Consumer Finance

Introduction to Euromonitor Quarterly Global FMCG Industry Forecasts

by and October 19th, 2016

In Q3 2016, the global economic outlook declined as mounting uncertainty in Europe, the UK and the US outweighed any boost from the BRICs. This quarter, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) forecast growth revisions from Euromonitor International’s Industry Forecast Model generally point to marginal retail sales downgrades through 2020.

Webinar Recording: Assessing Key Emerging Payment Dynamics and Drivers

by February 29th, 2012

While vast challenges serve as headwinds for the global economy, financial cards continue to siphon payment volume share from paper. Buoyed by a host of drivers, electronic payments appear well positioned to enlarge its piece of the consumer payment market. The presentation aims to highlight the key dynamics at play in the payment landscape and […]

América Latina: joven, emergente e impulsadora del consumo mundial

by March 24th, 2011

La mejora en los estándares de vida, la transferencia tecnológica y mayor acceso a productos como nunca antes en la historia, se han convertido en los grandes estimuladores del consumo en América Latina. La industria del retail vive una expansión de infraestructura sin precedentes. La mejora de las vías de comunicación y logística están asentando […]

Webinar Recording: The Landscape of Opportunity for Financial Cards in Emerging Markets

by January 13th, 2011

While developed markets struggle with the pace and depth of recovery in the wake of the economic downturn, the emerging market card payment landscape serves as a crucial growth engine going forward. Buoyed by vast opportunities tethered to the newly empowered consumer, many challenges still exist along the path to growth. For every opportunity to convert […]