US Light Vehicle Sales Back to Pre-Crisis Levels

by July 15th, 2015

In line with economic growth, looser finance, rising employment, robust consumer and business confidence and of course low oil prices, Euromonitor has consistently been expecting 16.9 million light vehicle sales in 2015; above the industry consensus of 16.6-16.7 million earlier in the year. Fundamentally, demand is now back to pre-crisis levels and sales data just […]

Passport Automotive

by July 8th, 2015

Passport Automotive is the leading online database for strategic, corporate, product and marketing planning. It delivers unique research and analysis of the automotive industry using unrivaled coverage of the economy, demographic trends and income and expenditure patterns in 32 countries worldwide. It offers intuitive navigation to millions of statistics and reports, helping you make clear, […]

Overview of Russian New Car Market Part 1: Insights and Forecasts for Russian Car Industry

by July 1st, 2015

Russia was predicted to be Europe’s largest new car market in 2020, although adverse economic conditions sent new cars sales plummeting 15% in 2014. This had a negative impact on carmakers, which experienced shrinking profit margins, but still remain committed to staying in the Russian market. Even though new car sales are expected to stabilise […]

Brazil’s Business Environment: Consumption in Economic Slowdown

by May 12th, 2015

On the surface, Brazil looks like an attractive market. It is the seventh largest global economy and has a population of 200 million, with high consumer expenditure and high demand for commodities. But Brazilians are spending less, industrial confidence is deteriorating, and inflation is rising, meaning a future of slow growth and economic recovery. Consumer goods companies […]

Saudi Arabia: Migrant Workers and Mid-Income Group Drive Record Sales of Cheap Cars

by March 28th, 2015

Saudi Arabia’s booming automobile market powered through the global sales slump over 2009-2013 and is set to register roaring growth over 2013-2019. Surprisingly, sales expansion is being fuelled not by sales of bespoke Rolls-Royces but by low-cost vehicles, which are increasingly popular among mid-income Saudis and foreign workers. Dynamic growth has already attracted major brands […]