Corporate Social Responsibility

Near North Development Corporation Job Shadow in Chicago Office

by January 9th, 2017

Remember the “good ol’ days?” When homework, growth spurts, and afterschool hangouts were your top concerns, and bills were…well, what bills?! Sure, everyone has had their own, unique adolescent experiences, but we were all 15-year-olds once, right? Deciding on a career path upon entering college is no easy task, especially when you’re unaware of what options […]

Deforestration, Palm Oil, the Orangutan, and Euromonitor’s Carbon Balance Programme

by August 16th, 2016

In an effort to balance the impact of carbon emissions, associated with flights taken by our employees, Euromonitor is sponsoring the replanting of rainforest in Indonesia via Save the Orangutan.  Tragically an announcement was recently made putting the organutan on the critically endangered list which means it is likely to become extinct in the wild.