Analytics in Action

Measuring Brand Performance by Price Positioning – New Research in Chocolate Confectionery

by October 15th, 2015

At the core of marketing snacks is predicting how consumers will respond to different stimuli. How will endorsement help raise sales? What effect does buying chocolate in a boutique vs supermarket have on quality perception? Euromonitor International’s latest research into chocolate confectionery’s brand pricing aims to shed light on these points. In the latest global […]

General Mills Posts Solid Profit Growth in the US but International Sales Remain Worrying

by September 23rd, 2015

General Mills has recently announced its first fiscal quarter results revealing net revenue growth of 4% in constant-currency basis and profit growth of 20%, one the highest rates in its recent history. Profit growth came off the back the aggressive cost-cutting measures including trimming the workforce, closure of underperforming manufacturing facilities and ousting of extraneous […]

Competitor Analytics: What Next after the “Great Fall of China” for Soft Drinks Multinationals?

by September 10th, 2015

China’s stock market slump has sent shockwaves across the globe, with the days of heady double-digit growth seemingly over. A prolonged economic slowdown in China would have some serious consequences that could check the tentative recoveries in the Western economies. In terms of GDP, China accounted for 28% of the rise in global output between […]

The Global Terrain of Private Label

by May 11th, 2015

Private label has transformed the landscape of many FMCG industries. In the visual below, we have mapped the US$400 billion worth of private label sales across eight FMCG industries where private label is most prevalent. The mountain size shows the potential prize for retailers by targeting private label in each industry. Private Label Sales Across Eight FMCG […]