Consumer Foodservice

As Pizza Goes Global, Some Chains Remain Grounded

by August 12th, 2016

Pizza has never been hotter. A format that now represents nearly 5% of global consumer foodservice sales, pizza incorporates simple ingredients and benefits from simple preparation and cooking methods, and can be embellished with limitless varieties of sauces and toppings to co-opt local preferences. Pizza, therefore, is ideally suited for nearly universal appeal. Global chains […]

South Korea Sets the Standard for Global Solo Dining Trends

by August 12th, 2016

Driven by a sudden rise in so-called “hon-bap people,” a Korean buzzword describing people that opt to dine alone (hon-alone, bap-meal), foodservice operators in South Korea are adopting formats and menu offerings that better accommodate this increasingly important consumer group and to drive sales. Dining alone has not only become socially acceptable in South Korea, […]

Premium Fountain Sodas Aim to Bring Back Customers to Carbonates

by and August 8th, 2016

Carbonates sales have been declining in many developed markets including the US, Germany, and Italy as consumers shift to healthier beverages. Yet demand for premium craft soda has been rising among millennials. The rise of premium soda has been occurring concurrently with the rise of fast casual restaurants that use higher quality ingredients. Fountain volume […]

McDonald’s Moving to Franchise Model in Singapore and Malaysia

by July 26th, 2016

McDonald’s decision to move from a wholly-owned to development licensee model for Singapore and Malaysia.  Wholly owned and franchised models each have their own merits and disadvantages. Both models are profitable. Nonetheless, franchise models leverage on other companies’ resources. This strategy might help McDonald’s to become more aggressive in opening outlets, particularly in Malaysia. In […]

Consumer Foodservice Outlets Continue Launching Mashup Snacks

by July 19th, 2016

Consumer Foodservice outlets are launching ‘mashup snacks’ at a high rate – such as the recently launched “mac and cheetos” from Burger King. Foodservice operators are willing to do almost anything to get customer’s attention, and are targeting the time outside of normal meal hours when launching these types of products. Additionally, operators are hoping […]

Technology in Foodservice: Improving the Operational Process

by July 15th, 2016

  On-site at the National Restaurant Show 2016, Euromonitor International explores the many uses of technology in foodservice. In this video, Euromonitor highlights ways in which foodservice operators are using technology to enhance operational efficiency and maintain profitability in the face of rising labour costs, rising rents, and price inflation. YouTube