Consumer Foodservice


2016 New Concepts in Foodservice Contest Winners: Customisation, Technology, and New Experiences

by May 9th, 2016

As part of the 2016 edition of Euromonitor’s Consumer Foodservice Data, analysts in fifty-four countries were asked to submit the most interesting and most relevant new restaurant concepts in their market. While the entries demonstrated a wide range of global trends, from pop-up dining experiences to fusions of local and international cuisines, the winning entries […]


Pinpointing Growth for Away-From-Home Tissue using Consumer Foodservice Data

by and April 27th, 2016

When looking at away-from-home tissue products, developed markets do not offer much growth as many of the markets are already saturated. Manufacturers should be examining the growth of correlating industries to examine new areas for growth, especially in the consumer foodservice industry. Monitoring growth in the foodservice industry can give away-from-home tissue companies a better […]


Consumer Foodservice in 2016: Key Insights For Global Operators

by April 26th, 2016

The latest edition of Euromonitor’s Consumer Foodservice data has officially released! With this launch comes new data for 2015, forecasts out to 2020, and a new measure that breaks out category sales by those orders placed digitally versus through more traditional channels. This datagraphic offers a view into some key insights from the new data, […]