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How Technology is Transforming Business in the Middle East and North Africa

by May 17th, 2016

Digital technology and the Internet of Things (IOT) are transforming businesses and governments in the Middle East & North Africa, becoming increasingly crucial for competitiveness and economic expansion. This white paper examines how capitalising on smart technology can add trillions to the GDP of MENA economies and revenues of companies operating in the region. Download […]


Industry and Consumer Trends Surrounding Spring in Japan

by , , , , and April 10th, 2016

  Springtime in Japan is marked by Hanami, or flower-viewing parties in Japan. It also marks an important time of year for Japanese manufacturers, consumers and industries. Learn more about how tourism, travel, beverages, foods, beauty, fashion, home appliances, technology, and Japan’s economy itself are impacted by springtime in the country. Watch on YouTube


Opportunities for New Entrants Into The Japanese Smartphones Market

by March 8th, 2016

In Japan, consumers had long been given limited choice with regard to mobile network operators (MNOs). NTT Docomo, AU and Softbank dominated the telecom networks and mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple, Sony, Sharp and Fujitsu had limited retail channels. The Japanese MNO business has rather been an oligopolistic market, in which the three companies […]


Cambio de hábitos en América Latina afecta venta de televisores

by February 16th, 2016

Cada vez más personas miran contenidos en sus notebooks, tablets y smartphones, y esto está afectando al mercado de televisores. En el año 2015 la mayoría de los países de Latinoamérica vieron una disminución en el volumen de venta de televisores. De acuerdo con Euromonitor International, el promedio anual de crecimiento de ventas de televisores […]


Smartphones The Biggest Beneficiary of Shifting Consumer Priorities in Asia Pacific

by February 13th, 2016

As discussed in our “Consumer Electronics in Asia Pacific: How Demographics and Income Shape Demand” global briefing, shifting spending patterns have fuelled demand for personal-use, portable electronics in recent years in Asia Pacific. Smartphones, the largest contributor to portable consumer electronics, with sales exceeding US$152 billion in 2015, has benefitted greatly from this trend; as incomes […]