural resources have an impact on all businesses, organisations and governments. All rely on secure supplies of resources to function. For the consumer goods industry an understanding of natural resource risks is particularly pertinent because of the importance of reputation to brand value. Natural resources are not all about risks though, fantastic opportunities are there […]

The New Consumerism Uncovered

by August 15th, 2016

Watch our webinar exploring the rise of the New Consumerism, a term coined by Euromonitor to describe the changing priorities and values of today’s consumers. This shift in attitudes, driven by trends such as thrift, sustainability, technology, authenticity, wellbeing, simplicity and freedom, sees consumers reassessing what’s important and asking themselves what they truly value. Watch […]

Brexit Update: The UK Post-Referendum

by August 1st, 2016

Three issues dominated much of the Brexit referendum debate: trade, investment and migration; and they will continue to dominate during the exit negotiations. Uncertainty is the key word when analysing the outlook for the UK, with much depending on the UK government’s ability to negotiate trade agreements in a timely manner.  Here we investigate the […]