Consumer Electronics

From mConsumer to Fast-Moving Startups: Consumer Health in the Age of Connectivity

by February 5th, 2017

The ever changing and evolving worlds of online platforms and mobile connectivity have been revolutionising the way consumers connect and communicate with brands and services as well as increasingly impacting the way businesses, and startups in particular, get their products to market. Consumer health is no exception. In a world where mobile internet subscriptions are […]

Co-branding of Different Brands and Events Invigorates China Consumer Electronics Industry

by January 22nd, 2017

Manufacturers of consumer electronics are seeking solutions to improve their profitability, but are restricted by saturation and fierce price competition. Thus, transformation seems to be urgent in order not to be squeezed out of the industry. With the fast development of video content on video websites, TV manufacturers started to cooperate with these platforms to […]

Key Electronics Trends for 2017

by January 9th, 2017

2016 was a robust year for manufacturers and retailers, which was primarily driven by newer categories such as wearables and wireless speakers. Innovations in mature product categories like laptops and TVs prevented a downward spiral in sales. As the connected generation continues to expand, electronics companies and retailers will be looking to further engage consumers in […]

Mexico Electronics Industry to Face Turbulence if NAFTA Breaks Up

by December 12th, 2016

Mexico is one of the largest electronics production hubs outside of Asia Pacific. In 2015, Mexico produced consumer and business electronics equivalent to USD46.6 billion, the 10th position in production value globally. Mexico’s electronics industry grew strongly in recent years, recording a 4% value CAGR over 2010-2015. However, with potentially changing US policy regarding free […]

Popular Gifts in Consumer Electronics and Toys and Games During the Holiday Season

by and November 24th, 2016

  Smaller products like wearables and wireless speakers are expected to lead sales for consumer electronics this holiday season. 2016 will be the year for fashion-focused wearables from watchmakers like Fossil and Titan. Speakers from brands like JBL and Ultimate Ears are also popular gift options, particularly for the millennials. Within video games, consoles will […]

Analyst Insights on Black Friday Trends for 2016

by , , , , , and November 23rd, 2016

Black Friday always falls the day after Thanksgiving Day in the US, with a lot of workers choosing to take the day off to spend a long weekend with their families. Retailers have sought to take advantage of this by slashing prices in order to attract bargain hunters, but consumers don’t need to wait until Friday to […]